57 Powerful Tools To Grow Your Email List

For every blogger, an email list is a valuable asset for a blogger. Here is a list 57 WordPress Plugin and tools, which will help you to grow a list of your blog’s email subscribers.

Over and over again I have heard, so many people talking about the importance of email marketing. Email marketing is one of the most profitable marketing platforms available which is most effective channels available for you today.

As a blogger, we all know that a quality email list it one of our most valuable assets. With a quality email list, we can engage our readers, build a crowd of the loyal audience and monetize blog traffic. But yes, an only optimizing website to capture email addresses is not that easy, it can be incredibly time-consuming. And you must be thinking that what is the quickest way to grow an email list?

Here I am with the list of 63 tools which are highly effective to grow email list as well as the tools those will help you to test and improve your conversions.

List of 57 Highly Effective Tools to Grow Email List

57 Powerful Tools To Grow Your Email ListTools to Add Pop-up from to Your Site

#1. OptinMonster: This tool makes very simple to design Opt-in forms and also helps you to target particular pages or even user actions like exit intent to display a beautiful popup to them. It also has features like A/B testing and conversion analytics. You can place it in different places on your blogs like footer bars, sidebars, and even full-page covers.

#2. PopUp Domination: With this tool, you can create a tasteful message that appears on your website or blog and asks users to sign up for your newsletter, and with this, you can also offer your potential audience a special offer in exchange for their email address. Popup domination is available in both like software and WordPress plugin. You can choose any of them as per your website platform.

#3. Bounce Exchange: This tool offers you a way to target different phases of your traffic differently. This is a software which allocates your visitors to a phased according to their behavior on your website or blog. It also makes different offers to each step. This kind of popup appears only when your visitors intend to leave your site. As like OptinMonster this software also has A/B testing feature and in advance it includes premium graphic services too.

#4. Viral Optins: This is a WordPress plugin which has a unique strategy to drive massive viral traffic. The use of this plugin is very easy, and that has an effective approach to encouraging your list or your subscribers to share your content. With this plugin, you can produce stunning Opt-in forms, and they can be placed at anywhere on your website or blog. The major feature of this plugin is, once the visitor enters their email address, they can take apart and get a freebie when they invite more new visitors to join your Email list.

#5. Pippity: This is a WordPress plugin which allows you to create lightbox popups for your WordPress site. There are some of the best features of this plugin, it lets you have multiple popups, A/B testing, popup bar features and comes with analytics. With this plugin, you can make stunning popups in minutes.

#6. Ninja Popups: This plugin offers Awesome WordPress popups for your website or blog. It is incredibly easy to use. It works well out of the box, and if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on customization, you can get an excellent and professional looking form in a matter of minutes. There are some the great features it offers you to use like Opt-in locker, Social locker, analytics, A/B testing and of course great traffic increase.

#7. Pop Over Plugin: This is another awesome WordPress Plugin, which helps you to create professional looking popup for your website or blog. It attracts new visitors with special promotions and converts one-off visitors into loyal followers with Pop Over.

#8. WordPress Popup: There are so many other WordPress Popup Plugins that can help you to generate leads and grow your Email list. With different plugins, you can design professional looking popup forms.

#9. List Builder: This free WordPress plugin developed by AppSumo team. This plugin is incredibly high to convert your one-time visitors into lifelong readers and Email subscribers. The powerful features of this plugins are A/B testing, contains tons of gorgeous templates, conversion tracking, and multiple popups will quickly help you to grow your Email list.

Tools To Add Sticky Bar To Your Site

#10. Hello Bar: This tool lets you add a full-width bar at the top of your website or blog which allows you to show a message to your visitors. To capture email addresses of your readers, you can send your readers to a landing page.

#11. Unpop: This is a WordPress plugin that displays an option form at the side of your website or blog to be less intrusive than a popup. The major advantage of this tool is that it grabs the attention of your readers without blocking their view of your content.

#12. Viper Bar: Like Hello Bar plugin this device also appears on the top of your website or blog. It allows readers to enter their email address inside the bar.

#13. Optin Footer: This is the best WordPress plugin which can help you to create a great and fully optimized popup which appears across the entire footer of your website or blog.

#14. Slide In: This is another WordPress plugin, with that you can create messages and Opt-in forms that slide in rather than pop.

#15. Foobar: Again this is WordPress plugin that is very similar to Hello Bar plugin. But this plugin contains more of a billboard. This plugin allows you to create scrolling text, insert multiple messages and link to various landing pages too.

#16. Drip: With this tool, you can add an Opt-in form that will offer something to your visitors, and it will appear from the bottom of the screen. This tool provides email auto-responder service.

#17. Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box: This plugin for WordPress lets you create popup box that can be triggered when a visitor scrolls down to a certain percentage of the total page height or when a user scrolls down to a particular element on the page.

#18. Interrupt: This is another tool from the team of AppSumo. This is entirely customizable WordPress plugin which only shows once to a visitor on your website or Blog. With this plugin, you can quickly place an email form across the top of your site or blog.

#19. Feature Box Plugin: Feature Box plugin is made very famous by Derek Halpern of Social Triggers. Thi is the plugin for WordPress. It is nothing but an email subscription box that is placed right under the header of your WordPress site, just before the main content. Rather than Hello Bar or Viper Bar, this plugin allows you to add more information.

There are some other additional apps and plugins which can help you to grow your Email list on our blog. Let see them one by one. Those apps and tools are listed below:

Tools to Grow Email List

#20. OptinSkin: This WordPress plugin allows you to place Opt-in forms easily anywhere on your site, but not just below your posts. This plugin includes analytics package which contains split testing. That can help you to optimize your conversions. With the support of this tool, you can also add social media buttons on your website or blog.

#21. LeadBoxes: LeadBoxes is a feature of LeadPages that allows you to link to an Opt-in box, where you can place a link anywhere. The major advantage of this tool is you can use it anywhere like in sidebar on your site, within your post content and even at other sites too.

#22. Comment Redirect: When someone takes the time to comment on your website or blog at this stage you can encourage them to join your email list to receive future updates. For this, you can add a one click sign up opt-in form in your comments section.

#23. Subscribe by Email: This WordPress plugin is fully featured with newsletter plugin. This plugin obtains all the tasks of newsletter related process in one single place. It also contains a separate page with the HTML editor, where you can easily create HTML newsletters. This plugin allows your visitors to subscribe publicly by simply submitting their email addresses.

#24. WP-Leads: This WordPress Plugin easily brings together the WordPress registration and commenting processes with the web’s favorite lead management tools like Constant Contact, MailChimp, and SalesForce.com.

#25. Gravity Forms: Website which is powered by WordPress then this is the best Opt-in form plugin. That allows you to integrate quickly and easily with your email service provider.

#26. AWeber Webform Widget: This WordPress plugin allows you to drag and drop web forms that you have created in your AWeber email marketing account into your website or blog, without having to log into your AWeber account. You just need an AWeber account and a completed web form. With which you can let your visitors subscribe to your email list when commenting or registering on your website or blog. Once you have enough numbers of a subscriber, you can use Aweber email tool to plan and send emails.

#27. upPrev: This plugin helps you to show a related content box when visitors nears the bottom of a post. At that time it creates a slider that appears in the lower right or left corner of your blog. This little slide up made famous by the New York Times website that showed a link and preview of related content to read next.

#28. Scrolling Side Bar: Scrolling Side Bar is something that you have on your site. Some of you might have scrolling sidebar on your site with having ad leading to the landing page. So in the place of ad place an Opt-in form for subscription. To get the attention of your readers design floating vertical Opt-in form to scroll with your readers as they read your content. This makes subscription easy, convenient and straightforward for your visitors.

#29.  Thesis Theme Feature Box: If your website is powered by Thesis Theme, there is a powerful feature which is Thesis FeatureBox. This feature box used to greet your visitors with a welcome message. To implement it in your theme, you will need code to create it. For instance, see the code below:

function static_welcome_message() {
<div id=”welcome-message” class=”format_text”>
<h2>Hello! This is a large welcome headline.</h2>
<p>This message and the headline above are coded directly into the custom_functions.php file.</p>
add_action(‘thesis_hook_feature_box’, ‘static_welcome_message’);

Tools To Add Facebook Tab To Your Site To Collect Email

#30. PageModo: With this tool, you can add a tab to your social media platform such as Facebook so the visitor can get in touch with you easily. You can design it like a contact form, and wherein your visitors just need to fill few field followed by their email addresses and submit it to you. This tool also has an additional feature like, with it, you can run social media contest as well as customize your Facebook page with it.

#31. WooBox: WooBox is a tool with which you can run effective and campaigns on your social media platform such as Facebook. It allows you to create a free static HTML tab from which you can collect email addresses of your visitors. You can get full customization of this app, where you can create contests, coupons, and deals for your visitors, but it costs as per your need.

#32. ShortStack: ShortStack is an app that allows you to create Facebook landing pages, apps, and campaigns. For some of the webmasters, it is a custom iFrame tab-designing tool with which they create custom Facebook tabs by using widgets for factors like blogs, Twitter, newsletters and more.

#33. Clickappy: This is another great tool that starts running contest and sweepstakes on your Facebook page to collect the email address of your fans.

#34. Heyo: Heyo offers you to create campaigns for Facebook, and those are mobile optimized of course. This app provides you very easy to build and customize your Fan Pages on Facebook. All you need is to drag and drop Facebook contest form to drive engagement, capture emails of your visitors, get likes, and covert sales.

#35. Thunderpenny: This is a simple HTML editor which allows you to create static HTML content. This is the easiest way to create a tab of your social media page.

#36. Vocus: This tool scans for your fans those are looking for companies like yours. This tool suggests your fans for the relevant social conversations and distributes your press among them for traffic and search. Also the landing pages and apps from this app integrated with their entire marketing suite.

#37. TabSite: This is a great tool that allows you to manage custom apps and promotions on Facebook. Where you can offer coupons to your fans, hold contests, run Groupon-like deals and easily include an email sign-up form on your Facebook page.

#38. OfferPop: More than 19 Facebook and Twitter apps have been built by this tool, which is used to engage and grow your fan base interaction.

#39. ActionSprout: Rather than relying on like, comment and share, this app offers 25 unique actions to you to connect with your fans. In those actions, also there are some actions included like endorse, congratulate, suggest and volunteer.

Tools To Run Online Contest and Giveaway

#40. Rafflecopter: This tool allows you to create contests and giveaways. You can create this on your blog or even on your social media platforms. This tool contains a viral component which means with the help of this feature, and contestants can get their friends to join the contest.

#41. PromoSimple: This is self-service application is which is useful for those who are just getting started with contests and giveaways. With this tool, you can easily set up and track the result of online promotions. This tool also lets you custom create giveaway entry forms, integrate actions on email service providers including Constant Contact, MailChimp, and Mad Mimi as well as social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well.

#42. Splurgy: Splurgy is a platform for those businesses which are deeply concerned with design. It lets you create contents and promotions on social media platform or even on your website to increase the experience for your visitors.

Tools For WordPress Landing Page and Some Out Soon Plugins

#43. Newsletter Signup: This is the best plugin ever which allows you to add different but new ways for your visitors to subscribe to your email list. This is very popular and mostly used plugin among the website owners.

#44. WPLauncher: This theme is available offers a stunning take on the regular coming WordPress themes soon at no cost. It simple theme provides single purpose such as an attractive, customizable domain parking theme to them who are WordPress users. Also, this theme includes the timer to show people exactly when you plan on launching your business or product

#45. Launchpad: This is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to setup a captivating pre-launch landing page. This helps your visitors to let them know that you are launching a website or blog. With this plugin, you can collect the hundreds of email addresses of your visitors. This plugin also includes a countdown time to your website and professional looking email subscription form.

#46. Under Construction: Again this is the responsive WordPress theme which allows customization and also provides countdown timer on the website.

#47. ThemeFuse: This is a coming soon plugin that enables you to let your users know about your website when it is going to be live while you are building it.

#48. WordPress Landing Pages: This is the best plugin which allows the owner to monitor and track conversion rates, and also this plugin have the feature of A/B split testing.

#49. WPChimp Countdown: This is another responsive WordPress theme that comes with a coming soon landing page and lets your visitors subscribe to your email list.

Tools For Landing Pages and Some Out Soon Pages Tools

#50. OptimizePress: This is one of the best landing page plugin. This is the best plugin to build and grow your Email list. This tool lets you create stunning and responsive landing pages using a live visual editor that allows you to see all the changes you are making in real-time to their LiveEditor. There are lots of individual drag and drop components available that you can select from when creating your pages.

#51. Instapage: If you want to publish effective and conversion ready landing pages real fast, this tool is an excellent choice. You can build a page within Instapage very quickly, and you can also run a split test on it to find out which is the best version for publishing the page.

#52. Clickthroo: This tool is a not only Landing page builder, but it is an enterprise level landing page platform with full consultancy included. So this is why it is little costly than any other tool. With this software you can build, publish, split-test, segment, personalized and optimize your landing page marketing campaigns without the need for hosting or third-party software.

#53. KickoffLabs: This landing page tool with templates helps you launch businesses, generate leads, run contests and more. This tool offers you professional looking landing page as well as built-in email marketing. So there is no need to purchase another service provider. With integrated email marketing, this tool also provides sign-up widgets and viral contest features designed to grow your fans.

#54. LeadPages: This plugin is truly best landing page creating a platform. It includes features like Leadpages, Lead Boxes, Lead Digital, Lead Links, A/B Split Testing, Analytics, and Template importer. This tool helps you to collect your leads from the web pages, emails, and social media.

#55. Launchrock: This is a simple web app that helps you quickly set up a launching soon page, where you can share your project and start gathering emails of your visitors. It also provides social sharing tools, analytics as well as a variety of services to help you launch your landing page.

#56. PageWiz: This tool uniquely allows for an optimization of your landing pages not only for conversions but also for events. It provides a landing page design tool with built-in A/B testing functionality, integration with a variety of widgets and variety of design templates.

#57. Unbounce: This is the very popular tool which allows you to build, publish and A/B test landing page without software. For marketers who make their landing page mobile responsive, this is the best tool.

All the above-listed tools are popular for one or other reason. That is depending upon your marketing strategy, and you can pick any of them. The pop-up is annoying, but they work better than any other method.

Do let me know which tool you are using to grow your Email List? And don’t forget to share your experience with this tool, for that comment here in the comment section.

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