WordPress Vs. Blogger – Which is the Best Blogging Platform for You?

Are you a newbie and looking for the best platform to start your blog? Look no further. This article will help you choose a perfect blogging platform for your blog.

When it comes to blogging, there are plenty of options to start a new blog such as WordPress, BlogSpot, Tumblr and a lot more. This is where newbie gets stuck and get confused to decide which platform is better for blogging.

In fact, we all know that WordPress is the most popular and one of the most used blogging platform by the many famous bloggers. You can also leverage WordPress’s self-hosted platforms for more control on a blog which you cannot have on BlogSpot.

But still, many people choose the free blogging platform such as BlogSpot and WordPress.com. However, with the free blogging platform, you don’t have that much power and control over your blog. There are some restrictions of BlogSpot and WordPress.com. Let see what the limitations are using the free blogging platform like Blogger and self-hosted WordPress blogging platform.

WordPress Vs. Blogger – Which is the Best Blogging Platform for You?

WordPress Vs. Blogger – Which is the Best Blogging Platform for You?#1. Ownership

BlogSpot is not a self-hosted blogging platform. This blogging service provided by the big tech giant Google. It is free and quite enough to publish your blogging stuff on the web.

However, Google runs this service, and it can shut down your access to it anytime. It is not necessary that Google may block and would not allow accessing your blog. This can be only done, only if Google’s spamming mechanism will find any spamming activity on your blog.

Many bloggers who use BlogSpot and have custom domain features enabled on their blog faced the same issue.

This problem may not arrive on a self-hosted blog. A popular web hosting service providers like Bluehost, iPage, HostGator, WP Engine and few are providing best and affordable self-web-hosting services to host a site on their platform.

If you host a blog on such self-hosting platform, then you will have complete control and ownership of your blog. You are free to decide how long you want to run your blog and when you want to shut it down. You own your all data, and you control what information your share on your blog.

#2. Appearance

By default, BlogSpot offers a limited set of templates to use. You can change the layout and color of the given templates using the built-in tools.

However, you can create your designs or make changes, but this will take lots of time to create an attractive template. There are few non-official BlogSpot templates that you will find on the web, but those are usually very low-quality templates.

In self-hosted WordPress, you will find thousands of free and premium WordPress themes with which you can create a blog with a professional and attractive look. No matter what your blog is about, there are plenty of high-quality themes available on the web that you can easily modify and customize.

#3. SEO

Whether it is self-hosted or free blogging, the traffic is the first most important thing that blogger ever think of or want on their blog.

If we compare BlogSpot and WordPress, then we can find WordPress provides many options to optimize your blog, which you won’t find in BlogSpot. With self-hosted WordPress platform, you can easily optimize your blog and can make it more search engine friendly to get more traffic SERPs.

#4. Plugins

While using a BlogSpot, you will require handling all the task by yourself. Such as edit themes to show related posts, advertisement placements, and a lot more.

While working with WordPress, it makes this manual task very easy even more than just easy with the help of various WordPress Plugins.

With the help of plugins, you can do anything and perform the difficult task, hassle free and easy. If you need help related to WordPress, you can have support from the WordPress support forum.

#5. Support

On BlogSpot, there is a limited support. They have a basic documentation and a user’s forum. So, overall, you have a limited choice with the BlogSpot.

While using the self-hosted WordPress, you will have the support of a very active community system. There are online documentation, IRC chat rooms, and community forums where you can get help from experienced WordPress developers and users.

You can even have the livelihood of many companies who offers premium support for WordPress.

#6. Popularity

Well, it depends on what people think about different platforms such as BlogSpot and self-hosted WordPress.

As per my point of view, BlogSpot is not that great platform. Just because this platform is free, there are numerous of people who uses this platform for its Blackhat SEO. Apart from this, spamming and affiliate landing pages and a lot more disadvantages of this platform.

While using a self-hosting platform and amazing CMS WordPress is an excellent experience for any blogger. Even bloggers like me who have built their blog with WordPress CMS are more serious to make money with their blog.

#7. AdSense

AdSense is the soul of any blogger’s blog, and many bloggers have made this primary source of income from their blog. Probably BlogSpot is the great way to get AdSense account approved.

Don’t get scared, as you can also get the AdSense account approved while using WordPress. The trick is, you have to apply with the custom email address attached to your domain name. This will enhance the chances to approve your AdSense account quickly.

#8. Support of Social Media Website

Are you active on social media and bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Upon, Delicious, and Stumble?

You might be aware the many popular social networking and sharing platform do not provide support or integration to BlogSpot. Just because of less control over the blog and limited features BlogSpot offers.

WordPress is open-source CMS and offers so many features and allows users to have a complete control on their blog. And this the core reason that you will find Social Media and share website also offer one-click installation/integration on WordPress.

#9. Resell Your Blog

BlogSpot is owned by Google, Google strictly doesn’t allow you to resell your BlogSpot blog, but with the self-hosted WordPress, you can always resell your blog.

We all know the habit of WordPress platform that every day it introduces, updating and releasing a new version with new features and bug fixing. But the BlogSpot contains very few updates compared to the WordPress.

So, this is obvious that a blog hosted on WordPress will has higher side resell value compare to a blog built with Blogspot.

This is it…!

From the all the above comparisons in between WordPress and Bloggers or I can say BlogSpot’s limitations, you can sum up that why WordPress is highly recommended to start a blog.


Have any question? You can ask here in the comment, and I will get back to it very soon.

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