5 Things to Consider Before Buying Expired Domains

Important things that you should keep in your mind before you go and buy an expired domain. Make sure you check all the aspect for expired domains and find it qualified to purchase

Many bloggers or businesses prefer to buy an expired domain over the new one. Just because old domains has good domain authority, a huge number of backlinks and off-course better ranking in major search engines.

Buying expired domains can help to increase your online presence quickly, which will help to gain the significant organic traffic to a website or a blog. So first let see the introduction of an expired domain.

Definition of an Expired Domain

Domains, which are released from the zone file and renews by the owner are known as an expired domain. For such domains “Domain Registrar Auction” happens and they would be available for sale. The highest bidder will acquire the domain. And if no one would show the interest to buy the domain from the auction then it will release with general purchase option.

Why are Domains Allowed to Expire?

There are many reasons, and here we have listed some of them:

  • Not enough funds to renew them
  • Invalid contact email address
  • Loss of interest in online world
  • Closing down of business
  • Lack of knowledge about the value of domain names
  • Being away at time of domain name renewal

These are some of the reasons why the domains are allowed to expire. Once the domain has expired, it will be in Auto-Renew Grace Period which will follow by 30-days Redemption Grace Period. And still, at the end of this Redemption Grace Period, the person will not able to renew the domain name in certain reason which we have mentioned then the domain name will be released for registration by third parties.

Buying expired domains might not work well for some people because of the process of buying expired domains needs a rigid overview to make sure that everything works well. So if you are wondering about buying expired domains, then there are 5 things that you should consider before buying expired domains. Let us break them down for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying Expired Domains

Things To Consider Before Buying Expired Domains

#1. Verify DA and PA First

The essential thing that you should verify before buying an expired domain is Domain Authority and Page Authority. We all know that hundred or rather we can say that thousands of domains expire every day due to some or various reasons that we mentioned before.

And to check DA/PA, there are so many sites available but the one we recommend you Moz. This authority is one of the best metrics measurement on which you can analyze how well the domain is performing on search.

Verify DA and PA First before buying expired domain

To measure the quality of domain, these two factors Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) are most important. So make sure that the DA/PA of the domain is more than 20.

#2. Always Use Google Banned Checker to Verify Domain

It may happen that for some reasons, Google bans some domains even if having higher Domain Authority and Page Authority. So before buying the expired domain, you must check the domain with Google banned checking tool and made sure it is banned or not.

Also, check if the indexing status of the website in Google. You can do this by searching for query “site:example.com”, replace example.com with the expired domain name and hit the search button. If you will able to find the side URL(s) is found in Google search then it is good to go for buying this domain.

check domain indexed status of expired domain before you buy

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But if you still want that domain name, even if Google bans it, then all you need is to use Google Reconsideration Request and with this, you can request them to un-ban the domain.

#3. Verify Archive of the Expired Domain

Before buying an expired domain, you must have to check that what kind of business or blog was there before it gets expired. It is very important that you check this, especially when you are planning to build business website or blog as your earning source.

Check for web archiver before you buy an expired domain name

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To test the archive you can use WayBack Machine, which captures and save the snapshot of the domain name on the internet. To do this just visit Archive and enter your expire domain name and click on Take Me Back button and you will see the snapshot of that expire domain.

#4. Verify PageRank

If you filter the expired domains, you’ll find that most of them will have fake PR. Because there some people who are selling Fraud domains.

Check for Fake Page rank of an expired domain before you buy

So if you want to check the expired domain against Fake PR, you can use Fake PR Checker tools are available which verifies them. So be sure that you check first for Fake PR before you make your purchase.

#5. Verify Google AdSense Ban

If you are buying an expired domain to make money online using Google AdSense. Then I recommend you to check that expire domain is banned from Google AdSense or not by the previous domain owner. Because there are over thousands of domain which are, Google AdSense banned.

If you want to check, if the expired domain is Google AdSense banned or not then use AdSense Sandbox Checker, which will help you find AdSense ban.

Verify Google AdSense Ban of an expired domain you are buying

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For that, just put your expired domain URL and click the Preview Ads button. If it displays ads, then the expired domain is not banned from Google AdSense and if ads do not display and prefer not to buy that domain.

This is it. These are the few very important things that you should keep in mind before you go and buy an expired domain. Make sure you check the all the aspect for expired domains and find it qualified to purchase. Feel free to ask if you have any question on buying expired domains, and you can post it as a comment in the comment section below.

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