How to Add Amazon Associate Link Builder Plugin in WordPress Blog/Website

Want to know the easy way to add Amazon Affiliate link builder plugin to your WordPress blog or website quickly? Check out this article and find new Amazon link building plugin guide with images.

Affiliate marketing one of the steady sources of making money from your blog or website. Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the largest and most popular affiliate programs in the digital marketing world. Due to a large number of products availability on Amazon, there is always something you can recommend to your audience and earn a commission.

But now, Amazon itself launched WordPress Plugin with which you can build Amazon affiliate links without any hassle. The name of the plugin is Amazon Associates Link Builder.

In case if you haven’t yet, then you can sign up from here. I also have published one article earlier on how to sign up for Amazon Affiliates program with a step by step guide to add Amazon Affiliate links to your blog or website. You can check that out to make your task easy.

With this Amazon Associate Link Builder plugin, you can quickly build affiliate links on your WordPress blog. So let’s get started and let see what this plugin is, how to add official Amazon Associate Link Builder Plugin on WordPress blog or website.

Introduction of Amazon Associate Link Builder Plugin

Amazon Launches Official Amazon Associates Link Builder Plugin, a free Amazon associate program plugin for WordPress based blog or site. This plugin allows you to search products in the Amazon catalog with the real-time price of the product and also find the information about product’s availability.

Once you find any product related to your blog/business niche, this plugin builds an affiliate link of that product and adds it to your post. With this plugin, you can also generate text links, create custom and units or even can leverage on out-of-the-box widgets which are provided by this plugin.

How to Add/Setup Amazon Associate Link Builder in WordPress?

You can download this plugin from the given link, or you can directly install it from WordPress Dashboard.

#Step 1: To do that, first of login to you WordPress Dashboard, then visit the Plugin tab and click on Add New.

#Step 2: Here, in this tabbed search for Amazon Associate Link Builder. Once you find the plugin simply hit the “Install Now” button and then Active the plugin to use. That’s it you are ready to go with this plugin.

search and install amazon associate link builder plugin

#Step 3: Once you install the plugin, it will ask to add Access Key Id and Secret Access Key too for adding affiliate links in post/web page.

activate amazon link builder plugin add access and secter access keys

#Step 4: Sign into Amazon Web Services account at AWS Security Credentials Console to get Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

#Step 5: Once you logged in, a pop-up will appear. Select “Continue to Security Credentials”.

Continute to Security Credentials in Amazon Web Services account

#Step 6: Find the option Access Keys (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key)

navigate to acess key in AWS account

#Step 7: Click on “Create New Access Key” to generate required a key and secret key to activate the Amazon Affiliate Link Builder Plugin.

#Step 8: A Popup will appear, click on “Show Access Key” to view Access Key and Secret Access Key. You can also download key file on your local computer.

create and download access and secter access keys from AWS

#Step 9: Now in WordPress Dashboard, navigate to “Setting” tab under Amazon Link Builder.

Amazon Associate Link Builder Plugin in WordPress

#Step 10: Add Access Key ID, Secret Access Key, Associate ID, Default Associate Id (if you have more than one), Default Marketplace, and Default Template.

insert access and secter access keys in amazon link builder plugin

#Step 11: Read and agree to Amazon Associate Link Builder Condition and hit “Save Changes” button.

You must also sign up for Amazon Product Advertising API to function this Amazon Affiliate Link Builder WordPress Plugin. Follow Below step to sign up for Products advertising API.

If you have already signed up, then skip this process.

#Step 1: Navigate to Products Advertising API under Tools Menu on Amazon Associate Program Dashboard.

#Step 2: Sign Up for Products Advertising API.

#Step 3: Use the Amazon Associate Program to log in.

#Step 4: Enter required details and complete the registration. You are done.

This is it, now Amazon Associate Link Builder is fully activated and ready to function to create and add affiliate links in WordPress blog post/article.

Now let’s check out how to use and create affiliate links with this plugin.

How to Add Products Using Amazon Associate Link Builder WordPress Plugin?

Finding products, building Amazon affiliate links and adding them to a post with Amazon Associate Link Builder WordPress Plugin is a very easy job to perform. Follow below steps to use Amazon Affiliate Link Builder plugin.

#Step 1: Draft a new post in WordPress. At the top of the WordPress Post Editor, a new option will appear to search and add products direct to the post.

amazon link builder plugin search option in wordpress post editor

#Step 2: A Popup will be issued with the multiple options of the products and related products. Select the one you want to add and click on Add Shortcode button to add a product in the post.

Search for product and add shortcode with amazon link builder plugin

#Step 3: A short code or Amazon Affiliate Link Builder will be added into a post. Click on Preview to view the product

#Step 4: Publish the post, and it’s done.

The plugin is still in beta version, there are few bugs and glitches are yet to fix. One of the known problems is images are not getting displayed on blogs or websites running with HTTPs.

Below is the official Amazon statement about this issue.

“Currently, images are failing to display on sites using HTTPS. We are aware of the problem and expect a fix to be live before Christmas. The fix will be automatic and will not require additional actions by affiliates.”

This is it!

Now you know all the step of activation, enabling product advertising API, generate Access and Secrete Access keys from Amazon web services and the most important how to use Amazon Affiliate Link Builder WordPress Plugin.

Try it and let us know your feedback for the same.

Any question?

Ask here, and I will get back to it very soon.