How To Use Microsoft Word As A WordPress Editor and Publish Article?

Ever imagine you can use Microsoft Word as a WordPress editor? No? Now, you can use Microsoft Word to publish articles on your WordPress blog. Read this Step-by-Step guide and see how you enable Microsoft Word and publish an article on WordPress blog.

Do you love to writing in Microsoft Word instead of WordPress editor? I assume many of you love to write in Microsoft Word. There is a reason that many of the bloggers like to do that because copying and pasting content from MS Word to WordPress editor are usually messed up the formatting.

And another reason is that some bloggers prefer to write their blog posts in MS Word because it offers impressive graphics capabilities, built-in spell check, templates, thesaurus, styles, formatting and lot more features. While in the default WordPress editor all these features are not provided.

Another possible usage scenario is many bloggers who daily get guest articles and blog posts in the format of MS Word document with containing images in the article.

Thus, from the Spell-check and image manipulation to SmartArt to superior charts and graphs, MS Word has lots of features to offer that WordPress’s default visual editor doesn’t.

Having said that, let’s see how you can properly publish your blog article on WordPress directly through the Microsoft Word. Also, check out our Guide to Build WordPress blog with Bluehost.

Guide to Setup Microsoft Word And Publish Article on WordPress Site Directly

publish blog post from microsoft word to wordpress

Setting Up WordPress For The Remote Publishing

Before jump up to the MS Word, you need first to set up your WordPress blog so that it can accept posts from MS Word. Let’s see the detailed procedure.

Over here you will require enabling XML-RPC. In not technical language, you will require enabling remote publishing in WordPress. That can be done easily through an option in WordPress setting itself.

However, that functionality has been removed from the WordPress version 3.5 and it made remote publishing enabled permanently. But few bloggers, especially me don’t set a couple of restriction and enhance the security of WordPress which makes this option disabled. To enable it you need to install one plugin first. Let we have look to those steps.

Step #1. Install WordPress Plugin Control XML-RPC publishing and Activate the same.

Install wordpress plugin to publish post from MS Word

Step #2: Navigate to Settings → Writing.

Step #3: At the page of Writing Settings scroll all the way down and find the option of the Remote Publishing.

enable remort publishing to publish blog from word

Step #4: Enable the option and click on Save Changes.

Step To Create Blog Post In Microsoft Word And Publish Directly On WordPress Site

#Step 1: Launch Microsoft Word, then go to File → New → Blog Post. Once you choose the Blog Post template, it will go to post the content to your blog.

create blog post in MS Word

#Step 2: This is the first time that you are going to use this Microsoft Word’s Blog Template. you are going to need to set up a blog account. This will let the Word know where and how to post your blog content. This step is crucial because different blog platforms need the information to be formatted distinctly.

Register to publish blogp post from microsoft office to wordpress

#Step 3: As this will going to be the first time for you, it might be new for you to know that MS Word supports surprisingly amount of platforms out of the box. You can choose the platform that you are using for your blog. But here I have Choose WordPress as BforBlogging is run on WordPress. Once you select the platform click on Next button.

Publish blog post from ms word to wordpress

#Step 4: Now, you are likely to replace the section that shows <Enter your blog URL Here>/xmlrpc.php with the URL of your site like This will help MS Word to know where to post your blog content.


However, if your blog is in a subfolder that makes sure you enter the folder in the URL to like Also, remember that your URL should complete with xmlrpc.php extension. This is because Word needs this to communicate with your site.

#Step 5: Next, enter User Name and Password in the login fields. You also need to remember your username and password so you should opt to check the Remember me checkbox.


You will also find the link here for Picture Options, just leave it as it is because it will upload your pictures to the upload folders on your blog.

This is it!

Now, you are ready to write up your blog posts. This is very easy, and even it simplifies the version of what you would usually see in the Word Document.

publish blog from Microsoft Office

You will even find the option of Ribbon at the top right corner of the Word Document that contains fewer tabs. By default, its option is hidden until you tap on one of the tabs either Insert or Blog Post. However, you can keep it open by just clicking on the tiny down arrow that resides on the top right corner under the close button option.

You will find many other options like Pictures, Clip Art, Shapes, SmatArt, Chart, Screenshot, Hyperlink, WordArt, and Symbol. You can even add a category with the option of Insert Category.

To publish your blog article or save that article as a draft, in the Blog Post tab, click on Publish and choose the option as per your desire.

In the Blog Post section, you will even notice some extra option like Home Page, Open Existing and Manage Accounts.


#1. A Caution: When you attempt to publish your blog post from the MS Word to your WordPress site, Microsoft gives the one warning that is.

“When word sends any information to any blog service provider, it may be possible for other people to see that information. This includes your username and password. Do you want to continue?”

Honestly, I cannot tell you how risky this could be. I have searched around for this and trying to find out the solution, but the result is empty-hand. So before you take any steps, you should know this.

#2. This guide is for those users who are using Microsoft Word 2010 or later version. Do not worry If you are using Word 2007. Follow this guide it will work, but some steps may be different from these steps listed here in this handbook.

#3. Microsoft even offers one offline tool named Windows Live Writer to write blog posts. However, it doesn’t support the similar graphics capabilities as Microsoft Word.

It doesn’t matter which font you have used in Word, you blog posts will publish only with that font which font you have set on your blog.


This is the detailed guide that will help you to directly publish your blog posts from Microsoft word to your WordPress site. I hope this article helps you set up your WordPress site and Microsoft Word for the direct blog post publishing. You may also want to see How you can start your blog on Amazon niche site and index your site or blog in search engine within 24 hours.

Any question?
Ask here, and I will get back to it very soon.