Surprising Social Media Management Features of SocialPilot

All social media experts have question which is the best social media management tool. Here in this article find the in-detail review of SocialPilot Social Media Management tool and know how it can fit all your social media management requirements.

Update: SocialPilot now supports content scheduling and management on Google+ (Profile, Page, and Collection). The post has been modified to highlight the same.

Since it questions about measuring the popularity of online business, where social media plays a vital role in “how people interact with you.” Social media is considered as the important place to generate lead and drive traffic to the website or blog.

The biggest question is how to manage multiple social media at once? This is where the solution comes in front of, and we can pick SocialPilot to manage all the social media profiles at one place.

I know there are numerous of social media management tools are available in the market to boost the brand’s presence across many different social networks. But as a blogger, I might say that SocialPilot has tremendously improved my posting experience.

If you have been blogging and using social media as a platform for exposure, you know how much time it takes to share to different accounts and groups manually. I recommend you to get a tool which will effortlessly post on your numerous social media accounts without risk of being banned.

If you are not familiar with SocialPilot tool, then refer this article where I have added a complete review of SocialPilot tool and also compared it with other favorite social media management tools.

What is SocialPilot?

surprising social media management features of socialpilot

SocialPilot is a powerful automation tool to manage social media profiles, which lets its users connect and manage numerous of social media accounts through a unified dashboard.

Currently, this tool allows you to connect your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and few more social media channels. Apart from the profiles, you can also integrate the Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

I have tried lot many tools and few of them are allowing to connect LinkedIn Groups. SocialPilot is one of them which lets users connect and manage their LinkedIn Groups from the same dashboard.

This feature benefits for businesses as well as bloggers as they can straightaway connect and manage accounts of social media platforms without even getting into the complexities of the same. By this mean, even with the limited knowledge of the platforms, you can integrate and use them as an expert to enhance your business or blog visibility.

All you need to do is planning a complete social media strategy, take a help of SocialPilot and manage all your social media profiles and page at the one go.

#1. Why SocialPilot?

If you have been blogging, you might know how important it is to be the part of various social networks. Because this is the place, where your readers would be distributed over many different social networks, and you need their attention to driving traffic to your blog.

The thing is, you can’t ignore any of traditional social networks because you never know which can provide you with right and targeted traffic. Neither you can predict your readers, some of are from Facebook, some will be from Twitter while some will be from LinkedIn. So it is hard to say from which social network your reader would like to interact. This makes essential to spot your post along with all social networks and let your readers know about the updates.

Doing this manually it is totally waste of time. Using SocialPilot will save your time and also lets you post updates on social networks even when you are away.

#2. Overview of SocialPilot Features

This social media scheduling tool is best for social media professionals, bloggers, and marketing agencies. Here are some of the unique features of SocialPilot, which help you to be apart from others.

Custom Facebook Branding

Unlike other tools, using SocialPilot user can put their branding, so it does not look automated and help them to have their branding. Customization and flexibility can also make the system work in compliance with your business rules, which is quite a rare thing in the social media scheduling and sharing environment.

Team Collaboration

SocialPilot makes the team collaboration task very easy for those who are working with digital marketing agencies, PR agencies, enterprises as well as a consultant working with multiple clients and marketing groups. With it, the user can easily invite their team members to work in collaboration, share files, communicate, and come up with some useful business ideas. SocialPilot does not charge for per team member, so you can feel free to include participants as you want.

Social Media Calendar

By using social media calendar, you can plan ahead for upcoming campaigns, visualize your future posts and re-share your past posts, all at one place. Moreover, it is an easy way to view and manage the overall promotional campaign schedule as well as post social activities in a single view. Simply speaking, the calendar gives a real-time visual view of all past, present and scheduled social media posts. With this feature, you can see the month view, week view and daily view of your posts.

Bulk Scheduling

Using bulk scheduling, you can upload hundreds of posts at once. You can build a CSV or a text file containing all your posts, and you can also select to specify the schedule for posting. If you have ever changed your mind, SocialPilot also lets you edit, delete or move your posts.

Feeds Automation

This is an excellent feature that helps you to keep your all your social media accounts active by feeding the real-time updates from your favorite blogs or websites. For the marketers, they can only add the feeds from their favorite site. Once it is done SocialPilot will fetch the post as soon as it is published on those connected feeds. This feature works best for those agencies which are handling multiple blogs.

Powerful Browser Extension

The incredibly amazing feature that SocialPilot offers is browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, which lets you share an interesting article direct from the browser. You can also use this extension to share posts from your Facebook newsfeed, Google Plus, and Twitter timeline. This also allows you to schedule images from Canva too.

Together all of the features makes this tool super awesome and easy to use.

#3. How It Is So Easy to Use and How It Helps You When You are Away?

Let’s look at some simple things to perform and to start benefiting from this tremendous tool.

First of all, you need to create an account. Visit this link to Sign up for a new account. SocialPilot offers 14 days free trial, but you can exceed this to 60 Days free trial. But how?

Once you are done with sign up procedure and logged into your account, click on the “Upgrade Membership” from the top bar.

upgrade socialpilot membership

A popup will appear, where you can use an option to enter a coupon code. Enter “” coupon code and get 60 Days free trial of Social Pilot.

get 60 days free trial of socialpilot tool

After all signing up and registered for a 60 Days free trial now it’s time to connect your various social media profiles.

Connect Social Network

connect social media accounts in socialpilot

At this point, you can connect unlimited Twitter profile, Facebook profiles/pages, Google+ profile/page, LinkedIn profiles, pages, and groups. You can quickly authenticate and add your social network stuff over to your profile. Adding your accounts is an easy process and takes no more than a minute.


Creating Schedules for Posts

Social Media is all about to post stuff on the right timing. SocialPilot allows you to schedule posts on various social media profiles you connected. Scheduling post(s) on this social media management tool is quite easy. Upload post content, pick the day and time and schedule your post.

schedule post in scoailpilot social media management tool

To create your schedule, go to the Manage Accounts section, where you can make changes regarding time, days and time zone.

To make changes Under the Schedules, you will find options such as Select Time and Select Days. This is where you can add time to your posting schedule, select days, and also you can also edit time zone to your desired time zone.

Now you have created a schedule for your post, and this will take effect every time you create a post for each social profile. Note that you can set your schedule separately for each social account, but if you want your content posted at the same time on all social networks, you can set the exact same one for all of them.

Create a Post

Now you have completed all the require things to create your first post on SocialPilot. To add your first one, navigate to post a menu from the left-hand side menu and click on “Create Post” option.

create first post in socialpilot tool

You can also add a post from the top-right hand side menu.

add post in socialpilot tool

Add your post details and select the account to send this post.

how to add new post in socialpilot tool

You can also add and schedule with the help of Chrome extension. For an example, you found this article very useful and want to share this among your network. Simple procedure, you will copy the article link and other details and will manually post it on each social media profile.

But with the help of Google Chrome extension, you can share it with all your network in a few clicks.

socialpilot google chrome extension

After this, you can either choose any one of three options such as Add to Queue, Share Now, Share Next or Schedule Post. Where to Add to Queue will add that post to the schedule queue, but if you want to share the content immediately, you can select on Share Now.

You can also schedule the post with desired trimmings. Click on schedule post and pick the date and time and hit the schedule button.

shedule post in socialpilot a social media management tool

Sifting through engaging content online that is share-worthy, does consume a lot of your resources at one go. But this issue is easily solved by this perfect social media management tool. SocialPilot explores one of the great features such as content discovery, this lets you find out the latest content on different topics, allows you to curate the content, and allows quick post rescheduling too. So you can use this tool to get best recommendations for content that you can share with your audience.

Social Media Marketing for Mobile Apps

SocialPilot is not only focusing on bloggers or social media marketers, but they also have a nice feature to promote mobile apps quickly on social media.

For that, you can add your apps by just adding your android play store developer URL and iOS app store URL or particular app URL. Based on your app, it generates handcrafted tweet with proper hashtags. You just need to select your social media account and add content to queue.

Comparison of SocialPilot, Buffer, and Hootsuite

Well all of these SocialPilot, Buffer and Hootsuite are available in free and paid versions. But before choosing any one of this tool, take a look at the detailed aspects that each device offers to its users.


The free version of SocialPilot allows you to connect up to 3 social media profiles, on where you can upload maximum ten posts every day. Also, you can take advantage of content discovery & suggestions

However, there are three paid plans available which are basic, growth hacker and business. Where in Basic is available for $4.99 per month and it allows to connect up to 10 social media profiles, 50 posts sharing every day, 250 posts in scheduling, 5 RSS feeds, and secure API access.

With the growth hackers and business plans, you can have a great exposure on Social Media, where hacker growth plan is best for agencies which are handling numerous of blogs and websites. On the other side of the apps promotion business plan works well.


BufferApp’s free version offers its user to connect up 5 social media profiles, but it doesn’t offer any RSS feeds syndication. With the paid version you can enjoy many features such as it allows you to connect up to 10 social media profiles, 15 RSS feeds and 100 posts sharing per profile a day. The cost of the paid version starts from $102 per year and monthly it costs up to $10.


With the free version of HootSuite you can connect up to 3 social media profiles with basic analytics report, 2 RSS feed, posts scheduling and app integrations.

You can use Pro Plan, which offers you 30 days free trial. Pro version is available at $8.99 per month that offers its users to connect up to 50 social media profiles, one enhanced analytics report, unlimited RSS feeds and many other features.

Apart from this, HootSuite also has an Enterprise version for Corporations, Organizations, and Governments sector businesses. With this version, a user can have better and active social media management.

So from the above pricing comparison, SocialPilot stand out from other two tools.

Accounts Allowed


You can connect up to 200 Social Media Profiles with different plans of SocialPilot. You can include social media profiles of Twitter, Facebook (Profile, Groups, and Pages), Google Plus (Profile, Pages & Collections) and LinkedIn (Profile, Groups, and Pages).


The free version of BufferApp allows its user to connect limited accounts like Twitter, Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile and Google+ pages. But the paid version lets you connect the Facebook/LinkedIn pages and groups.


You can enjoy many features of HootSuite’s paid version. You can link social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook (Profile, Pages, and Groups), LinkedIn (Profile, Pages, and Group) and Google+ pages. The best part about HootSuite is it lets you connect FourSquare account.

With the single HootSuite dashboard, you are also able to access all your connected accounts feed. Yes, this excellent feature and time saver for marketers to post, share and manage multiple social media accounts simultaneously.

Posts Scheduling


One of the best parts about SocialPilot is that you can create and manage scheduling time for each day to particular social media account. And apart from this it also allows you to pause all scheduling with just a single click.

As I have mentioned before, it offers one of the great features like bulk scheduling, with that you can upload hundreds of posts on multiple social media networks at once for that you have to use CSV or text files. So this feature saves the lots of time of yours.


BufferApp offers very limited options in the free version. So unlike SocialPilot, you can schedule your posts only one time in a day. But the paid version offers multiple scheduling options.


HootSuite is quite different, with the free version of this tool you can schedule your post time only once for multiple days. With the paid version you can enjoy advanced scheduling feature.

The great thing of Hootsuite is that it uses an algorithm to schedule posts which determine the best possible and suitable time for maximum exposure of posts.

Overall, in this comparison, HootSuite prove great for post scheduling.

Social Media Analytics


Using SocialPilot, you can view the daily history about some posts uploaded on your social media accounts. In short, it presents daily usage chart.


In BufferApp, the analytics presented in the form of figure and charts in which it the detail of post activity, total posts, new followers, new likes, new comments and many more interesting facts.

It also allows Google Analytics to track the response generated from new posts when connected to Google+ profile.


The paid version of HootSuite is best for analytics. Because it includes all social media activities of the Twitter engagement, Facebook, and LinkedIn page Insights and Google analytics in a single report.

With HootSuite, you can even export analytics reports for individual social media accounts and analyze it activities. This helps you to make a decision on productive social media activities.

Other Settings


SocialPilot allows its users to create groups with multiple social media accounts, SSL secure, Link Shortening, Create feed, Post suggestions, a browser extension, and API Integration. Other than these, SocialPilot launched Zapier integration, which managed hundreds of web app scheduling.

You can also enjoy SocialPilot Android mobile app and iOS app.


Like SocialPilot, Buffer also offer features like create a feed, API integration, Post suggestions, Link shortening, a browser extension and Zapier integration. BufferApp is also available as in mobile app for iOS and Android devices.


HootSuite provides features like Link shortening, Create feeds, Browser extension, Zapier integration, and API integration. Like SocialPilot and BufferApp, HootSuite also has a mobile app for its user.

Apart from that, it has another mobile app for iOS users in which it only suggests content recommendations to share it on social media platforms.

All these tools are best at their places, but if you want to take advantage of important features at almost no cost then SocialPilot should be your choice.

Pricing of SocialPilot

SocialPilot offers a variety of payment plans for users to choose from. Let see those plans in detail.

Starter – Free

  • Up to 3 connected profiles
  • 10 posts sharing per day
  • 30 posts in scheduling queue
  • Content discovery and suggestions

Basic – $4.99/month or $49.99/year

  • Up to 10 connected profiles
  • 50 posts sharing per day
  • 250 posts sharing per day
  • 5 RSS feeds
  • Content discovery and suggestions

Growth Hacker – $9.99/month or $99.99/year

  • Up to 100 connected profiles
  • 200 posts sharing per day
  • 1000 posts in scheduling queue
  • 10 RSS feeds
  • 5 team members
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Custom Facebook branding
  • Content discovery and suggestions

Business – $14.99/month or $19.99/year

  • Up to 200 connected profiles
  • 500 posts sharing per day
  • 5000 posts in scheduling queue
  • 20 RSS feeds
  • 20 Team members
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Custom Facebook branding
  • Content discovery and suggestions

Get SocialPilot Now!!!


SocialPilot with all the above features is surely a must have social media management tool that will help you to enhance your business productivity. I am sure that with this tool, you will definitely get the desired results for your business.

Have you used SocialPilot? Let me know about your own review with this tool.