How To Boost Your Blog Earning With WPEngine Managed WordPress Hosting? [Review]

Are thinking to make more money through your WordPress blog? And looking for a new strategy that helps you optimize your Blog income? I am here to discover a new strategy that surely helps you out with this there is nothing to go anywhere else. All you need is to get best hosting service like WP Engine. With this article, you will be discovered that how WP Engine hosting service can help you improve your blog income.

For the last couple of months, I have been planning to broaden BforBlogging with few new things. I was thinking about to move to a best Web hosting company, which can provide me more control plus complete peace of mind.

Earlier BforBlogging was hosted on a shared hosting server, that was well-optimized, but I have missed the lack of control. But after doing lots of research, and reading tons of reviews, and hearing some great stuff about WP Engine web hosting company, I decided to opt for managed WordPress hosting. If you are thinking that how managed WordPress hosting is distinct from shared web hosting companies such as Hostgator or Bluehost? And how you can optimize your blog income? Then read this article I am going to reveal few of the things that will help you grab the idea.

This review article is very different from all the other reviews articles. You can even call it a niche segment. Because here I am talking about WP Engine that offers Managed WordPress Hosting services. This hosting service serves to WordPress users only, unlike other web hosting providers that offers different hosting solutions. So let’s dive right in the article and see how this fantastic web hosting service can optimize your blog income. “As it helped me to optimize my blog income that is Bforblogging.”

About WP Engine Web hosting

WP Engine is VIP WordPress hosting. And their hassle-free hosting provides robust and fast servers which can handle anything. This company first started in 2010, and over the time, this company has grown into a highly popular web host. Many things have changed since the WHSR shifted out. Many different features were included as technology advances. This company funded by a huge group of investors adding the folks behind the (Automattic), and WP experts and many bloggers regard them as one of the great managed WordPress Hostings.

All those experts help WP Engine users to optimize their site. And this is their primary focus that they can maximize their blogging earning. To provide better accuracy on WP Engine, I did a new round of study. This will show how this hosting service can guide you to improve your blogging earning.

Features Which WP Engine Offers To Optimize Blogging Earning

How to Boost Blog Earning With Wp Engine#1. Speed and CDN

WP Engine provides a Content Delivering Network (CDN) in partnership with NetDNA, making their hosting even faster.

And if you know that Google loves the quick load pages and also included this factors like speed and CDN in its Search Algorithm. CDN helps site to load much faster. And the much more quickly your blog page load the more it helps to get a place in top search rankings. Hence, you will have more visits on the blog, and you can optimize the chance of making money.

But make sure to select closest data center to your targeted region. The closer this is to you, the faster the data transfer.

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This hosting service also claims to be the only WordPress web hosting service to provide best Speed and CDN as standard. This CDN factor comprises some servers distributed worldwide that cache mainly static content like Stylesheets, images, JavaScript and so on. When such content is requested from your blog, this delivers from the closest server to you. This considerably speeds up the exchange of such content.

#2. RAM Caching and Cluster

Again both these factors help to lead web page faster. When you include in RAM caching to the pot, you will get a lightning-fast response along with data faster speeds.

WP Engine also utilizes multi-server clusters. This is a set of machines, in which each of the deals with your traffic among others. Thus, if one goes down still your blog keeps running with the other cluster. They offer multi-server clusters, which are designed to analyze the traffic of each customer and give the right number of clusters depending on expected demand. This means quick operation and the ability to handle up to 1,500 hits per second.

We all know that nowadays speed is everything. Google itself invest a significant portion of its budget on speed up its response time to search engine searches. Hence with the help of RAM Caching and Multi-Cluster, you have improved opportunity to make more money.

#3. Backup and Restoration

At any point of time if your blog gets crashed then this features of backup and restoration can help you. Make your blog live again as you left last time and you will continue to make money.

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WP Engine carries out an automatic backup on daily basis of your entire site and all of your site data. So this hosting service makes you worry free if anytime you site crashed you can start from where you left.

#4. Staging Areas for Testology

There is not a single review which ignores WP Engine’s this factor of Staging Area. This is quite typical for people to screw up or compromise their existing blog or site when trying out a new them or testing new plugins. This might seem okay at first look. But once you use them on your blog, these can damage your site’s existing setup.

The Staging Area is a factor which enables you to test new plugins and themes without affecting your existing site. You can only make a copy of your site and carry out whatever testing you want. Test-driving is a lot much easier and safer with the WP Engine Stating Area. So that again there is no worry losing a single setting of your blog. So without any fear, WP Engine lets you change and add new theme and plugins on your blog and allows you to make more money.

#5. Image Optimization

This is another feature of quick page load. On top of this Alt Tags in image helps you to optimize search engine ranking. So, with the image optimization, you can’t only deliver quick page load factor of Google’s search algorithm but also cover an opportunity to rank higher for specific keywords. This means to drive more traffic to your blog and turn those new visitors into your loyal consumers to make more money.

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#6. Manages User Account

WP Engine handles your account by finding the important things in your administering account through the User Portal. This includes billing, all the installs, and permissions. So there is no need for spending that much time on managing your WP Engine account. You can easily spend more time and concentrate on your blog to optimize your earning from your blog.

#7. Enhance Your Site By Optimizing, Securing and Building Best Practice

Once you successfully launch WP Engine as your blog the web hosting their expert team will provide you best support resources like tips for optimizing WordPress for speed, also let you best practices for using WP Engine page performance. Even they allows you to measure your site speed, theme bloat, offloading static resources to a CDN, and provide information about which are the best speedy plugins that help your site perform well. They also reduce the Server requests with the smart optimization of your site.

So with the help of their expert team, you can build the best practice of your WordPress and secure your site along with optimizing it. So basically, this with enhancing your site withWP Engine you will provide best of yours on your blog to your loyal audience and consumers.

#8. Hassel Free Automated Migration of WordPress Site

Migration of your site has never been that easier, but with the help of WP Engine, you can easily move your site from one hosting service to WP Engine. Their automated migration tool which is powered by BlogVault will make your WordPress install to WP Engine incredibly easy. So this hassle-free and time-saving migration of WP Engine will let you move your site from the one hosting service to WP Engine in very less time. Thus you can focus on making money on your blog.

Hosting Plans of WP Engine

As WP Engine offers only the managed hosting for WordPress, there are five different plans available along with 60 Days Free plan.

Each plan includes unlimited data transfer. Those plans differ on:

  • Amount of WordPress installs
  • Traffic Volume (amount of visits per month)
  • Disk storage amount

While Premium and Enterprise plans add one more feature that is custom server environments. So now let see, each plan one-by-one.

#1. Risk-Free Trial Version for 60 Days

WP Engine offers a free 60 days plan which is money back guarantee plan. If you are not happy with their provided services, then you can easily cancel your account within first 60 days and receive a full refund.

This guarantee only applies to the Personal, Professional, and Business plans.

#2. Personal Plan

This is a basic plan that is suited for users who are having low to moderate traffic and get only one WordPress site installation. This plan cost at $29 per month.

#3. Professional Plan

If your blog receives high traffic, then their professional plan would be something that you can check out and purchase it to host your blog on this hosting plan. This can cost you at $99 per month.

#4. Business Plan

This plan cost at $249 per month, in which you can opt for, and you will be allowed to 400K visits, and 25 WP installs meaning up to 25 WP sites.

#5. Premium Plan

If you find that the above-given plan which doesn’t suit your requirements, then you can get in touch with WP Engine experts to discuss this Premium Plan to tailor your requirements.

#6. Enterprise Plan

This is plan is as it names that allows for up to 150 installs and 5 million visits in a month. You can get the pricing information of this plan on inquiry.

Now, let’s take a look at a quick comparison of all the above-listed plans which are offered by WP Engine.

Comparision of Their Plans Personal

$29 Per Month


$99 Per Month


$249 Per Month


Call Now



Call Now


Visits Per Month 25K 100K 400K 1 Million+ 5 Million+
Installs + 1 10 25 150 150
Environments+ Shared Shared Shared Dedicated Dedicated
Local Storage 10GB 20GB 60GB 100-300GB 400GB-1TB
24/7 Chat Support+ P P P P P
Staging+ P P P P P
Transferable Installs+ P P P P P
PHP 7 Ready+ P P P P P
LargeFS+ P P P P P
CDN+ $19.95/Month Included Included 1000 GB Free 1000 GB Free
Automated SSL Certificates+ P P P P P
Imported SSL Certificates+ P P P P
24/7 Phone Support P P P P
Multisite Ready+ P P P P
GeoIP Enabled+ P P P
Strategic Account Management+ Available Included
Launch Readiness Assessment+ P P
24/7 Ticket Support+ P

Check More Feature of WP Engine

So the above is the rapid comparison of all the plans of WP Engine and what they add and what they exclude.

Excellent Customer Support of WP Engine

WP Engine has excellent support staff which is knowledgeable enough to understand your issue at hand. All of them are prompt in the resolution of the tickets filed by you. Once you have great support from the WP Engine web hosting your site will never negatively impact.

Even they support Live Chat room in which if there is any issue related to your site their knowledgeable and well aware executive will help to solve your problem right away.

WPEngine Offers Scalable WordPress Hosting Architecture

WP Engine provides the scalable environment so that you can upgrade and downgrade from the current plan of yours without any downtime. They do this for you to as a part of the whole Managed WordPress hosting thing.

They offer a highly scalable environment for your WordPress sites, thanks to their technology setup.

Rapid Guidelines for WP Engine

WP Engine web hosting grows very fast as a WordPress hosting brand, which means they surely look promising.

However, at the end customer-centric hosting company, this is the only company which survives in a long-haul. As they are always working on expanding their support system and technical support to their users, they can help them to optimize their site and quickly make money from their site.

Get WP Engine Best Plan

As I have mentioned above that this WordPress centric hosting company supports hassle-free and free migration this will be a great bonus for you to move from your old hosting service to WP Engine service.


If you are a newbie who is wondering to start your blog, then this is not for you. This company aimed to provide hosting service to them who make money from their WordPress blog, and this is the perfect one for them who are WordPress experts. If you are making good money from your WordPress based site, then this hosting service is ideal for you.

Now the last word for this hosting service providing company, if you are seeking for high speed, high capability of handling for your WordPress site, high security, and most importantly wondering to make lots of money from your site, then this is it. You can pay monthly for this hosting service, and this hosting service is certainly worth to give it a shot.

Any question?
Ask here, and I will get back to it very soon.