[In-Depth Article] The Best and Must Have WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

In detail post about the Best WordPress Plugins and adopted by all pro-bloggers. Find and pick the WordPress Plugin to enhance the visibility of your Blog.

Use of Social media platform not only just improve your brand recognition, but it also helps your brand to enhance its image and brand loyalty, improve sales, connects with visitors and convWordPress is one of the most popular platforms among the bloggers. Even I use WordPress to manage my blog www.bforblogging.com and sharing ideas about how to make money online, WordPress Tips, Marketing tricks and blogging hacks for smart passive income.

WordPress has one of the great and easy to use content management system, an even non-techy person can manage his/her blog or website quickly. According to BuiltWith, 17,674,102 live websites are using WordPress to manage the content.

Even though WordPress is one of the easiest content management platforms, it has few limitations which every blogger has to understand and take actions. There 15 different areas which need enhancement. Here in this article, I have covered a list of best free and paid must have WordPress Plugins to run blog smooth and to increase the visibility among the targeted audience.

Best and Must Have WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

1. WordPress Plugins for Security
2. WordPress Plugins for Caching
3. WordPress SEO Plugins
4. Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins
5. WordPress Plugins for Analytics
6. Importance of Landing page and Plugins
7. Increase Email subscription with ultimate WordPress Plugins
8. WordPress Mobile Responsive Plugins
9. Call to Action Plugins
10. A/B Testing Plugins
11. Post Planning Plugins
12. Commenting WordPress Plugins
13. Related Posts Plugins
14. Social Media Buttons in WordPress
15. Social Media Sharing Plugins

Importance of security plugins:

Your website or blog is your brand, your storefront and often your first contact with customers/readers. If your site or blog is not safe and secure than those critical business relationships can be affected. WordPress site can be vulnerable to many threats for many reasons.

WordPress site can be vulnerable to many threats for many reasons. The threats can come in many forms like hackers those can affect your website by stealing your customers’ information, like names and email addresses. Those hackers can also take the information like your clients’ credit card number and other information. Even hijacking or crashing your site is part of threats.

The frightening thing is this WP WhiteSecurity reported that more than 70% of all WordPress installations are vulnerable to the hackers. Many WP experts have questioned these statics. But this is a fact that hackers frequently target WordPress sites. Targeted does not mean your website is insecure, but it is a fact that no site is fully secured.

There is a reason that hackers can hack the site, just because of the outdated versions of plugins, WordPress and core file. It is important that you always keep your core WordPress files updated with the every new release.

Few times hacking of your site may cost you severely. There is a survey conducted by the National Small Business Association in the year of 2013, over 40% of all U.S. small businesses had costs averaging $8,700 to recover their WordPress based websites.

So from the above reasons, it is vital to have a stable security plugin that also adds the feature of limits login attempts. Here I have listed some of the plugins which you should take a look at on.

WordPress Security Plugins

WP Limit Login Attempts: It provides login protection and protects your site from brute force attacks.
Download WP Limit Login Attempts

Wordfence: use of this plugin in your WordPress site is to scan for hacked files and to monitor the access of visitors to your site.
Download WordFence Plugin

iThemes Security: this plugin is one of the most comprehensive and feature-rich security plugins available. The users of this plugin giving it a rating of 4.7 out of 5 with download approaching 4 million.
Download iThemes Security Pro

Importance of cache plugins:

The role of caching in WordPress can never be underestimated, when it comes to optimizing your website. For caching in your WordPress site, there are several plugins are available which also help to decrease your site page load time. This means it boosts your site conversion rate and delivers a better user experience.

The main feature of cache plugin is to pay attention to your site speed, and this also helps you to rank better in SERPs and grow your business. And according to the recent research, 47% of users expect that a site to load in two seconds or less.

So the cache plugin is the best strategy that helps you to speed up your site.

WordPress website runs on the database, by the time it gets pretty significant amount of data if you are consistently publishing fresh content on it.

The content on your site generates dynamically, whenever a visitor comes on your site page. But later on, if the same visitor comes to the same page, even if there is no change on then that page gets generated fresh again. So this is an unnecessary drain on resources.

But to resolve this problem, you can create the static version of the page to cut the page load time. To do that cache plugins are available for you to create the static version of your website/blog page, which will surely speed up your site overall.

Here I have listed two best WordPress Plugins that will help you to speed you your WordPress site by a factor of ten.

WordPress Cache Plugins

W3 Total Cache: The best feature of this plugin is to run your site smoother and faster. And the best thing is great to improve the performance of your website by caching everything from the databases to pages. This makes your server run through your sites content and in turn loads them up to your audience browse faster than ever.
Download W3 Total Cache

WP Super Cache: The primary feature of this plugin is it generates static HTML pages, which is used to serve the request.
Download WP Super Cache

Both these plugins help to boost the speed of thesite by making the cache version of web pages and decrease the page load time.

Importance of SEO & Sitemaps:

SEO is the most important thing to get organic traffic on your website or blog, and there are so many SEO tips and tricks that might help you optimizing your blog. In a content marketing world, SEO is the best way of providing your business visibility, branding, web traffic, a high ROI, credibility and insight into customer behavior. So SEO is good for visibility and branding.

Now, many smart marketers are paying attention to current SEO Best Practices, and many of them have separated the search engine optimization myths.

There are many tricks to make your website or blog SEO friendly. For instance, proper usage of meta tags. Meta Title is one of the most important search engine ranking factor and meta description is one of the most user attractive elements in SERPs. When any user searches for a particular word your page title and description is pulled into SERPs. So this is the great opportunity to attract search users and encourage them to click over to your page link.

There is a study conducted by Survey Monkey that based on Meta description there 43.2% of people click on a provided result. So Meta tags are quite important to get traffic to the organic search result.

Overall, when it comes to improve your sites’ ranking there are several options available, but one of the best options is a sitemap. Achieving higher ranking, sitemaps can be an excellent partner of your website. Sitemap won’t just only help your site in good rankings, but it will also make your page visible more quickly to search users and search engines.

Sitemaps naturally help with good traffic ranking, but there are certain plugins are available which helps you do all these things like Meta tags, generating XML sitemap, avoiding duplicate content and many other things important things in terms SEO. So, if you want to drive organic traffic to your website or blog, you must install any of the given below plugins to your site.

WordPress Plugins for SEO and Sitemaps

Yoast SEO: when it comes for the SEO plugin, Yoast SEO plugin always wins the race. This plugin is available in both the versions free and premium. This plugin quickly optimizes your sire. Yoast SEO plugin has many great features, but two best features this plugin provides are redirected module and multiple focus keywords. If you are looking for the best version, grab the copy of this plugin. The starting price of this plugin is $69 for a single site license; you can also download its free trial version.
Download Yoast SEO Premiu

All In One SEO Pack: this is another popular SEO plugin which you can use to optimize your website. Like Yoast SEO plugin this plugin also available with both the versions free and premium. This plugin has very easy to use interface. Pricing of this plugin is $79.
Get All In One SEO Pro

SEO Pressor: Features of this plugin are keyword SEO score, over optimization check, rich snippet support, multiple keywords, LSI feature and automatic smart linking. So overall this plugin is well-maintain for WordPress. Pricing of this plugin is $9/month.
Get SEO Pressor Now!!!

Link Patrol: The best things about this plugin is scanning of all your outbound links and provides domain report that shows the number of links pointing out to any domain, and most importantly with this plugin you can search outbound links based on keywords. Pricing of this plugin starts with $50/year.
Download Link Patrol

Importance of rich snippets:

In the world of SEO, rich snippets have been an interesting and often talked about the concept. According to Google, they don’t have a direct impact on search engine rankings. However, they almost certainly help websites to stand out from the crowd and can therefore significantly increase the chances of someone clicking on your particular page from search results.

Rich snippets are structured data markup code created to help search engines to understand better what kind of content web pages have. So from this, I can say, Rich Snippet helps you to enhance your listing and search traffic by drawing the search user’s eye to your listing and instantly providing your page information in different and better ways.

Rich snippet supports many different kinds of content like microdata, microformats, RDFa. So let see what plugin you can use to add rich snippets to your content.

WordPress Plugins for Rich Snippets

WPReview: This is the plugin built as an all-in-one solution for creating reviews on your website. This plugin can also be used to generate user-submitted rating and reviews and also comes with its custom widgets and custom shortcodes. The pricing starts at $39 for a single license.
Get the Pro Version of WP Review

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin: This is the excellent premium plugin offering which lets you add Rich Snippets to your site with ease and for a diverse range of different content. You can add structured data for reviews, recipe, articles, video, and even author rating. It also supported by various custom add-ons.
Get Rich Snippets Plugin

Google SEO Pressor for Rich Snippets: This is another useful plugin which provides content focused insight of your website with the feature of rich snippets.
Download Google SEO Pressor for Rich Snippets

Importance of Analytics plugins:

You may often hear about the web analytics. Website analytics are referred to as the measurement, analysis, and reporting of the internet to understand and optimize a website. It provides you reliable data about your users and their behavior on your site.

With data provided by the web analytics, you can find what is working on your site and even more important what is not working on your site. So web analytics is one of the most important strategies in the content marketing world.

Web Analytics provides very useful data about your site, your content and most importantly about your users. Like,

  • Who visits your website, their location, and demographic data
  • How they got there
  • What they did once they landed there
  • Where they went afterward

For WordPress users, there are so many different plugins that offer website analytics. And one of the most modern analytical tools is Google Analytics at no cost. It is very easy and straightforward to install on your WordPress site.

But if you have more than one website and want more information like link tracking, conversion rates, goal settings, A/B testing and even real-time insights from your users. All you need is single dashboard which will let you add and track your multiple sites.

There are also some powerful plugins are available for WordPress users who are provided by Google Analytics. Let me break them down for you.

WordPress Analytics Plugins

Google Analytics by Yoast: This is the great plugin to track visitors on your sites. Like, where they come from and what they do on your site and so on. There are some other features too. Like, it uses asynchronous Google Analytics tracking codes, tracking of downloads and outbound links, etc.
Download Google Analytics by Yoast

Google Analyticator: Within your WordPress dashboard this plugin makes the view of Google Analytics super easy. The main feature of this plugin is to eliminate the need to edit your template code to begin logging.
Download Google Analyticator

Google Dashboard: Features of this plugin is to track the data that is most relevant to your business, of course, understand your audience and make positive changes on the fly.
Download Google Dashboard WordPress Plugin

Importance of landing pages:

Any Savvy content marketer gets that once that they work hard to get visitors to their website and want to convert them into leads for their business. So to the best way to get them is to convert them is landing pages.

Landing pages are simply any web page that allows you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead-capture form.

Landing pages are the heart and soul of content marketers’ and the best efforts for lead generation efforts. With a right landing page, you can target a particular audience, such as traffic from an email campaign, promoting a particular product, or visitors who click on PPC ad. You can also build a landing page, which allows visitors to your website to download your content offers.

With landing pages, you can provide your target audience something that provides value to them, and convert them into leads while capturing information about them.

To create landing pages, there are lots of tools are available with which you can create an attractive landing page for your website or blog. Let see which plugin can help with this.

WordPress Plugins for Landing Pages

Zedity: This plugin offers you the best way to create landing pages quickly with professional results. You don’t need any coding skill to create the landing pages. Install it in your WordPress Dashboard, follow the instructions, add require details, pick the perfect design and all done. This plugin is available for free.
Download Zedity Plugin

Importance of Email Subscription Form Management:

You might have heard again and again that your email list is the most valuable asset. And HubSpot’s Marketing Statics claimed that businesses that develop their leads through their email list, it helps them to generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a reduced cost of 33%.

For content marketers, their primary focus is to get their prospects into their sales funnel. It is not just only that, but the best part about building an email list is to convert your website into email list subscriber.

Email marketing ROI is also pretty magnificent. In fact, the Direct Marketing Association reported that, on average, per $1 spent the email marketing nets about $40. Also when comes to the comparison of Email marketing with display advertising and social media advertising, Email marketing proved the best from both that marketing strategy. It does even better than both combined.

So, if you want to grow your email list you can use the any of the following plugins. So let see them one by one.

WordPress Plugins for Email Subscription and Form Management

OptinMonster: This is a premium plugin which offers its users a clean and attractive design for its Opt-in forms. With this plugins, you can enjoy the facility of great features it provides like different types of form, purpose-built mobile forms, more form appearance themes, a/b testing, and many other great features.
Get OptinMoster Now!!!

Viral Optins: This is a WordPress plugin which has a unique strategy to drive massive viral traffic. The use of this plugin is very easy, and that has an effective approach to encouraging your list or your subscribers to share your content. With this plugin, you can produce stunning Opt-in forms, and they can be placed at anywhere on your website or blog. The major feature of this plugin is, once the visitor enters their email address, they can take apart and get a freebie when they invite more new visitors to join your Email list.
Download Viral Optins

AWeber Web Form: An incredibly powerful email subscription plugin which helps you to grow your email list by converting your website visitors into subscribers and customers. This plugin allows you to install an Aweber web form on your WordPress blog and also lets your visitors subscribe to your list while commenting or registering on your website.
Create Account with Aweber

Importance of mobile responsiveness:

The mobile responsive design of your site is a big deal. There are so many successful marketers in the world of digital marketing who have talked about it so many times. As we all know that mobile is most used device so, it is evident that the mobile is the future. Make sure your website or blog is responsive and fits into the tiny screen of the all mobile devices.

There is an important digital customers survey conducted in the year of 2013 that 65% of Americans own and use smartphones. Also in the year of 2014, there is another study conducted by We Are Social that 50% of world population has a mobile phone and every second user added 9 new mobile phones.

People who use mobile they aren’t just browsing websites only, but they are also shopping. Mobile e-commerce is also growing very fast.

So if you think that what feature does your responsive site design have? It should display well on a variety of mobile devices with a minimum adjustment like resizing, zooming, panning, and scrolling.
If you want to make your website responsive, then there are many themes available in the both versions free and premium.

What if you have a website and want to check that popular sire is responsive or not? Visit MobileTest.me Check your current site for mobile responsive, where you will find various devices images like mobile and tablet. Select one of the pictures of provided tools, add your site URL into the search box and hit the Go button.

If the website is mobile friendly, then it will show you your website page on the mobile device perfectly, and if not then you can fix this problem with WordPress plugin. Let have a look at this plugin.

WordPress Plugin That Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

WPtouch: This is one of the best and most recommended plugin, which is used to create the mobile responsive website. Since there are two versions of this plugin is available free and premium.
Download WPtouch WordPress Plugin

In the free version, there are few features available such as other themes, web-app mode, and more. And in the premium version, it provides few more features like advertising and many content placement features. Pricing of this plugin is $79 for one WordPress website.

Importance of calls to action:

There are many businesses out there that are leveraging the benefits of the online audience and improving their chance to sell one more product to the target audience.

Calls to action plugins are vital as it defines the success of your website to a huge extent. If the visitors of your site are not taking any action which you want them to, you lose a possible customer for your product or service.

The action depends on how well you have optimized the call to action parameter on our website. If a user needs to work hard to find the email subscription form or the buy now button, they will only move from your site. So, you need to make sure that you use a call to action quite useful on your site.

There is some call to action plugins available, which are great and easy to use to increase your website engagement by producing new opportunities and customers for you. There also many premium WordPress themes are available for you those have an incredible built-in call to action feature.

But if your theme does not support call to action feature then you can use these given below great call to action plugins.

WordPress Plugins for Call To Action

MaxButtons: This the big one call to action plugin, which helps you to craft beautiful CSS3 buttons on your website. And this plugin very easy to set up and easy to use too.
Download MaxButtons

Contact Form and Call to Action by vCita: This is another excellent plugin, which actively encourages your site users to engage with your website and most importantly this plugin is mobile responsive too.
Get Contact Form by vCita

WP Call to Action: This is an amazing call to action plugin which gives you the ability to monitor and tracks conversion rates, runs A/B multivariate split test on call to action. This plugin is available for free.
Download WP Call to Action

Importance of A/B Testing Plugins:

Basically, A/B testing is compression of two versions of the web pages to see which one performs better. With A/B testing you can make more out of your existing traffic and more money too.

A/B testing gives you the power to see visitors’ flaws, both vast and small, and then to adjust accordingly to increase conversions. Also, it provides better user experience, but how?

When viewing your website, visitors might be expecting that fast loading site, clean design, great content that applies to the topic of your site and they also want you to point the way they should travel on your website. So all these things add to a better User Experience which is the version of your online customer service. This also helps you to test and launching a new or better design to your site that can be very beneficial to you to increase your website traffic.

With A/B testing you can test almost anything on your site like headlines, sub-headline, testimonials, paragraph text, links, images, call to action text, call to action button, media mentions, social proof, content near the fold and many other things. Certain plugins make A/B testing easier for your WordPress website. If you are looking for the best plugin here, I have listed few of them.

WordPress Plugins For A/B Testing

Simple Page Tester: This plugin offers A/B testing for posts and pages. For this plugin, both the versions are available free and premium. The free version claims to be SEO friendly and compatible with cache plugins. This plugin also hooks in with Google Analytics for tracking. While Premium version offers some addition features like custom post types, shortcodes for testing single elements, etc. The pricing of premium version starts with $59, so you can use any of the versions as per your requirement.
Get Simple Page Tester Pro

Marketing Optimizer for WordPress: This premium plugin includes features like conversion rate optimization, conversion tracking, A/B testing for multiple pages, gravity forms integration and many other functions. The pricing of this plugin starts with the $149/month.
Get Marketing Optimizer Pro Version 

Title Experiments Free: This is a simple yet very useful plugin. With this plugin, you can run A/B tests on your headlines of your content, and can also discover which element on your website gets more clicks. This is another free plugin with good features.
Download Title Experiments

Nelio AB Testing: This premium plugin is the best tool from all of them, and this can be the first solution on the list that is specifically dedicated to working with WordPress. Just because this plugin offers you not only just A/B testing but also it offers multivariate testing. Beyond the basic test, this plugin also allows you to compare different themes, CSS variations, and post or page title. And on the top of that, it also provides heatmaps and clicks map that show which elements of your website catch the most attention from visitors. Starting price of this plugin is $29/month.
Sign up for Nelio AB Testing

Importance of posts planning:

Here the meaning of post planning means to have an editorial calendar. Without an editorial calendar, your content marketing strategy is incomplete. So for a successful content marketing campaigning, you will need an editorial calendar, which helps you to be more consistent and fruitful at publishing the content you want and producing the outcomes that you need.

An editorial calendar is 12 months planning of editorial pieces that are to be issued in the future time span. An editorial calendar is just like a document like a spreadsheet, plain text file, actual calendar, etc. With the editorial calendar, you can manage your content that you are going to publish on specific dates for a certain length of time like a week or a month.

To increase you website engagement you should create an editorial calendar, just because this is the great way to ensure that the content that you are serving to your audience is well planned, thoughtful and strategic way.

Publicizing your editorial calendars would be a great way for you to build up some anticipation for your upcoming articles and get more readers on board, increase your productivity and your impact too.

Here are a few tools that would let the plugins do the work of making you an editorial calendar. Look at this few best plugins for getting your content organized.

WordPress Plugins to Create Posts Planning

Stachethemes Event Calendar: This is a premium plugin which is packed with many excellent and useful features, which work in your WordPress environment. This plugin allows you to create a particular event for your website users and visitors. Pricing of this plugin is $18.
Download Stachethemes Event Calendar

Content Scheduler: The best feature about this plugin is that it helps you to identify about what time any content expire, what events take place when that happens and what happened to the content after expiration. This plugin also allows you to notify your team members and content contributors when content expires.
Download Content Scheduler

Importance of commenting system:

We all heard that content is the king, but it is the comment which makes the content more compelling, so the comment is the queen. Fundamentally, commenting is the backbone of any website, just because comments make the content more valuable.

So as a content marketer, when you are writing any content, you should expect comments which add value. Comments also provide more user insights and a better user experience.

Few times it may happen that you are not getting more comments, it is because of the two reasons. One is that your content is not good enough and another is that you are not using the right commenting system for your website or blog. And if you are producing good content and still not getting comments then you have not chosen the right commenting plugin for your website.

With best commenting plugins you can increase the number of comments. It also helps to share the post as well as comments on the social media. So let see those helpful plugins to increase the efficiency of your commenting system.

WodPress Plugins for Comment Management

Disqus: The benefit of using the Disqus commenting plugin is that your comments will be totally handled by the services of this plugin. The comments made on your website or blog using Disqus commenting plugin will be stored on the servers. You can monitor individual comment and review them all from the single dashboard. You can disapprove, approve, mark comment as a spam and edit the comment.
Download Disqus

Importance of related posts:

One of the biggest problem that many content marketers face, which is lost – readers. This happens every time whenever a reader comes to your site reads your content and likes it and find it useful but the problem arises, when they leave your site without commenting, navigating to other page/post or subscribing to your list.

This issue is known as bounce rate problem, and it happens only when you don’t give the user and options to engage or navigate them to other portion of the site.

To overcome from this problem simply, put related posts below the every article you publish on your blog. There are plugins which can help you to increase your website engagement as well as it will give those users an option by showing related posts to navigate from current article to another article on your blog.

This is the simple mathematics that the longer you keep those users on your site, the better your chance of converting them into email list subscribers and customers. The prominent feature of using related post plugin helps you to decrease the high bounce rate. With this kind of plugins, you can encourage your readers to stick around to your blog and read more content. So let see those plugins which will help you to get more new readers and convert them into your email subscriber and customers.

WordPress Plugins to Place Related Posts on Your Website

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin: This is the powerful plugin which intelligently and automatically inserts related post links at the end of each of your blog post, website pages, and custom post types. There is another feature of this plugin provides, which template the system that lets you choose how your related posts are displayed, and most importantly it reduce the bounce rate.
Download YARPP

Contextual Related Posts: This plugin allows you to retain visitors, reduce bounce rates and refresh old entries. This is one of the most feature rich plugins with support for thumbnails, shortcodes, and CSS styles.
Download Contextual Related Posts Plugin

So both these plugins are best for your websites to reduce the bounce rate.

Importance of social account buttons:

To get more traffic on your website or blog, it is not enough to just enable social sharing. You should also provide easy access to navigation links of your social account to your readers, so they can find more of your content and engage with you over the social media.

Ultimately, you want to provide them the access at the moment, where they are most likely to want to take advantage of it. For instance, your reader found the long piece of content useful for him or her and want the most personal insight of yours. At that time access or providing navigations to your social media profiles will help your readers to connect with you quickly.

Hence, adding social media buttons to your website will give you more opportunities to engage with your community and create a social signal that drives more traffic back to your site. For that, use any one of the given below plugin.

WordPress Plugins for Social Media Profile Account Buttons

Social Links: This plugin covers all the main social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. The premium version of this plugin offers access to 20 more social networks, the pricing of this premium version is $5. To buy premium version simply visit Social Link Pack site.
Get Social Links Pro

Simple Follow Me Social Buttons Widget: This is the great plugin ever. This not only provides the feature of dozens of supported network but with using this plugin you can also customize the background color of the icons. Even you can change the color on hover for an eye-catching special effect.
Download Simple Follow Me Social Buttons Widget

Importance of sharing on social media:

Social Media marketing is being the most vital tool for the marketing sector. This marketing strategy can help you grow your business in a very innovative way.

Social media marketing is very popular among content marketers, and this internet marketing makes very easy to various social media networks to achieve marketing communication, branding goals and maximizing the reach of your website or blog.

Social media marketing covers most of all the activities that involve sharing of content, pictures, and video as a medium of marketing. To increase engagement on your site, you can create your brand profile on Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and on many other platforms.

Use of Social media platform not only just improve your brand recognition, but it also helps your brand to enhance its image and brand loyalty, improve sales, connects with visitors and convert them into your loyal customers and with it, you can also make a connection with industry leaders.

Many experts are also using this marketing strategy, and for that, they also use plugins to make this social sharing very easy. Here I have suggested few of those plugins which will help you to set attractive functional social sharing buttons on each of your content pages.

WodPress Plugins for Sharing on Social Media

MashShare: This is the big and bold social media plugin. The free version of this plugin supports Facebook and Twitter and displays the total amount number of shares and views. This plugin also offers add-on packages, so if you want to bring the support for 17 other networks, analytics, and Facebook-like bar on your website or blog, you can buy any one of the add-ons packages. The pricing of this plugin starts with €29/year.
Get the Premium Version of MashShare

This is it.

I have shared the most common used WordPress Plugins, which every website or bloggers use, who have built their site with WordPress CMS. If you are using WordPress CMS, then do not miss to use these best and must have WordPress Plugins to fulfill your requirement.

If I have missed out any of your favorite WordPress plugins? Then let me know about it in the comment section below. I will review it and will add it to this list.

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