[Revealed]: 10 Secret Ingredients to Make Your Blog Post Viral

Have you wondered why bloggers are like are known as successful bloggers? What strategies do we follow to make our each blog viral? Here are those secrets, which will lead you to make your blog post interesting and viral among the audience.

Content marketing, especially blogging is probably the most important marketing strategy available today. Writing a great piece of content and spreading within targeted audience is one of the most important factors. It also helps to boost SEO rankings and drive more traffic and generate leads, and all can be done with the clear path for content marketing by having great content on their blogs.

The quality of the content matters a lot, and search engines love to crawl more fresh and unique content, in return to that it will help you to get higher search ranking of your blog to get more exposure.

Writing a great piece of content, making content SEO Friendly, with good design all are the good factors to get higher ranking and grab the attention of the audience. But do you know there is something more which are yet to discover? What are those secret ingredients, which will enhance the visibility and engagement of the blog post? Check them all in this article

10 Secret Ingredients of a Blog Post

10 secret Ingredients of blog post

#1. Craft Magnetic Headline

The headline of your post is the first impression, and perhaps the first impression is important which make your readers read the entire content of your blog post. If you don’t know how to write an exciting title, then think of magazine or newspaper’s headlines that dare you to read the piece of their content. Your post’s headline is the first thing a potential reader is going to see, so you must have to make it right and eye catchy.

#2. Outstanding Opening Paragraph

A magnetic headline is probably the one that entices people to click on it and visit a blog post. But if you don’t capture the reader’s attention in the first couple of sentences of the post, then they will just leave the page before reading the further content of a post.

So don’t just waste your readers time and catch their attention while providing and outstanding introductory paragraph which offers enough value in the entire post.

For an example, current blog post introduction has grabbed your attention, and you are reading secret number 2 and will continue to read rest 8 secrets of a fine tuned blog post.

#3. Proper Structure

Few of the blogger commonly overlook this factor of creating a compelling post. If you want your readers to go through the entire article, then you should organize the writing process. Building a structure of a blog post, which includes clear headlines, sub-headlines, bullet points, tables, charts, quotes, paragraph breaks, images and lot more. It might look out-dated to you but for the readers, it works best and make them sticky to the post.

Instead of reading blog posts, which contain 300-400 words, the audience nowadays prefers to read longer posts which contain 1000, 2000 or 3000 words with full of information. Such blog post must have a proper structure regarding design, content style, and lot more to have the attention of reader till to the end of the post. The larger blog post is useful to build engagement. So, plan to add more relevant blog posts on your blog.

#4. Tell a Fascinating Story

The post is incomplete without a Fascinating story even if you have a great title and a well described introductory opening of a blog post. Imagine why we read the entire novel, or watch a movie or TV series like Mission Impossible or Game of Thrones till the end? Have you wondered about how they build your interest to read or watch it till the end? It is a story in which you have an interest in.

Try to build an interest of your audience by crafting a story based on the blog topic. And I am sure your readers will defiantly have a stake in reading the entire blog post like I did and built your interest to this post.

#5. Use Convincing Words

Not only readers but also search engines have the interest to read or crawl and rank the accurate information of individual topics. Here convincing words play a vital role to build a trust of readers and search engines.

Try to add more but relevant convincing words into your blog post, which can convey the accurate message to your audience. Such usage of a word not only help you to build an interest of our audience but it will also help you to build the authority of your entire blog.

#6. Make it Unique and Original

You are now aware of the power of convincing words in the content. Upon that Uniqueness and original content are the two key factors, which to create a win-win situation to build a trust among the readers and search engines.

Pick topics where are no content written before. I know it is hard to find such topics and writing content, but this is an opportunity for you to be in the first place to share the information.

Many time it happens that you may reach to the topic which has less or content without research or missing point in the content. These are also an excellent opportunity for you to pick the topic and write a well-researched and informative convincing content to serve the accurate information.

#7. Select Entice Images

Visual content plays a vital role to grab the attention of the audience. Promotion on social media channels, blog network, referral network, and at many other places images are the first thing, which the grab the attention of readers.

Adding an eye-catchy and attractive image is another secret ingredient of a blog post. You wonder how it works. Have a look at the featured image and an image I have used to share content over a different social channel. These into are convincing and attractive to grab the attention of my readers.

For an example, if you have found my article on social media and came over here to read this post then probably an image I used to share the content is the first thing which has attracted your attention on the post over the social media.

#8. Make Easy Sharing

You have posted very information content, and it also has a good position in search engines ranking, but what if you don’t provide any options to your audience to share the content on their social media profiles? If it is then, it is all meaningless.

Make sure you add social sharing options on each blog post and allow your blog readers to share the content on their social media profiles. This will help you to reach more audience of your users’ network.

#9.The Call To Action

Conversion is the greedy outcomes that every blogger wants. What if you haven’t defined or added any call to action in your blog post? The result is no conversion. So, what is the meaning of conversion to sell a product or generate a lead for a business? Yes, it is but what beyond that and what are the different types of conversions that blogger should use? Let me bring more lights on this.

Encouraging users to subscribe to your email list, share your article in readers networks, navigate to the another article of your blog, clicks on the reference or related article link, comments, and a lot more are different type of conversions to create a call to action for.

Now make sure that each of your articles must at least one call to action to convert your readers in the value of engagement on your blog.

#10. The Take-Away

This is something really interesting and core ingredient of a blog post. Crafting a 1000 or 1500 words article in a small piece of content is an art, and I am sure you have that art to craft a better summary of a blog post you write.

Cover meaningful points and highlights of the article in the take away at the end of the blog post. This will help your readers to summaries and memories the key points from your article you shared. Just like I want you to memories and ask to bookmark my blog URL bforblogging.com for such interesting future posts.


Just creating a blog post is not a way to be the successful blogger. Create an informative and well-structured blog, and adding secret ingredients in a post will help you to win the interest of your audience and encourage them to engage with a blog post by commenting or sharing within their network.

Follow this strategy and you will surely start noticing the drastically higher success of your blog. Comment your feedback or question you have. I will appreciate your comments and will share my words for each in the replies.

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