Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Blog

Explore the list of top 10 Google Adsense alternative to monetise your blog and to make more money online.

Google is our tried and tested, free from risk destination to opt for online writing and blogging. But there is always a chance of rejection by Google. It happens most of the times that Google’s Adsense does not accept the prospective bloggers.

This situation arises when you do not comply with Google’s policies and rules. This generally happens with newbie bloggers. But no worries, in the online world there are always many Google Adsense Alternatives. Many of these alternatives will provide you better earnings than the Google Adsense.

There is a mix of contextual as well as direct ad platforms you can choose from depending upon your blog niche and traffic. Getting yourself Google Adsense approved might feel like a huge dream for many bloggers out there but then these Google Adsense alternatives might well work best for your blog.

So in case if you are amongst those who are unapproved by Google then here is a list of other interesting gateways where you can post your ads and get promoted worldwide. Here is a list of best Google Adsense alternatives for your blog.

Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Blog

Want To Make more Money - Try Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Blog
Want To Make more Money – Try Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Blog

#1. Amazon Associates
AmazonAmongst the best alternatives to Google Adsense, the brand name Amazon itself speaks gazillion success stories. Amazon Associates is a great option for those who are already associated with Amazon. If your blog or your website offers or talks about any product on then through Amazon Associates you can promote your web link. Amazon allows you to publish large and dynamic image ads on your website that you can earn from.

Though the commission is small but it varies according to the product you sell. A small value product will earn you cents while a thousand dollar product will definitely allow you to earn hundreds of dollars.

Explore Amazon Associates

medianetThis pay per click advertising site is listed as one of the top advertising sites. Indeed a very good alternative to Adsense, is a context based ad network. It also offers the published to earn money per click.

You can publish ads according to your website’s needs since the ads can be fixed in size according to the required fit on your side. Hence, it is a customized option.

Also, one must know that is powered by Yahoo and Bing, hence, there is no doubt on the portal’s reach.


#3. Bidvertiser
BidvertiserAs mentioned on their website, Bidvertiser can help you earn money for your blog and website by generating revenue for ‘clicks and conversions’. Although a good alternative to Adsense but Bidvertisers work differently as compared to Adsense.

They follow the system of bidding in which advertisers bid for your blog. The benefit to you is that you can choose amongst the best bidders. And undoubtedly earn the highest.

They offer Slider ads, banner ads, text ads, mobile ads and many others. And the range per ad varies from $10- $50 as the sky is the limit in the advertisement business. Also, the transfers they do are very quick i.e. within 24-48 hours.

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#4. PopAds
PopAdsWith several years in the advertising industry, Popads is a very strong network to help you in earning through ads. Unlike Adsense, PopAds easily approves your blog and in very less time. So you can start earning very soon. Initially, they pay around $10 but with more clicks and more viewership, you can earn a decent amount.

Along with popups and pop under the advertisements are offered in varied forms. And you can be rest assured about PopAds’ quality.

Explore PopAds

#5. Infolinks
InfolinksIn words of Infolinks, once you choose them as an Google Adsense alternative you “Break from conventions” and hence “advertise inside the lines”. This amazing advertising network is quite different since it appeals to visitor’s visibility. Because ads published through Infolinks do not just pop up. They are designed on your website in a systematic manner so that the ad benefits both the publisher and the visitor.

Infolinks offer four types of ads and these are Infolds, Intag, InFrame and InText advertisements.

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#6. Adversal
AdversalAs mentioned on their website, they are amongst the best in terms of serving ads. Adversal is a diverse portal in the sense that you can access the website in many languages. But your blog needs to have a minimum of fifty thousand viewers.

Though the initial payment via PayPal, ACH, Check and Wire is around $20, but it can go up to $200 with time and promotions.

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#7. PropellorAds Media
PropellorAds-MediaPropellor ads Media offer a great alternative to Adsense. This is because they route considerable traffic to your website along with advertisements. Hence, they are a good alternative for monetizing your online endeavors.

The process is simple: Register, Sign up, Propellor posts Ads and hence Monetize.

Explore PropellorAds Media

#8. Qadabra
QadabraFormerly known as AdsGadget, Qadabra is an interesting platform to help you in monetizing your site. The makers of Qadabra know that the growth of a website depends on the traffic. So they have been using cutting edge optimization algorithms to deliver the best performing ads on your website.

Also, once you register at Qadabra you can be rest assured about quickest payments, maximum eCPM and most importantly global coverage of your website or blog.

Explore Qadabra

#9. Chitika
ChitikaAmongst the best alternatives to Google’s Adsense, Chitika is a useful advertisements publisher for those who wants to keep the process easy. This is because Chitika follows a simple process for publishing ads, all that you need to do is create an account. Once you are done with it, then you can easily generate revenue from low viewer traffic as well.

The best part about this alternative is that you don’t need the approval to post ads through Chitika.

Explore Chitika

#10. Revenue Hits
Revenue-HitsSince Adsense is not a viable option for you, hence you must look for the best amongst the alternatives. That is Revenue Hits for you. Revenue Hits is a performance based advertising portal through which you can earn really well.

The additional feature offered by them is the fit of your ad, you can choose amongst slider ads, banner ads, pop-under, amongst many others.

Explore Revenue Hits

Google Adsense might be the number one resort for many professional bloggers yet the slightest mistake can get you banned from using their services. In this case, you must always have your second best options ready for monetizing your blog. These options can get you hefty income, sometimes even more than what Google Adsense can fetch you. We hope you get insights from our list of the best Google Adsense alternatives for your blog and make the best choice.

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