4 Essential Things to Know Before Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

Are you a newbie to affiliate marketing? Check out a complete understanding of Affiliate Marketing and primary steps to know before you start to promote products for affiliation.

Affiliate marketing has become one of the top online money making opportunities. The best chance with affiliate marketing is invest less, and you can generate mind-blowing income. Affiliate marketing is something which includes having your site and sending your traffic to someone else’s site to buy their products or services. For every sale, you can earn percentage which is affiliate sales commission.

Few of my friends and even I worked full time as a blogger and made this strategy one of primary income source for us. You can also start with blogging and promote various products and services with your affiliation and earn money online. But before you jump into it and start promoting affiliate products services, you must know 4 essential things from the affiliate strategy.

Walking your way through all the 4 things below, which will take you to choose the right path for you. And I am sure that you will have a complete understanding of the primary steps. So let see what you will need to get started with affiliate marketing.

Important Things to Know Before Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

4 Essential Things to Know Before Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

#1. Start with Your Promotion Channel

Honest affiliate marketing always works best. If you have your advertising channels such as a blog and this is the best place to promote affiliate products or services. I know there are many other ways specifically social media profile or pages to start with affiliate marketing. But with your promotion channel, this strategy could run for a long term.

Starting a blog with particular Niche is a good thought to pick and promote products or services for affiliation. But there are many others ways of affiliate marketing like email marketing, newsletters, ebooks, videos, infographics and much more.

Pro tip: Promote and build the authority of your personal channel. This will lead and turn your informative channel into money making source.

#2. Choose the Right Product and Marketplace

Choosing a good product and marketplace is not easy, it is not that much complicated too. A smart little trick and complete understanding of a product and marketplace will make you earn.

If you have planned or have a blog or any other specific channel with a particular niche, then find and select products from the same niche to promote on your channel.

You might think which market is best to start hunting for affiliate products or services. Don’t worry here I have listed some of the best marketplaces to getting started with such as ShareASale, ClickBank, Amazon, and Commission Junction. Depending on your niche, you can find the best affiliate product to promote.

Well, ShareASale is also one of the best marketplaces where 100 of the affiliate programs to join. And if you are WordPress user then there are plugins available to be the successful affiliate marketer.

#3. Create Sales Pitch

Before you start promoting a product on your channel, another primary thing is to create a sales pitch. The sales pitch can have any form depending on your niche such as blog post, or it can be a static web page too.

Nowadays many companies have built a landing page for a product selling. Creating sales pitch or I can say creative, and informative landing pages of a product will encourage readers to buy the products.

So, if you are taking the first step, then it is vital to choose a product which has a well-designed and informative landing page. Thus, it can help you to increase the sell from the affiliate link you shared, and you can make more money.

#4. Cloaking Affiliate Links

You might have noticed that many affiliate marketers are strongly recommending people to concentrate on link cloaking. This term link cloaking is may be new for you. Link Cloaking is a method which is used to make a long affiliate URL link into a shorter and more branded link.

Often affiliate links are lengthy, hard to remember and show your affiliate username or ID. For instance, http://www.affiliatesite.com/products/?product_id=123&affiliate=123. So to overcome from this, link cloaking is necessary which allows you to shorten this lengthy and ugly link into shorter and branded URL. For instance, http://www.yoursite.com/refer/productname.

Another advantage of cloaking links is you can maximize your earning potential and save time managing your links. Many webmasters and blogger use link cloaking to manage each of their affiliate links. Link cloaking also helps you add a layer of click tracking to ensure you are getting paid for every sale you refer. The best part of link cloaking is that you can protect your affiliate links from getting hijacked by using it.

Making money with an affiliate is an excellent opportunity to grab. But do you know there are more 83 proven ways which pro bloggers are using to make money? Check out that online money making sources.

Since affiliate marketing is getting very popular and becoming an important source of earning among the bloggers, there are also various plugins are available to manage affiliate marketing campaign. If you are WordPress user, then there are few of handy plugins are available to maximize your potential earning. With which you can easily add your affiliate links into WordPress and cloak them to get maximum benefits.

All these strategies are internally linked together to become a successful affiliate marketer. All these strategies are equally essential at their places. So if you are a newbie to the affiliate marketing, it is important that you do not misunderstand with the primary steps, to begin with, affiliate marketing. I hope you found this article useful to you.

Are you into affiliate marketing? And do you have any other strategy that works best for you? If yes, then let me know using the comment section below to discuss it in detail.

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