WP AMP Ninja Review – Best WordPress AMP Plugin

Have you tried to setup AMP on your WordPress based site or blog? And want to leverage more and more from it? Here in this article find the best AMP plugin for you that will customize your AMP experience

This is almost about twenty-one years ago that people were willing to wait certain minutes for web pages to load. And of course, we didn’t have that much of option back then, provided that most of us commonly browsed the Internet more than a 56k modem.

But nowadays web users are far less patient, especially when they are browsing on their mobile devices. But the good news is that Accelerate Mobile Page is already introduced. It is a project from Google, Bing, and Twitter focusing on helping webmaster to reduce the loading times even further than what we have seen with smartphone sites and responsive design.

The main aim of AMP Pages is pretty self-explanatory while increasing the speed of media rich web pages which are accessed on smart devices such as smartphone and tablet. The best thing about using them is to help reducing bounce rates, lift conversion rates, optimization the publisher revenue and distribute the content on a more global scale.

If you have blog or site that is built on the platform like WordPress, then you might find some issue to the integration of AMP pages with it. But not to worry because there is one best plugin available for you that is WP AMP Ninja.

WP AMP Ninja WordPress plugin helps to enable AMP Pages to support on WordPress blog or site. This plugin adds /amp/ version to all the post URLs. So that webmasters like you can go to any post and add /amp/ to the end of the post URL and you will see the AMP version of that web page.

This is just a basic thing that this plugin does. But here in this article, I am going to explore the complete usage of this plugin and tell you that what this plugin is able to do.

Best WordPress AMP Plugin: WP AMP Ninja

Best WordPress AMP Plugin

What WP AMP Ninja Stand For?

WP AMP Ninja is WordPress’s premium plugin that enables Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support on all the pages and posts of your WordPress site or blog, despite the content type used for the template.

This plugin not only makes your site or blog AMP compliant but even enables your visitors to better experience and consume your content real fast.

Features of WP AMP Ninja Plugin

Include AMP ready Page to Every WordPress Content Types and Even Custom Content Types

  • It supports posts, custom post types, pages, archive pages, taxonomy, and tags.
  • Supports all kind of permalink structure.
  • The choice to select SCHEMA for every post type, supported Schemas can be BlogPosting, WebPage, and Article.

AMP Custome Logo and Favicon Support

  • It helps to upload your website/blog logo and favicon. That means custom Branding on AMP Pages.
  • It even displays your Website/Blog Logo and Website/Blog Name in the header.
  • It supports GIF Image, Audio, Video and Iframe tags.
  • Also, supports featured image.

Customize the Styling and Layout of Your New AMP Pages

  • Change theme color
  • Change link color
  • Ability to include Custom CSS
  • Change footer copyright details
  • Change container width
  • Change text color
  • Adds header menu for AMP Pages
  • Even support of Typography

Choose and Show/Hide Taxonomy/Categories to Display Recent and Related Posts Types

  • Show or hide recent posts and update title of section
  • Show or hide related posts and update title of section

Integration with Social Media Platforms

  • Let you show or hide media icons of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Email.

Supports Google Analytics website tracking and Google AdSense Advertisement

  • It applies Google Analytics for your visitors tracking on any AMP page on your blog or site.
  • Delete Open Graph Meta from header section that is added by the SEO plugin by default.
  • Show or hide the number of AdSense on your site or blog.
  • Rearrange the position of AdSense on your site or blog.

Advantage of WP AMP Ninja Plugin

  • No coding required after the installation.
  • There are more than hundreds of sites are using this plugin.
  • Supports dynamic date format.
  • Removes warnings.
  • Supports WhatsApp Sharing.
  • Permalink bugs resolved version.
  • Supports pagination for post listing.
  • Includes author listing.
  • Add validate post or page content that is AMP friendly and eliminates invalid tags or attributes from content.

Costing of WP AMP Ninja Plugin

WP AMP Ninja plugin cost $29.00 with six months technical supports, and if you choose extended support for about a year, then you will require paying more $9.38.


Nowadays, all we are spending more and more time on our mobile devices, and so does our readers and consumers do. As online businesses are the best way to make sure that we get our target audience to stay with our regular updates on our blog or new product/service announcements on a business website. We need to take care that site supports AMP page. And if it does then you really should install WP AMP Ninja to leverage more from your site or blog

Now the last word for this plugin, if you are seeking for the best AMP plugin that helps you grow your business and enable your AMP supports for all your website pages then nothing is best than this plugin WP AMP Ninja. You really should give it a try at least a once.

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