ReDi – Social Media Day Celebration in Ahmedabad 2017 : #GetRedi

Maybe you know it or not ReDi the Responsibly Digital is a voluntary initiative to celebrate Social Media Day 2017 in Ahmedabad.

On June 30, 2017, the global celebration of Social Media Day returns. This yearly tradition, where ReDi (Responsibly Digital) will be organizing workshops and conference on the annual Social Media Day. It is the way to identify and celebrate the social media’s impact on a global communication. Nowadays, social media is becoming a soul of global communication. And since social media plays a huge role to connect the globe, ReDi’s conducts an annual social media day in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on June 30, 2017.

Maybe you know it or not ReDi the Responsibly Digital is a voluntary initiative that promotes and encourages social norms. Their aim is to bring a Digital Media momentum in the state for social good.

ReDi Social Media Day Ahmedabad 2017

Who will be the Audience?

This ReDi’s Social Media Day 2017 is the unique digital marketing conference of Gujarat. There are many professional are taking part in this gathering like communications professionals, brands, digital media professionals, politicians, NGOs, Journalists, Academicians, and millennial at the great debate, discuss and learn about the ever-changing landscape of the current digital media.

This social media is for all social media influencers and social media enthusiasts. This is a great chance to know what is going on in Digital Media Space, which new technology is developed in Digital media, and what new social media features you can take advantage of. You can know all of them by the social media champion, those are using social media platform.


  • Huge gathering of all the social media enthusiasts and professionals in Ahmedabad.
  • Festival surroundings along with an entertaining program.
  • Unique talks along with digital media up-to-date figures.
  • Get more involved on how to utilize social media tools more efficiently through a number of educational sessions by the digital media influencers and another influence from the distinct industry.


Their session will be in the format of Workshops, Panel Discussions, and also the Main ReDi Speakers session. All of the session of speakers are listed below:

Workshop 1

The first workshop starts at 3 PM with the Video is Gold of the Web by the Indian Film Project, Ritam Bhatnagar.

Workshop 2

The second workshop starts at 3 PM with The Tricks & Trade of E-commerce Decoded + Digital Media for MSMEs & Startups by and Tej Sol Pro, Simol Bhansali and Jaydip Parikh respectively.

Workshop 3

The third workshop starts at 4 PM with the Building Your Instagram Brand and Community by Founder of India’s largest community of Instagrammers, Aersh Ahmed.

Workshop 4

The last and starts at 4 PM with the Get Social – How to Utilise Social Media to Build Your Brands by the Director communication crafts, Chirag Dagli.

Panel Discussion

This discussion is based on Stay Safe Online – How to Safely Navigate the Online World. This discussion starts at 5 PM where four different professionals are going to be speakers.

  1. Anurag Prasad: He is the Head of Corporate Communications & Social Responsibility of Telenor India.
  2. Chetna Desai: She is a Child Protection Officer at UNICEF Gujarat.
  3. Kiran Patel: He is India’s Cyber Cop & Popularly and generally he is known as “Singham” of Cyber Space.
  4. Sunny Vaghela: He is a Director & CTO at TechDefence and also the Cyber Crime Expert for MTV channel.
  5. Manjula Pooja Shroff: She is an MD & CEO at KALOREX Group.

#ReDi Speakers:

There are mainly three speakers gone a take place and share their knowledge with all the participants.

  1. Sameer Pittalwalla: He’s gone speak on The Art of Digital Video Productions. He is a CEO and Co-Founder at Cultural Machine.
  2. Stephanie Joy Rasion: She is Communications Specialist at UNICEF India, and she is gone speak on Children In Digital Media Space.
  3. Rajat Arora: He is Policy Programs Manager at India & South Asia at Facebook. His topic to talk on is Facebook For Socio-Economic Growth of Communities in India.


Novotel Ahmedabad,

ISKCON Cross Road,

S.G. Highway,

Ahmedabad – India.


They offer three ticket types Professional, Student and Group Ticket. You can check out their prices here.


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ReDi is making it much easier than ever for you to find meetups happenings at Ahmedabad – Gujarat for all those enthusiasts and professions in digital media space. Join this event and learn new technology and new features in social media world.