Trends in Video Content Marketing In The Year of 2017

The video is now taking content marketing by storm. However, you will have to do more than just one to grasp its potential fully. So with this article, you will learn why video content marketing is a rising and trending in the digital market for 2017.

There is no doubt that content marketing increasingly becomes more visual. Posts on social media channel which includes a visual element like an image, GIF, or even a infographics continuously have more shares and better audience engagement.

When you think about the fact that video mostly dominated this past, this should come as no surprise that the reputation of video will keep on rising in 2017.

To emphasize the popularity of video content, here I have to showcase few of the interesting facts:

  • It is calculated that content delivery network traffic will provide more than half of the all the Internet video traffic by 2019.
  • We all love YouTube, and this platform has over a billion of users, that is almost a third of the Internet population.
  • On smartphone devices, users invest over 40 minutes for watching videos on a daily basis.

All of this statistics shows that video has turned into one of the huge trends in 2016 and those businesses both large and small, should leverage this powerful medium. Thus with the end of the year 2016, you will find video content marketing as a common practice in more and more markets. The impact of video in the content market has grown very fast, and the level of this marketing strategy is at the massive level, and there is a continuous rise.

The increase of this marketing strategy has been one of the most interesting trends in recent years. To learn more about what is going on in the space and what to expect in 2017, here I have listed top predictions for the year ahead in Video Marketing.

Trends in Video Content Marketing In The Year of 2017

Video Content Marketing Trends for 2017

#1. Video Ranges From Brand To Desire To Sales And Service

Many of the people still see the video content as viral content on platforms such as YouTube, video ads on Facebook, flashy homepage videos which tell their brand’s story.

However, in current years it has been seen that the most successful brands are broadening their use of video during the entire consumer journey to help them build better connections, educate and transform buyers, and enhance customer satisfaction through their brands.

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Brands that are seeing the huge success with video marketing ranked the significantly. The effectiveness of distinct types of videos in the following order, starting with the most efficient:

  • Consumer testimonials
  • Tutorial and explainer videos
  • On-demand product demonstration videos
  • Interviews of thought leader
  • Case studies and project reviews
  • On-demand and live webinars
  • Video blogs
  • Event videos

Remember that “bottom-of-the-funnel” content such as consumer testimonials and on-demand product demonstration lead the list that may seem somewhat surprising. However, if you think about it, it is the content that helps you to sell more and more and reach better revenues.

#2. The Escalate of Video Marketing in B2B Markets

Well, video content marketing is a blessing for the new age marketers. Nowadays marketers are continuously looking for the new and innovative approaches to grab the attention of their audience.

There is no doubt that by passing the time marketers have succeeded in figure out the best and creative alternatives. And what is powerful marketing communication strategy then video content marketing?

If you are marketer then with the video, you can easily communicate with your prospects and consumers. With this approach, you can easily tell your brand story and build relationships with your audience. Statistics have proved that it works well in the digital marketing today.

Do you have an idea around 90% of the smartphone users share videos within their network and a video on your site’s landing page can optimize conversion rate by 80%?

Whether you believe it or not but these numbers are going up, and there is a huge forecast that by the year 2018, 79% of entire internet traffic will be video centered.

#3. Storytelling Through Personalization

Personalization has been a significant trend in the digital marketing for many years. What began as including somebody’s first name to an email message has exploded into many methods to tailor the marketing experience for distinct companies, segment, and people.

Think your business name made effortlessly into a video inviting you to experiment with a new product. Or video advertisement which showcases how your site might be improved with an impressive new technology, complete with the real images of your actual site.

In the year of 2015, it is noticed that personalized video campaigns are building anywhere from 200% to 1500% enhance in click-through and conversion rates.

#4. Growing Trend of Video in Digital Marketing

Apart from only social media channels, various service and product selling sites have also begun to integrate video into their product and home pages. This has empowered marketers to not only sell their products and services online but to market it and make consumers aware of its utilization all on the same platform.

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Marketers are keeping searching for new and innovative techniques to reach their customers so overall nothing can beat when it comes to inspiring buyers and building an emotional connection with them. This helps customers to develop brand loyalty with video as consumers appear to experience a powerful connection to a product which visually explains itself.

#5. Multi-channel for Video Content Distribution in Digital Marketing

Video contents are the best element for interacting with your audience. From educational to entertainment reasons, from product information to products demonstrations, video content marketing has many implementations.

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Video description and on-screen annotations may be used to send viewers further to the advertised sites and may be more appealed to transform. Tools to hook up socially, following on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other social connections can be used religiously.


Marketers can’t ignore the massive increase of visual content. It is approximated that 3.8 trillion images were taken in all of human history till mid of the year 2011, but 1 trillion images were taken in 2015 alone. The very popular platform YouTube alone has more than a billion users worldwide.

Video content now drives almost 60% of all digital impacts. Video has appeared as the medium of selection, and for marketers to remain relevant and accomplish business results, they must acknowledge and adapt their content strategy.

So if you want to bring a new life to your online business, then you should really take advantage of video marketing strategy. The effect of video content on the minds of prospects and consumers is unmatched. What people reads or listens is not so efficient than what they watch through vision.

So why should you overlook the power of video marketing strategy?

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