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Fed up with failed techniques to increase website traffic? SEOPressor the best WordPress Plugin to control all of the site’s SEO for effective traffic growth.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the very first thought come into our mind when we think to rank higher in search engines for selected keywords. Google has introduced two animals 1) Panda and 2) Penguin, which demotes the web pages ranking with poor/copied content and with smappy backlinks to the website.

After the introduction of Google’s animal and their control over the web spam, on page optimization has become an important practice to achieve higher ranking and stay ahead in the competition.

Many webmasters have not found the perfect practice of SEO to gain more top ranking. Here are top 3 tricks to optimize a blog or web page to get higher search engine ranking.

For automated solution refer this ultimate list of SEO Tools for best search engine ranking.

And if you are using WordPress to run your website or blog then SEOPressor Connect is one of the best WordPress Plugin to maximize the control of WordPress SEO.

On page optimization is not a big deal, you can easily do it by making and the following checklist. You can also do it manually, but in any case, if you missed any point to optimize then SEOPressor Connect WordPress plugin can stand by your side.

This ultimate WordPress SEO plugin scans the whole WordPress site and gather the data of completed, incomplete, and missing SEO points to optimize the website and make it more search engine friendly. You can find all these collected data and their analysis at the single place SEOPressor dashboard.

Let’s dive in and understand few more amazing features of this WordPress plugin.

Features of SEOPressor Connect WordPress Plugin

seopressor connect wordpress plugin

Keywords Analysis: Webmasters have questions about keywords density, suggestion, optimization, and a lot more. SEOPressor suggests optimization of the web page content up to 3 keywords with placement and frequency maintain.

LSI Keywords Mechanism: You probably read the article about how LSI Keywords help to boost the SEO Rankings does. If you haven’t, then read it now. SEOPressor has attached LSIGraph to find the best Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords to add in the web page content and enhance the chance to get higher search rankings for other related search queries.

Usage of Schema: Rich snippets help to increase Click Through Rates from the search index listing. This ultimate SEOPressor Connect plugin contribute to improving the structure of the web page data.

Meta Tags Suggestions: Perfect meta title with targeted keywords and attractive meta description of the web page help to get higher ranking in search results and improve CTR. SEOPressor guides to write the best meta details to enhance the results.

XML Sitemap Generator: This is something really important portion of the website especially for crawlers. SEOPressor has inbuilt functionality and generates XML Sitemap to let the search engines knows about various web pages on the site.

Canonical Tag: To avoid the duplicate content penalty, it is important to add canonical tag on each every web page of the website. SEOPressor adds a canonical tag to an individual page and makes the site secure to overcome from the duplicate content issue.

301 Redirects: Some of the popular WordPress SEO plugins do not have an inbuilt function to redirect broken web pages permanently. SEOPressor has added this functionality to redirect broken pages and avoid Error 404.

Smart Linking: SEOPressor observes and guides for smart linking to build the strong sitewide links profile. Internal Link suggestions and control behaviors of outbound links. This surely helps to create the strong internal link profile, and users can take benefits to navigate from one page to another page easily.

OpenGraph and Twitter Card: Social signals are also necessary to get higher ranking in search engine ranking. SEOPressor makes sure about not to miss this opportunity and optimize the web page structure by adding OpenGraph data and Twitter Card data for better content visibility of the web page while sharing it on social media.

SEOPressor Score Manager: No worries if there are hundreds of pages on a website. SEOPressor checks the individual web page and suggests improvement factors optimize the get higher search rankings.

SEO Trends: After all these SEO improvement suggestions, optimization, XML Sitemap, social sharing data and a lot more SEOPressor tracks whole website improvement and provides a crystal clear report of overall SEO progress the site.

How to get SEOPressor WordPress Plugin?

SEOPressor team has made this unique WordPress SEO plugin loaded with advanced features, and this is the reason there is no alternative to this plugin.

SEOPressor is giving the quality of features and support for a long time which proves SEOPressor is the best SEO plugin for WordPress and worth to pay $9/month for this plugin.

Thus, if you are looking for a single plugin that takes care of your entire SEO progress, then SEOPressor is the best premium SEO plugin to use.

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