SEMrush Review: Dominate Your Niche in SERPs and Research Competitor’s Keywords

Have you been seeking for an SEO tool that lets you do competitors’ keyword research, track the keyword ranking, check competitor ranks, check backlinks and essentially, do a complete SEO audit of your website? If yes, then this one tool SEMrush that is used by many professional bloggers and SEO agencies will help you out. Read the complete review of this tool here.

Many of the bloggers want to make their content go viral in SERPs and want to find and dig into the most uncovered strategies to build the backlinks. Even, they wish to optimize their search traffic with the help of finding profitable keywords into your niche. However, this is the universal truth, and we all know that having quality and great content is not enough. You need to build quality links, run the timely audits of your site’s SEO and few other essential aspects.

Many of you have used many tools to do that like Moz, Ahrefs and so many others. But have you heard about SEMrush? If not or if you have and haven’t tried it yet, then you are missing on a lot of SEO and PPC chances to drive more and more traffic, leads and of course sales to your website.

SEMrush is such a fantastic tool for SEO and a favorite one among millions of professional webmasters. In just one dashboard, you can get everything done. I will show you that in a moment.

But before that, I head over with my SEMrush review. These crucial things to know that what SEMrush is and what type of features and support this SEO tool offers to its users and how it positively effect to your SERPs rankings and the traffic.

Let’s talk about this tool the most powerful & useful SEO tool you can have access.

Best SEO and SEM Tool: SEMrush Review 

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is an all-rounder SEO tool that is available on the cloud. No extra software need to download when you use this excellent online SEO tool. All you need is log in from its official site, and you are ready to access your SEO campaign. It utilized by many experts of SEO to outrank their competitors.

This tool is developed by SEOQuake that is a favorite SEO addon for Firefox. Currently, this tool have over 7 million active users with the 29 bases appearing the results of over 120 million keywords! It even has more than 73 whopping of domains information stored in SEMrush databases.

It is incredible at finding great keywords for your site, analyze backlinks of your competitors, check their website traffic, resolve your site or blog issues and so many other things.

SEMrush even makes it very easy for you to find what keywords your blog or website is ranking for. In other words, it makes keyword research a piece of cake.

If you do keywords research, you can include keywords and track their position in every major search engines which is based on geographical location.

Geographic location is imperative for those webmasters/bloggers who target particular countries such as Spain, UK, India, Australia, and the US, etc. For the global webmasters and bloggers, you can also use this attribute to see how your site or blog ranks in particular countries search engines.

This is an important search engine marketing (SEM) tool that I believe that every serious internet marketer and blogger should have into their SEO tool arsenal.

Pros & Cons of SEMrush


  • Gives most in-depth and innovative SEO and digital marketing metrics.
  • Generate reports that directly sent to the clients for the future reference.
  • Gives comprehensive SEO reports.
  • The user can up to 10,000 reports in a single day with the business subscription. However, with the other subscription plans, you can have 3000 to 5000 reports per day.
  • Integrate seamlessly with the popular Google Analytics and the Google Webmaster Console.
  • Contains certain SEO tools.
  • Great customer support.
  • The team is continuously improving and adding more features.


  • The monthly subscription is expensive.

What Features Does SEMrush offers?

I already have mentioned, SEMrush is an all-rounder SEO tool provides many incredible features that you won’t find in most of the tools or plugins! Here are some of the powerful features that help will you dominate your niche in SERPs.

  • Advanced keyword research.
  • Competition analysis.
  • Link building like a Pro.
  • Complete site audit.
  • Tactical organic research.
  • The insight of PPC advertising.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Product Listing Ads (PLA) reveals details of your competitor’s Ads.
  • Advertising analysis tools.
  • Domain comparison.
  • Keyword position tracking.

In this in-depth SEMrush review, I will discuss how this tool can help research keywords and it’s few other essential features. Now let’s jump into the details.

SEMrush Tools and Features

SEMRush Review

#1. SEMrush for Research Competitor’s Keywords

Keywords research is the primary step for the success/failure of any SEP campaign. The importance of keywords research can’t be overlooked especially for those who are starting a website from scratch.

SEMrush offers the most comprehensive tool for the keywords research. From basic keywords research to the advanced competitive keywords research, SEMrush is purely a Swiss Knife.

Keywords Research:

The most basic keyword research in SEMrush can be done by just typing the keyword phrase in the top search bar and choosing the keyword research option. Below in the image, you can see I have selected Keyword Overview option, this quick illustration will help you understand well:

On the other hand, the left-hand side menu bar offers different menus in which Keyword Analytics also provides Keyword Overview option which is useful and very handy for you.

The basic keyword research covers some important points those are listed below:

Keyword Overview: The keyword overview section offers basic information about the keyword like organic search, Paid Search, CPC distribution, Trend, Phrase match keywords, and related keywords. It even shows you some basic ads relevant to the keyword. It helps to get an instant glimpse of the ranking data.

SEMRush Review - Keywords Overview Features
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Phrase Match: This section maintains a list of keyword, its volume, keyword difficulty, search results, CPC, trend, and even advertising competition.

SEMRush Review - PhraseMatch Keywords
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Advanced Filter: This filter option resides above the report of the Phrase Match Report. This feature is available for paid users that help users to sort the keywords quickly depend on the given below factors:

  • Volume
  • KD (Keyword Difficulty)
  • Results
  • Competition
  • Specific words
  • Number of words
  • Related keywords
  • Related Keyword: This section even contains report for the relevant keywords that contains Related keyword percentage, volume, Keyword Difficulty, competition, trend, and result.
  • Ads History: It helps to see the keyword data that has been used in ads for PPC and the possible ad traffic price.
SEMRush Product - Phrase Match Keywords Options
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As I have mentioned, this is the basic keyword research. But with it, you can go beyond basic. It offers many other tools for keyword research. Here they are listed below:

Keyword Difficulty Tool

It helps you to measure how difficult it is to rank a provided keyword. It generates a report that includes volume, competition trend, and the SERP source. The user can export the report in the format of XLS or CSV.

Research Keywords Competitors Use in Ads

Researching keywords for your ad campaigns on Google Adwords or any other PPC advertising platform is very comfortable with SEMrush. For that, this tool offers Ad History option under the Keyword Analytics. It can help you to research past keywords competitors that have used in ads.

SEMRush Product Review - Ad History Function
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Keyword Magic Tool

This tool allows you quickly generate about a million keywords and save in one single file. In short, it makes research of the best keywords to be much easy. The generated report that offers keywords in arranged and grouped manner based on different niches. This even resides in Keyword Analytic menu.

SEMRush Tool Review - Keyword Magic Tool
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Keyword Research for Desktop/Mobile

There are an increasing amount of smartphone users who are accessing websites from mobile devices. However, there many users who are accessing websites through the desktop. SEMrush allows you to filter keyword research based on the mobile and desktop. You will find that features on its dashboard under the keyword research menu.

Keyword Research for Local SEO

For those bloggers who are running SEO campaign, SEMrush offers one best feature to localize the keyword research based on the country. On the dashboard, it provides four different country tabs and 130 more countries option that makes it very easy to research keyword based on local SEO.

SEMRush Product Overview - Local Keyword Research.png
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These are some of the tools and features provided by the SEMrush for better SEO optimization of your website or blog there are many other features for Keywords Research that it offers with its paid version.

#2. SEMrush for Link Building

SEMrush provides you with accurate and insightful backlinks data of the competitors. This data is helpful while you are building links to your site which match your competitors.

With SEMRush:

  • You can view competitors’ backlinks.
  • Their referring domains, identify their subdomain backlinks.
  • Backlinks comparison for different domains.
  • The age of the backlinks.
  • Competitor anchor text analysis.
  • Image backlinks.
  • Determine do follow backlinks.
  • Identify backlinks from a particular domain.
  • And even you can sort backlinks by domain extensions.

All these tasks you can perform by only visiting Domain Analytic → Backlinks.

SEMRush Overview - Backlinks Checker Tool
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#3. SEMrush for Search Data Analysis

SEMrush offers data on the paid advertising. This is an excellent way to find the failed PPC campaigns. With this data analysis, you can save money which you would otherwise pay a copywriter to attract your readers or audience with eye-catching headlines.

SEMRush Review - Advertising Research
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By visiting Domain → Advertising Research you are able to find your paid search competitors, view paid Ads which competitors are running, even get ideas for PPC keywords, get ideas for catchy title Ads from competitors, track PPC ads, and check ad history for title and keywords ideas.

#4. SEMrush for Site SEO Audit

SEMrush is now providing a complete site SEO audit with each of their plan (adding their starter Pro plan) that lets you find all the SEO issues on your website. You can set up this site audit as a “campaign” and turn it at particular intervals like on every week, every month and so on. And the great thing is that once you set up your site audit, it will automatically send you the report weekly or monthly once the audit has finished.

SEMRush Review - SEO Audit
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>>>>>>>>>Tip: If you are setting up Site Audit for the first time, then you have a choice to choose different crawlers. Automatically, the SEMrush desktop bot is selected for the crawling, but you can change to the Google mobile or desktop bot. Given below image shows settings for Site Audit so that it can be easy for.

#5. SEMrush for Position Tracking

SEMrush is also offered position tracking feature that tracks your business website or blog keywords’ rankings. It will help you track any given keyword and any domain at any location. With this, you can even get daily updates keyword rankings of you and your competitors. Even you can discover local competitors in your niche.

#6. SEMrush for SEO Ideas

This is one of the very handy features that provides you meticulous insights on which you require to improve your on-page SEO. Here in this, you can check for HTML validation errors, ideas, content, semantic ideas, and general backlink ideal along with perfect action plans. It is the most comprehensive SEO ideas recommendation that you will ever come across.

#7. Keyword Optimization with SEO Ideas

Who understands the importance of Keyword Optimization then this feature is perfect for them. It helps users simplifies the tasks associated related to web page optimization.

By only auditing landing pages that show up in Google search engine and comparing them with the competitors’ pages for the similar keywords. SEMrush will provide suggestions for your optimization keyword targeting and strategy that improve your site’s SERPs ranking.

To get the SEO ideas you will require to include all the pages of your blog manually and add keywords for which you wish to get ideas.

The great thing is that it automatically pulls up landing pages with keywords that based on your position checker settings. It analyses the top 10 landing pages ranking for the similar keywords and recommends you the modifications to improve ranking.

It even offers backlink building ideas, for that it offers suggestions for domains where you can try to acquire backlinks for higher ranking.

However, this features is under-utilized by most of the SEMrush users, but as per my thinking, you never should miss this features.

#8. SEMrush for Social Media Analytics

It is available for all the current customers of SEMrush. Social media analytics are an essential element of SEO and often overlooked by many webmasters and bloggers. With you are allowed to audit your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ account.

With it, you are able to check your competitor’s social media account to estimate how well you are doing against them. But make sure your only goal should always get the green mark into your weekly report.

If you have a close competition, you can have vital data such as “how often they are updating their social media account” and based on that you can plan your strategy around their marketing strategy. You can even integrate other social media platform since it is still in a beta like YouTube Integration.

#9. SEMrush for Brand Monitoring

This feature of a tool helps you identify the strength of your brand based on some social mentions. You can utilize it to track and analyze your social reach.

#10. SEMrush for Backlink Audit

SEMrush lets you have every detail that you require to know about who is linking to your blog. This feature augments the role played by the popular Google Webmaster Console. However, it displays the data in an accessible format. So you can utilize it to edit each and every bad link pointing to your site.

These are just a few of the best features however there are several additional tools and features that you can utilize by using SEMrush SEO tool to optimize your on-page SEO and marketing efforts.

#11. Bonus SEMrush Tools To Improve Your site SEO Level

SEO Templates: This helps you create SEO content template which can be implemented on your on-page SEO for great SERPs result. All these well-crafted templates depend on keywords and analysis of top 10 ranking competitors for that same keyword.

Video Advertising Tool: You can create an effective video ad campaign that can be very challenging because video marketing is much more competitive. But, with SEMrush you can instantly discover the strategies which are working for your competitors, and you can also employ them in your video marketing campaigns.

PLA Research Tool: This is a very advanced tool which allows you to analyze the product listing ads data depend on the performance of Google Shopping Ads. These ads are displayed when some searches for a particular keyword and they are listed under the shopping tab in Google.

SEOQuake Add-on: This is an add-on on your browser, and this is used by many millions of SEO experts to analyze web pages as you visit them quickly. You can even use its plugin on both the Firefox and Chrome.

Now, you must have seen most of the tools and features of SEMrush. And now many of you might have a question that this tool offers these much useful features and functions then what is the price and plans does this offers to you.

#SEMrush Plans and Price

SEMrush comes in three plans that differ in features offered, here are the subscription plans are:

SEMrush Pro: For this plan, the monthly subscription fee is $99.95 with which you can create 3000 reports per day. This subscription plan is perfect for starters, for individual SEO experts and also for internet marketers.

SEMrush Guru: For Guru plan, the monthly subscription fee is $199.95 with which you can generate 5000 reports per day. This subscription plan is perfect for advanced SEO experts, internet marketers, and marketing agencies too.

SEMrush Business: The business plan monthly subscription fee is $399.95 with which you can generate 10,000 reports per day. It even lets you have API access which not found in the lower plans. This subscription plan is perfect for large SEO companies and also for large online marketing agencies too.

The one shot yearly billing can save you few bucks on the annual subscription. The fees are respectively $999.40, $1999.40, and $3999.40.

Visit SEMRush Official Website

We have got you SEMrush 7 Days Free Trial to help you get started with all the above-outlined tools and features in this review article. You can quickly sign up right away.


After this in-depth review of SEMrush, we can sum up that this comprehensive review in some words SEMrush SEO Tool is Samurai Sword. This was difficult to come across an SEO tool that does every SEO tasks like these and save you money, energy and time as SEMrush does.

SEMrush is undoubtedly the powerful SEO tool which helps you dominate your niche no matter how competitive your niche is. Start your free trial, and get used it and you will surely start loving it.

Any question?
Ask here, and I will get back to it very soon.