8 Powerful WordPress Affiliate Plugins to Enhance Referral Income

Have you tried a lot but didn’t find a right solution to affiliate products? Try these 8 different WordPress Affiliate Plugins to build a secure affiliation process and enhance the chance to make money online.

An essential part of the digital marketing is online shopping that has crossed all the barriers. And nowadays, the bloggers’ third most priority is trying to make more money using affiliate products. As an affiliate marketer, you will probably be managing and promoting several different affiliate products, which can be a brainstorming situation to manage.

Fortunately, several excellent WordPress affiliate marketing plugins affiliate marketers like you can use to accomplish different affiliate products on your websites or blog. This will help you to save the time and make money online.

With this post, I will feature 8 excellent WordPress affiliate marketing plugins. These plugins cover a wide variety of functionalities. All the plugins that I have added to the list are handy and very helpful as well. So, if you need some piece of advice to choose proper WordPress Affiliate Plugin, then I am sure this top 10 best WordPress Affiliate plugin with help you and will suits to your all requirements.

8 Amazing WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugins

wordpress affiliate plugins to enhance referral income

#1. Thirsty Affiliates

The first and the most used WordPress affiliate plugin ever among users. Thirsty Affiliates is the best affiliate plugin that manages all the affiliate URLs for WordPress users. This lets you manage your affiliate links inside your website or blog in very secure manner. Where you can quickly insert links into posts, cloak links, and apart from that, you can see how each link is performing on your website.

On top of this WordPress affiliate plugin is well-maintained and offers many other features. This plugin is free to download and use, but you need to pay for the add-ons or bundles. There are numerous of excellent add-ons. Out of them, there are two add-ons which are perfect for every WordPress users such as Geolocation and Google Click Tracking. The pricing for add-ons is $49 and $29 respective.

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#2. EasyAzon

If you are an Amazon affiliate marketer, then EasyAzon is the perfect WordPress affiliate plugin for you. With this plugin, you can easily create any Amazon link such as text, image, info block, call to action and search results right from your WordPress dashboard into a money making Amazon affiliate links quickly.

EasyAzon has an automatic link localizer that displays the appropriate affiliate link based on the location of your visitor, which means a lot of extra commissions for you. Besides this is all in one plugin, offers another best features. Such as it lets the user add ‘Add to cart’ feature which will allow your audience to directly add the product to their cart, which will give you an extra 30 days to get a commission if your readers or the visitors buy that product(s).

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#3. SkimLinks

SkimLinks is one of the best WordPress affiliate plugins that makes you add affiliate links faster in your blog. This WordPress plugin helps you quickly to monetize your blog content by converting product links into their equivalent affiliate links on-the-fly. This plugin has the unique ability to monetize links in your RSS feeds. Apart from including a URL shortener, this plugin also adds another feature like detailed reporting suite.

This tool is very useful for those who have a tech blog and helps them to link to app store links or Amazon store links. Another best thing about this plugin is its features, which include the easiness in installation also so you don’t have to bother at all while installing this plugin.

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#4. Pretty Link Lite

Pretty Link Lite is a quick plugin to shorten or redirect your affiliate URLs on your domain. With this plugin, you can create clean and straightforward URLs that will be friendly to your blog readers or your website’s visitors. Also, Check out Pro Version of Pretty Links.

In spite of that, it helps you to track your links in depth and also helps you to know the hit’s geographical location, OS, browser and so many advanced tracking things, which can help you to plan accordingly based on data analysis.

It works same as its name that also offers its user JAVA/AJAX admin user interface and much more. So overall this plugin is pretty good and easy to use to create simple as well as creative URLs.

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#5. WP Auto Affiliate Links

Wp Auto Affiliate Links plugin helps you to convert a keyword in your content. For that, all you need is to specify the term you want to convert and add your affiliate link and the plugin will generate affiliate links for a specified keyword.

The great thing about this plugin is, it doesn’t modify your content. All you need to do is to optimise the links for specific keywords you want, which is again an easy process to do. Wp Auto Affiliate Links plugin also supports link attributes, which means you can specify a dofollow or nofollow attribute of the link and mark the particular link to open in a new tab.

Another great feature is to set the limit of appurtenance of the links. You can configure the limit to 1 link to 5 link max to appear on the page or a blog post. This is great as it means that you can modify affiliate links at any time.

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#6. Amazon Link Engine

Amazon Link Engine is a fantastic plugin that allows you to convert all your Amazon affiliate links on your blog into globalised links, which works across all Amazon storefronts. This plugin is recommended for all the affiliate marketers, who are using affiliate program or iTunes affiliate program as their primary source of income. Get this plugin now and boost your affiliate earnings.

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#7. Floating Banner Ad Rotator with Tracking

Floating Banner Ad Rotator with Tracking is free WordPress plugin that lets you rotate banner advert box at the bottom of your blog or website. This plugin also allows you to track banner views, clicks and click through that is useful to see which one of your affiliate ad is performing well. One of the great features, this plugin, offers its user that is it lets you add a link to the image or HTML tag to add banners.

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#8. iTunes Link Engine

iTunes Link Engine is similar to Amazon Link Engine, but this plugin is useful especially for iTunes affiliate programs. This WordPress affiliate plugin converts all iTunes links into globalised links on your blog or website, which helps you get clicks from your international audience as well and you can make more money online.

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Bonus WordPress Plugin #1 – SEO Smart Link

SEO Smart Links, this WordPress affiliate plugin helps you to optimise your search engine rankings by automatically inter-linking your posts pages, custom post types, categories, etc. On top of this, the plugin is perfect for internal backlinks. This plugin works best with links to your RSS feeds and comment section.

If you are running your e-commerce website and want to drive more traffic from within the different part of your site then this SEO Smart Link plugin is very useful to the internet link your product links and mark them as internal affiliate links. It also has that automatically replacing keywords with affiliate links have been very profitable for their users.

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Bonus WordPress Plugin #2 – Redirection

Redirection is a very easy to use a plugin to redirect your 404 error or other web pages. It lets you do almost any redirects and also t0racks the clicks on them. This WordPress plugin also let you group links, creates logs and records 404s. As per your requirement, you can do post redirection and even a complete directory redirection. So with this plugin, you can save your lot more time as well as your consumers’ time.

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I think all these plugins are amazing at their places. All these plugins have their different features. Some of them are paid plugins but sometimes it is well worth it. If you care about earning money as well as about your SEO ranking, then try any of this plugin.

I have tried to cover up 8 of the best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins for the loyal affiliate marketers. You can choose any one of them which fit you and your audience.

These are the 8 best of the amazing WordPress Affiliate Plugins. In fact, I will appreciate your personal opinions and experience too. So, feel free to leave your comments below in the comment section.