30+ Mind-blowing Pinterest Tricks to Drive Traffic on Your Blog or Website

Are you looking for some impressive tricks to boost traffic from Pinterest? Check 30+ tricks and tips to drive traffic from Pinterest to your website or blog.

Over the last couple of years, Pinterest is very popular among the webmasters. Nowadays, this app is not just only used for sharing online images but also very famous for expanding online businesses and for content marketing too. There is a large number of bloggers, companies, brands and businesses who use this platform to expand their reach to meet their audience.

Other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter which are go-to’s for businesses, brands, companies and bloggers. But many companies benefit from the visual aspects of a platform like Pinterest. Are you ready to take a look at this most exciting social network? Then first let see what this social network is all about?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a place or platform on which users can organize and share online images and videos that they find interesting or inspiring. Once users uploaded or share this stuff in particular customized and themed based board, it known as Pins. There are endless possibilities to create boards because users can create Boards for any imaginable topics like food, places, crafts, pets, etc.

What is the primary process of Pinterest?

The primary process is user can search for any topic, and they can also pin from another site to their Pinterest account to the particular or related board. They can like, share and upload image and videos to their board.

How Can You Join Pinterest?

You will require following the simple steps to join or create the account. Visit Pinterest.com to signup. You can sign up with your existing Facebook Account or enter your email address and desired password to process further.

Once you completed the process and created a Pinterest account then now it’s a time to understand most valuable and useful tips to use Pinterest.

Pinterest Tricks to Drive Traffic on Blog

Mind blowing Pinterest Tricks to Drive Traffic to Your Blog or WebsiteBasic Tips To Use Pinterest:

#1. Board: Once you created an account you can create many different boards to pin different kinds of stuff. But just be sure once you create boards you organize them well to get more followers.

#2. Pin It: There are so many things that you can share or repin to your board, but it is vital that you keep one thing in your mind while sharing others stuff to your board. Edit the description of the pin and write your description to that pin. Because it may happen that some of the posts may contain copyright sticking with their description may violate their copyright. So it is necessary that you write your summary to that post.

#3. Repin: It is not that you just only upload your pin, but you can also repin some other pins which are already pin by different users on Pinterest. So to save those pins which you like you just need to move the cursor to that post, and you will see that on the left-hand side, corner of that post there will one option appear to save that pin just click on that and make sure you edit his description of that pin before repinning it. Then save that pin to the relevant board. That’s it.

#4. Pin It Chrome Extension: You can also directly pin from your browser. To do that all you need is to add an extension of a Pinterest button to your Chrome and when to find something exciting or inspiring you can directly pin to any particular board in your Pinterest account. But make sure that when you are pinning from another site, you pin from the individual post, not from the homepage of the site. For that just click on the particular post link and just pin to the related board on your Pinterest account.

Pinterest Pin it Chrome Extension#5. Editing a Pin: You can also edit your pin which is already saved in your created board, just move the cursor over the pin which you want to edit and click on the edit icon. It is very simple to edit any pin, isn’t it?

Few times it may happen that you want to save the pin to the board which contains the similar pin on the same board, and you won’t be able to save the pin. Tip, to save that pin to another board and you can edit that pin as well.

#6. Usage of Keywords in Pin Description: There are so many people who use keywords in their pins’ story, which helps them to get more repinners and more followers. You should also do this because it helps your audience to reach to you and your pins quickly.

#7. Repin Network: Don’t repin others’ stuff all the time, also be the leader of your pin. Don’t get confused just search for new pins that no one else has found. Also follow those persons who bring something fresh and new to their board.

#8. Confirm the Source of Pin: Exploring more pins is a kind of great experience to exploring more creative stuff. While exploring you will find many eye-catchy pins which are also from the same interest you have. Check the whole board of those pins and try to find or confirm the source of the pin.

#9. Like Button Hack: Like button on Pinterest is not just only used to like others posts, but also used to store some stuff when you don’t have time to look deeper for that pin. So when you find any pin which is good but you don’t have a chance to investigate it, simply hit the like icon and whenever you have time you can go back to your likes and look further for that pin.

Pinterest Like Button Hack#10. Follow Boards You like: Pinterest offers a great feature to its users of supporting individual board. So you don’t need to follow the person, just search for pins or board you want to have a look and select the board you will love to see more pins from the board. Follow that only board rather than following the users on Pinterest. However, you can also monitor the person, once you follow the person, it means you follow his/her all the boards that he/she created.

#11. Selecting a Category is more important: To get more followers it is important that you categorize your board. Make sure you select the relevant category at the time of creating a board. You can also edit the category of your existing board, simple click on the Edit button and select the category you think is more relevant to your board.

#12. Price and Price Tag in Pin: If you are using Pinterest to sell your products then make sure you add price and price tag by a “$” or a “£” to every product selling pins. This make sends to your audience to quickly get an idea about the best selling price of the products, and you can attract more audience to but the product.

#13. Investigation: At a time of posting something important, suggestion to invest more time in an investigation for that pin. Many pins on Pinterest are only to discover images, which leads to nowhere. So, spare some time for investigation and make your pin and it’s description more attractive to be easily found on Pinterest.

#14. Secret Boards: You can also create a secret board to store your images or videos for a project or on a topic. This kind of boards is hidden boards that the world can’t see. So, this is the great feature of Pinterest to store your sensible things.

Now, it is time to see how you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your site. Let take a look at those tips and tricks that you need to know to use Pinterest app or site for your site.

Tips To Use Pinterest Beyond Basics

In this digital world, most of everybody have their little space online like a blog, business, company or brand. But do you have ever imagined that most of them are using Pinterest to drive traffic to their site? Yes, they do this, they pinned the images, and anyone who clicks on that image will be taken to their site.

If you want to do the same for your site, you should follow the tips and trick those are given below.

#1. Pinterest for Business: If you want to make money from your site and would like to reach a large number of new audiences then you should first create a business account on Pinterest. Pinterest offers you to create a business account at no cost and also provide you the access to the analytics and few more features which will enhance your pins reach.

Pinterest Tricks to drive traffic#2. Connect to the Business Website: Confirming website on Pinterest will put your picture of you on any pin from your site. So this is ideal for branding and identification. To do this, visit this page.

#3. Use of Rich Pins: Also be sure when you are creating your business account on Pinterest you enable rich pins. It will help your pins get additional views, and more people will reach to you.

#4. Group Board: Once you create your business account successfully, first create boards in which you are going to save your pins for which will directly link to your site. But yes the main aim here of you is to get more traffic to your site so create a group board, and you can invite people to join your group board. You can also join others’ group boards.

#5. Website Link: It is essential that you add your website address to your Pinterest account profile. It helps your audience to reach you quickly.

#6. Start Pinning: Now, you have an account, your boards then what is stopping you? You can start promoting your stuff by only pinning it to the relevant board. And I am sure this will work just like any other social media platform.

#7. Community: To build a healthy community on this platform you should also start to save others’ pins too. Well, it will also build a good reputation.

#8. The magic of Keywords Usage: Creating the board is the beginning in the Pinterest. But do know like your pins, you can also make your board keyword rich? For that, you just need to give your board keyword-rich title and insightful description with relevant keywords. This is an excellent opportunity to boost your organic traffic.

#9. Be Unique: Be sure that you find something original to pin onto your board, because there are over thousands of pins which are already pinned thousands time. So it is important that you first investigate that how many times something has been pinned.

#10. Find Repin Counts: You can also find out that your which pin has been repined. For that, all you need is to type a link in your browser like http://pinterest.com/source/yourdomain.com. That’s it; you will see how many times your specific pin is saved by others.

Pinterest Tricks to find out repin counts#11. Image Speaks: Pinterest is the only platform where we can communicate with our potential audience in the form of images. An image on Pinterest is like a language for us to share and creativity of the image is the understanding of the public. So, make sure, when you share any pin on the platform, it must pass the same message that you like to convey to your targeted audience. This will help you to build a reliable network on Pinterest.

#12. Be Active: Pinning and adding images on boards are not only single job to complete. Ongoing checking, reshuffling images and add few more images to the board will help you to enhance the visibility of your board and profile among the audience.

#13. Find your Pins: There are so many people out there on Pinterest who might save your pin and if you come across an image that is yours, but it doesn’t link back to your site. Then get in touch with that Pinterest user who saved your pin and kindly ask them to edit the pin and mentioned the source of the image with your site link. Be friendly and offer a link to the pin to make it easier for them.

#14. Pinterest Followers: Do you know that social media channel follower numbers or your Pinterest follower numbers also provides Page Rank and advertising folks? Yes, it does. So try to include your Pinterest follower counts in your media kit and of course in business cards too. This will also help you to increase organic traffic to your site.

#15. Share Off the Topic Content: Sometimes it is useful to pin about some of the topics of the business. This will help you keep your audience sticky and in some indirect way you can entertain them. This practice will make your audience sticky and frequent visitors to your Pinterest profile or boards.

#16. Share Copyrighted Images: Sharing other images on Pinterest will also help you to build more engagement on your Pinterest Profile. Try to build a practice to share images from other users or sources on your profile. In many cases, it may happen that images you love may be copyrighted. In such situation, you can communicate with the image author for prior permission and mentioned his/her source in the image description. This is a little bit time consuming, but trust me this works, and I have found such images with more interaction on Pinterest.

#17. Follow Guidelines to Create Image: This point is especially for bloggers like me. Usage of images in a blog post is only to attract and keep audience stick to the post. You can use those images to share on various channels like Pinterest. So be sure, images also match the guidelines of other social network, and you or your audience can easily share on a social network like Pinterest.

#18. Tools to Create Attractive Images: You can also use the template on Pinterest. To do that there are some the tools like Canva that offers a Pinterest template to make this thing easier.

#19. Link Other Social Media Channels: Like Instagram and other social media channels, you can also link your Pinterest account to Facebook and Twitter. To link it, visit settings page in your account where you will find the option to connect your account with Facebook and Twitter.

Pinterest Tricks to connect with Other Social Networks#20. Seasonal Pins: If you are a Pinterest user then you know that there are so many seasonal stuff are pinned like recipes, crafts, gift ideas, attire ideas, etc. So, you can use your editorial calendar to plan ahead to write your blog posts that correspond with the seasons. But be sure that you post them early so that it can be repined lot many times. As the season change, make sure that you move your board to the top of your profile.

#21. Find Hot Topics: On Pinterest, you can also find new ideas related to the interesting topic for the post. You can search on Pinterest with relevant keywords from your particular niche. This is how you can find the hot topic among the audience and in what they are interested in interact. All you need is to find your unique angle to write on the topics and promote on Pinterest.

#22. Internal Linking: You will think what is the use internal linking and how it could help to get more traffic from Pinterest? My suggestion to add healthy internal linking in your current situation. For example, you wrote and published a post from Post A to Post Z total 26 posts. Out of this 26 articles, Post K has been more popular on Pinterest and this post is receiving more traffic this social network platform. Make sure you link relevant articles in the Post k and enhance the possibilities to make the audience more engaged on your site.

#23. Pin It Button on Your Site: Do you know that you can add “Pin It” button to your each post? No, then you should be aware. To add “Pin It” button to your each post, Pinterest offers one feature of Goodies. It allows you to add Pin It button to your each post. This is a bit of complicated for those who have so many posts, so for them, there are also some plugins are available that they can use.

#24. Website Widgets: Encourage your website or blog visitors to follow you on Pinterest. For that, Pinterest offers you some Widgets with which you can add Follow button, Pin, Board and Profile widgets to your website or blog.

#25. Use Coupon: Do you know that you can pin coupon for your Pinterest users? Yes, you can. Suppose, you are publishing an ebook then you can pin a coupon for your ebook in Pinterest.

#26. Connect with Brand: Nowadays, there are so many big brand and companies are taking advantage of Pinterest to boost their business. So you can use the power of Pinterest to connect with brands where you can lead them by the hand and make suggestions from which you can both work together and of course both of you can benefit.

#27. Build Engagement on your Profile: Pinterest is not only fun place, but this is the place, where you can build your network as you build a network on other social media channel. Only comment and follow to interact with other. This is just similar to Facebook and Twitter.

#28. Copyright your images: There are certain Pinterest Copyright issues that you should keep in your mind while pinning your stuff like watermark your photos. You can also put your full domain name on your images. Also, you can stop Pinterest users to pin your content but for that, you need code to add to the header section of your website or blog.

Over to you

Which tricks have worked for you? Are you early to Pinterest or have you built a large following there? I love to hear from you and your viewpoints. Share your thoughts about of your experiments in the below comment box.

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