Guide to Index Your Website or Blog in Search Engines Within 24 Hours?

Want your website and blog indexed by Google Bots within 24 hours. Here are some great ways to get the Google bot to your site or blog and index them in search engine index sooner rather than later.

Nowadays everyone in digital marketing has professional websites and blogs to promote their products and brand name. Once the trust builds among the audience, you will rock!!

Many companies included blogs on their website to boost the products and their features to the audience. Having a service or product blog will help to reach more audience or build more exposure for your product or service to your customers.

Organic search traffic does matter a lot regarding convention rates because the people are seeking for the product on search engines.

As the content is the king it is essential to keep blogging if you continue doing what you like to do, then traffic and of course the money will follow you quickly.

I have seen many people asking about how they can index their site in Google within few hours. Well doing this is not that easy task, but neither it is overwhelming one if you concentrate what I am about to teach you here.

An appropriate strategy will surely help you index your blog or website into Google search in under 24 hours or maybe only in a couple of hours!

You can even try the given below instructions with any new domain that you have purchased, or with any other site that you built in the past but that is not getting good traffic from the search engines.

The first step to figuring it out whether or not your site is indexed in search engines. For that visit and type and check to see whether the site is indexed or not. Make sure to replace with your actual domain name.

If there are no any results, then this is time to follow the instruction below and get your site into Google. But before that, we are going to see what is indexing or a site?

#What is Indexing of Website?

Indexing is the processing of the information collected by the Google bot from its crawling activities. Once the documents are processed, they are indexed in Google’s searchable index, and they are identified to be quality content.

During indexing, Google bot processes the words on the page and where those words are situated. Information like Title tags and ALT attributes are also analyzed during indexing.

Thus, how does the Google bot find the new content on the web like new blogs, websites, pages, etc.? It begins with web pages caught during previous crawl processes and includes sitemaps data given by webmasters. As it browses web pages previously crawled, it will identify links upon those pages to include to the list of pages to be crawled.

So now you have the basic idea about indexing of website and how Google bot index any website or blog.

Here is a synopsis of strategy I used to put my blog into the search engines within 24 hours. Besides from on-page optimization such as meta tags, meta description, and other on-site SEO factors, I used robot.txt to put my blog into search engines in just a few hours.

Whether you know it or not but robot.txt refers to a standard used by blog or websites to communicate with the crawlers and other web robots.

Before you try to index any new website or blog, ensure that you have your content ready, because you don’t want Google bots to come and crawl your empty homepage!

Now, this is the time to dive into the guide that shows how you can index your website on Google Search within 24 hours.

Guide on How To Index Website or Blog In Google Search Within 24 Hours

Guide on How To Index Website or Blog In Google Search Within 24 Hours

This strategy that I am going to describe should work with all blogs or websites, as we will be using external sites to send crawlers to our website. The results of crawlers also rely on how fast Google updates the newly indexed pages.

Note: If this is not for your site and doing this for a client, then it is important that you research the index status in all the countries to examine data replication delays. Now, let’s starts with the strategy.

#1. Create and Submit Sitemap

Sitemap on your website helps search engine crawler to crawl pages of your site. However, if you are using WordPress platform that several plugins make this task very easy for you. You can use one of the most popular Yoast SEO plugin or All In One SEO Plugin, or any other plugin for WordPress to generate the sitemap file for free. And next, submit the sitemap to Google/ Bing/ Ask/Yahoo and other popular search engines.

Let me guide you how to submit sitemap in Google. If you don’t have Google account then create the new one or logging to Google Search Console with the existing one.

To add your site to Google Webmaster Tools, go to Crawl → Sitemaps and include the link to your website’s sitemap to Webmaster Tools to inform Google about it and the pages you have already published.

You can even create an account with Bing, Yahoo, Ask and other popular search engines.

#2. Social Bookmarking Submission

Social bookmarking site is very efficient to get you site indexed. If you give it a try to this strategy, your site inevitably gets indexed within few hours. If you wish to do so, however, you can begin with Reddit, Stumble Upon, and lot more for quick indexing of your content.

#3. Submit Your Site To Blog Networks

If you think that blog networks and blog directories are histories now, then you are making a mistake you need to think again. There is just a slight change from old times, that is you should submit your website to chosen directories only. Never go for directories that ask to link exchange.

The one I do trust and one of my favorite is Blogcatalog, this blog network drives a lot of traffic and often links back to blog.

#4. Commenting Dofollow/Comment Luv

Commenting is another good way to get backlinks and good traffic. Even if you can’t check dofollow and nofollow, then I recommend you should comment on high-quality websites or blogs. This assured that search engine bots will follow the comment links and will land on your site.

#5. Ping Services

Ping services are good to tell search engines about the existence of your site or blog. Pingomatic is one of the best ping tools. If you are using WordPress platform, then you probably know that WordPress has its own default feature to ping services. If you like, you can even try Pingler.

#6. Guest Posting

If you have patience and time, then you actually write 7-8 high-quality articles and ask others in your industry to publish those articles on their blog as a guest post, and this will provide you a quality of backlinks.

However, if you are doing this for a client, then ask a client for 7-8 quality articles and do the same thing. Along with the backlinks, your blog will also present with a good amount of traffic.

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Thus, try to guest post on popular and high-ranking pages in your niche on a regular basis.

#7. Famous Website Stats Program

There are lots of sites available on the web that keeps the status of websites. This is a quite good way to get your website or blog indexed in search engines. It is not easy to submit manually so that you can advantage of IMT Website Submitter. All you need to do is add anchor text and URL and tap the Submit button to submit your site.

Lastly, it is imperative that you add a meta description and all of the other essential SEO details, as you don’t want search engines to index unless pages of your site.


Above given 7 strategies help your website index easily and quickly from Google and other search engines.

As most as content marketing techniques are changes day by day. Staying with present methodology is essential. So stay tune with current techniques and apply all the above-suggested strategies.

Any question?
Ask here, and I will get back to it very soon.