Reasons Why Choosing Free WordPress Theme Is Not Safe All The Time?

Let me describe a scenario. You are new to the blogging system, you are happy to see that WordPress is supporting your writing talent and you quickly try your hands on free themes of WordPress. But within a month or so, things change.

And your optimism for a brighter future turns into huge disappointment from reality.

Though WordPress is not cruel with bloggers who are in for a short period of time but if you plan to earn a living through WordPress, it would definitely demand its share from your earnings.

So follow the clear cut path on blogging by logging into a premium fool-proof account and grow in a free and fair manner. We present you a list of disadvantages of Free WordPress theme in comparison with paid WordPress theme to get you insights in the world of blogging with WordPress. You must know why choosing a free WordPress theme is not safe all the time and what are the risks involved.

8 reasons why a free WordPress theme is risky

Reasons Why Choosing Free WordPress Theme Is Not Safe All The Time
Reasons Why Choosing Free WordPress Theme Is Not Safe All The Time

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#1. There is always a risk of a virus attack

There is always a risk of a virus attack on websiteThe online world is filled with malicious software and their operators are constantly looking for the vulnerable websites on the web. In that case, the most vulnerable and the most prone websites are the free ones like free themes version of WordPress sites.

The online attackers or hackers use codes and cheats to con the website owner and further website’s readers. Once your website is attacked by a virus, it will not only break down but will also attract bad publicity. This might further affect your online image.

In that case, if you are not a networking geek, switch to a paid version where you are free from Trojan like attacks.

#2. The dreadful URLs that fill up the footer
The dreadful URLs that fill up the footerWe all know that signing into a free account means signing in to terms and conditions of theme developer and WordPress. These terms and conditions might seem pre-requisites but they come with a baggage. One such baggage is the numerous free URLs on your website.

These URLs are mandatorily added by free theme developers on your website’s footer. And the loss with these footers is that they might redirect your website to malicious sites. Hence, they carry a huge amount of risk.

And, even if you try to remove these URLs from your website you would again find them back. Further, you cannot do that because it can be termed breach of contract by your developer.

#3. Free themes are devoid of Search Engine Optimization
Free themes are devoid of Search Engine OptimizationThe brightest solution to improve your blog’s traffic is SEO. It is a saviour that helps you become the top trending website. But what if you are not offered the same. Indeed, it is a fact that free themes do not offer SEO to the users.

No SEO means zero optimization of your website on various search engines. In a simple language, your existence or non-existence in the online world won’t matter.

In that case, why to use a free account on WordPress when you have other websites that offer better features in a free account than WordPress.

#4. No customer support
No customer supportMoney can buy anything including online support. Despite the fact that you are using WordPress, its support staff would not offer you help in case you are stuck in between the features.

Additionally, a free account would not be offered updates when its developers plan to add certain features and advantages in their themes. Only the premium account holders will be offered updates.

You might think it is unfair, but it is only fair since you are not paying any commissions to WordPress for using their services.

#5. Free themes have limited features
Free themes have limited featuresAmongst various disadvantages, one of the biggest disadvantages is having limited features. Though initially you would not use any WordPress features and would like to keep your blog simple. But with time, you would want to add codes to the header and footer in order to keep a track on your viewership traffic.

While moving ahead, features are an indispensable part of this process, hence managing to live without them is not a business friendly choice. Using free account would not give your blog any edge in this competitive world.

#6. Plug-ins are not compatible with Free themes account
Plug ins are not compatible with Free themes accountThere are many things that any WordPress account whether free or premium cannot do. For instance playing certain videos or adding audio clips of the different format or enabling animations on your website.

This is because it demands recurrent updates. Updates are, as mentioned earlier, only enabled in premium accounts.

Also, you cannot keep your blog simply textual and expect viewership. The masses would only be attracted to your blog if they don’t find it visually appealing and aesthetically pleasant.

You would also need plug-ins for simple tasks like collecting subscriber’s emails. How would you keep them updated, if your account is not updated in the first place? For all these needs, Plug-ins are a necessity.

#7. Lower traffic on your heavier website
Lower traffic on your heavier websiteWhy we have termed your website heavy is because free themed WordPress accounts are heavier to load as compared to the paid accounts. This is because free themes contain numerous Javascript and CSS codes.

Since these codes are in excess quantity as compared to their preferable need, they clutter your website with unnecessary weight.

And naturally for a viewer if your website takes excess time to load they would definitely switch to another option.

Viewership is also faltered when your heavy themed free website is not mobile friendly.

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#8. There are always hidden compensation and costs
hidden compensation and costsOften we consider ourselves smart. We try to excessively use what is offered free to us. But the makers of WordPress are smarter.

When using a free account, the developers would fill up the website with unwanted links and ads. We initially don’t notice them because they are embedded in themes.

Even if you try to remove those links they would not go. Obviously, at that time, your website has a chance to crash or be attacked by a malware.

Why would anybody want to experience a scenario like this one?

So the safest and fruitful option is to pay for a pro version.

We hope you have got enough insights and the answer to this fundamental question why choosing a free WordPress theme is not safe all the time. The newbie bloggers know little about the real scenario behind free WordPress themes.

Every blogger who wants to prosper must remember that free WordPress themes can be helpful for a while but they can’t be the absolute solution for all your needs to stay sharp in the digital market.

If you like the article, do share it with your blogger friends to enlighten them about free WordPress themes and across all social media channels. Keep watching this space for more of such helpful tips.