Best Pop-Under Ad Network Bypass Network: Poptm Review

Want to take advantage of best of the Pop-Under Advertising network that helps you attract more and more traffic to your site? Take a look at this review of Poptm that is best for the advertising network right now in the market.

Pop-under Advertising is one of the great forms of the online advertising. They are used to attract web traffic and even capture email addresses from the visitors so that webmasters like you can turn them into leads and increase sales.

Pop-under Ads are open in a new browser window that is hidden within the main active window. They don’t disturb the user and are viewable once in the main browser window so that user can easily close or minimize it.

Pop-under Ads can be utilized for promoting different services or products. If you are looking for the formidable Pop-Under Ad Network, then you are at the right place. Here in this article, I am going to review one of the best Advertise networks that are Poptm. It offers great features and even works well for the webmasters.

This Pop-Under Ad network has much to offers to their advertising partners and publishers. With this network, the publishing clients can check out to top converting ad campaigns. So let us not waste time and dig into the review of the Poptm Ad Network.

Poptm Review: Best Pop-Under Ad Network

Poptm Review

Introduction to Poptm

Poptm is a comparatively new pop-under advertising network, which is making big waves with their publishers and advertisers alike. With this growing pop-under advertising networks where advertisers can easily reach to their industry audience, and the revenue of publishers can optimize by the 100%.

It is incredibly powerful and advanced ad network platform, which is loaded with targeting characteristics and different categories to benefit both of the advertisers and the publishers.

This ad network works only with the top advertisers, so it gives the publishers only with the top advertisers of the high quality. Ads that you get from the Poptm are 100% clean and also high paying. To prevent spam, their experts check the landing pages of their ads at multiple times in a day.

This ad network can be used on any of the niche sites including adult sites as long as they have legal content and clean traffic. As Poptm utilizes bidding system, so you are certain to get the highest rates for your inventory.

One of the most encouraging features of Poptm is that 95% of the money is shared with the publishers. Even, if the visitors have installed Alexa toolbar on their web browsers, then 10% of additional eCPM is provided to the publishers. Even, there is no need to set minimum traffic for approval. So newbie’s can also start publishing.

It bypasses over 90% of the plugins. Hence, the ads delivered are highly advanced. Even, the network by itself offers the rotation of ad code. Thus, the bypass of the ad block plug-in raises to the 99.99% with complete guarantee.

It offers quick and easy approval of the site, real-time reporting, fast payments and most importantly gives a minimum of payout. The publisher and advertisers can have 24/7 supports of the Poptm’s expert through instant messengers and email.

Also for the advertisers, this ad network offers tons of fantastic features. So let us take a look at the great features that Poptm ad network.

Start Making Money with Poptm

Features of Poptm

  • Bypass Adblock
  • Choose to Bid Minimum
  • Zone based stats
  • Increase Alexa Rank
  • Advertise globally
  • Daily payouts
  • Easy refund
  • Upto 95% of Revenue share
  • Dedicated Manager
  • Decide Your Bid
  • Real time stats
  • User friendly
  • Faster campaign start
  • Referral system
  • 24×7 dedicated support through email and instant messengers

Advantages to Advertisers

  • Quick updated detailed statistics of your campaign
  • Get the variety of your app downloads increased
  • Minimum deposit of $10 is required
  • Ad Campaigns get approved easily and quickly
  • Lots of advanced features to identify this ad network uses auto-generated and also fake traffic.
  • You can request for the autopilot mode to the dedicated account manager.
  • You can go with different targeting options to reach your industry like category, Alexa Toolbar, Country, and OS.

Advantages to Publishers

  • Domain’s faster approval
  • There is no need for minimum traffic
  • Almost every website is accepted
  • Tons of targeting and optimizing possibilities and also different traffic sources.
  • Optimize the revenue by 50% and bypass the Adblock Rotating Ad Codes are used
  • Stats are updated in real-time
  • Optimize the revenue share by 95%
  • Even the network offers WordPress plugin to put rotating ad code on your WordPress based site’s pages very quickly.

Process to Sign Up for Poptm and Get Approval

Step #1. To sign up for Poptm, click on Sign up button and this will link you the next page.

Step #2. Here on this page fill all the essential things such as First name, Last Name, Username, Email and Choose a Password.

Add Website in Poptm

Also, make sure you tap on the captcha that says I am not Robot also agreed to their terms and condition.

At last hit the button Create Account.

Step #3: After the submission of the form, you will receive an activation email on your registered email. On clicking the activation link, you easily can activate your account.

Step #4: Now Add a Website. Enter domain details, pick the category, content allowed.

Sign Up for Poptm

Step #5: A Pop-up will appear to verify the domain. Select the any one method and verify your domain.

Verify domain ownership with Poptm

Once you verify your site, Poptm team will observe your site and if they didn’t found low-quality content then they will approve your site.

Step #6: Once your site is approved, you can then start making money by posting your ads there.

As there support team provides assistance round the clock, they will not take that much time for approval or disapproval of your site. Sometimes if they don’t find any issues with the site they approve site in an hour, you must try!

Ads Format in Poptm

Publishers are only offered the pop-under ads as the formats of the ad as Poptm being the pop-under advertising network. But, in this, there are two different types of codes are offered that is rotating and simple. If you are using their rotating code, you can bypass any Ad block. Also, this ad network is rapid and easy to install.

Frequency of the Payment And Option for the Payment

I have already mentioned before that their minimum payment is $10 on the Poptm. Their payments processed only daily basis. After the 3 hours, they processed your payment. However, sometimes this can even take about 24 hours to make payments to your account.

Get Poptm Account

They make easy payment through the PayPal account for the publishers. But, very soon they are also going to offer another option to make a payment such as through the Paxum and Wire Transfer.


You can infer that this Ad Network Poptm is worth to try. If your site is having a good amount of targeted traffic, then you surely need to use this network to monetize the traffic efficiently and make simple passive income from your blog or website.

The potential seems impressive. Once you have started reaping the advantages it has to offer, you surely recommend it to your friends and also with other business associates so you can even earn referral commissions.

As a webmaster, you always should update about good ad networks which offer advertisements related to your content and industry. It helps in optimizing the conversion rates and also bagging in much more clicks, sales and vies. So go ahead, and try Poptm right away and don’t forget to let me know how this ad network pays off for you!

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