Get Paid Instantly to Write About Anything – 65+ Sites that Pay You For Writing Articles

Have you got writing skills, then put them to work helping you earn money online. However there are lots of sites to choose from, where should you start with as a freelance writer. Find 65 legitimate sites in this article and find your way to make money online.

You can earn money online by writing even if you aren’t a professional writer.

Whether you have only dropped out from the workforce, a student who is searching for a part-time job, a full-time housewife who is struggling with the household budget or no matter your situation is. Freelance writing presents legitimate opportunities, which you can manipulate while you work from home.

And the best news is that the chances are plentiful and ever presents. Online businesses are often seeking out for freelance writers to generate contents for their websites, blogs or other online publications. The job can cover few of skill set, from entry-level to skilled workers.

If you have ever thought about writing for money, you are in luck. After very careful effort and painstaking analysis, I have prepared and compiled this list of sites, which offer writers a chance to make money by writing articles. All of these sites in the list are genuine.

In this article, I am going to list 70+ different blogs and sites which pay people to write for them. I haven’t tried them all the sites and blogs in this list. However, I ensured that I did my analysis by filtering many sites and blogs by going through the feedbacks from other freelance writers to make sure this post is accurate as possible.

The best thing about most of the sites in this list is that they also let you add a bio with a link back to your site or blog if you have. So you can quickly utilize this chance to link back to a hire me page on your site or blog, and as a result get lots of clients willing to pay you out for your work. In other words, by writing for the majority of the sites and blogs on this list, you are being paid to market yourself. So let’s dive right into the list.

65+ Sites Pay Instantly to Content Writers – Get Paid Instantly for Writing

list of websites that pay writers

# Sites Which Pay $50 or $50

#1. The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder - best sites for freelance writersThis site is a leading personal finance publication, and they prefer the articles which are mostly based on writer’s experience. Especially one that containing specific numbers, advice, and strategies for saving and making money.

They prefer articles with 700-900 words and they pay about $75 per post depending on lots of factors. You can even make earn around $800 in bonuses which depend on how successful your post will become. You might require reaching out to their editor first to talk about payment. They pay you through PayPal.

#2. FundsforWriters

FundsforWriters - sites for freelance writersFundsforWriters looking for articles, which contains success stories and practical advice from writers. Or anything that aimed to help writers to make money from writing.

Basically, the posts are accepted within a week of submission. FundsforWriters has two different methods of payment to a freelance writer. First is via Cheque and another is via PayPal. The only difference is they pay $45 via cheque and $50 full amount Via Paypal.

#3. ACHS

ACHS - sites that pay you to write articlesACHS follows health niche and they accept articles which are relevant to holistic and wellness. They accept Freelancer writer’s article with the length of 600-1000 words range. They pay $50 per post and the payment will be made within 30 days of publication of your article.

#4. Doctor of Credit

Doctor of Credit - websites that pay writersThis Finance and credit cards niche based site is accepting an article on customer credit topics. They prefer to submit a filling post instead of delivering them a pitch. There is no specification of their payment method.


#5. Brazen Careerist

Brazen Careerist - sites that pay writersBrazen Careerist seeking for articles about Career and lifestyle design. They pay for list posts network events in different cities, and payment requires to first be pre-arranged with the editor. As of now, they do not have any specified payment method.

#6. eCommerce Insiders

eCommerce Insiders - blog sites that pay writerseCoomerce Insiders accepts articles from online retail professionals. They agree to a mix of educational posts which covers topics like SEO and commentary-style post, conversion rates, affiliate programs, call center, logistics and other e-commerce relevant problems.

So basically, this site is just like its name as it suggests. While they accept short articles at a lower rate, they pay $75 for articles in the 400-600 words and $125 per article over 600 words.

The payment is made once in a month, and payment for an article contributed will be made the following month. Basically, the payment method is unspecified.

#7. Back to College

Back to college site concentrates on adult students re-entering organizations to pursue advanced degrees or other qualified development. This site accepts articles which relevant to education for older students.

They pay around $75-$135 for non-promotional feature articles of 1000-1500 words. The payment is made through PayPal or via cheque within 30 days after the publishing the articles. They desire writers to send a completed article rather than a pitch.

#8. Writers Weekly

Writers Weekly - sites that pay for writersWriters Weekly prefers posts that aimed at helping writers earn money writing, and they expect your article should be 600 words range. And they pay $60 per post.

#9. Listverse

Listverse - sites that pay freelance writersListverse is a general site which accepts articles about anything, which hasn’t been previously covered by them on their site. They publish the list-style articles with 1500 words in total and at least 10 list items in the article. The site is read by more than 15 million people within a month. They prefer PayPal as a payment method and the amount per post is $100.

#10. Belt Magazine

Belt Magazine - sites that pay writers for articlesBelt Magazine prefers articles about anything relevant to the Rust Belt region and you will be paid $50-$500 that is depending on the nature of your post; your article can be a commentary, an essay or long-form reporting.

#11. The Graphic Design School

The Graphic Design School - sites that pay writers upfrontBasically, this is a blog that accepts articles related to the graphic designs. So you can submit design articles or even can tutorials about Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign or other utility software or open source design. They pay $75-$200 per accepted article.

The payment method this blog follows is PayPal, and you will always know within seven days if your article has been accepted. You can be even able to add a bio in your articles that can have a link back to your blog or site.

#12. A Fine Parent

A Fine Parent - writing sites that pay international writersThis is a blog which niche is parenting and accepts articles on parenting for busy and smart parents. There is a minimum period each month. Each month, the monthly topic will be updated on the submission guidelines page, along with each month’s due date. Besides paying $100 per article, with this site you can also have a link back to your site in your post bio.

Additionally, if your article tops the list of the most popular articles at the end of the year, then you can even able to earn an extra $200 bonus. They pay $100 per articles through PayPal.

#13. Income Diary

Income Diary - site that pay you to writeIncome Dairy making money online blog, that accepts articles about pretty much anything which has to do with building an online business. Those articles can be earning money online, social media, getting traffic to the site or anything related to online business. The expert of this site prefers you to pitch before you write the article.

Once your article is approved, they will pay in between $50-$200 per article through PayPal.

#14. LabMice

The niche that this site follows is Tech/IT. So this is evident that site publishes and accepts articles which are relevant to computer security, technical project management, and other issues of fascinating to IT experts.

You can even write about industry best practices, how-to’s, field notes and many other articles related to IT or Tech. You will be paid $60-$100 per article or even more if you are an industry professional. The payment method is unspecified.

#15. Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials - sites that pay you to write listsAnother design niche site, which features Photoshop design tutorials. You can query them by submitting a picture of your Photoshop project’s result just before writing the tutorial itself. The amount per post they offer to the writers is $50-$300. But yes they only prefer to accept articles about Photoshop. They pay the writers through Paypal.

#16. Treehouse

Treehouse - sites that pays you for writeThis is a blog which niche is web design or freelancing. This blog covers development, mobile development, and design. They accept articles about freelancing, design or productivity which also contains tricks, tips, and trend-based submissions. They pay $100-$5200 per published article.

#17. The Travel Writer’s Life

The Travel Writer’s Life - website that pay writersThis site doesn’t post that is traditional travel pieces for the common public, but they rather concentrate on content that educates people how to get paid to travel. Thus, they only accept travel articles.

While they pay $50-$75 pieces they request for the site; they pay around $100-$150 for personal stories and interviews and $150-$200 for posts with specific advice on how the readers can make money while traveling. The payment is made on a publication of your article.

#18. Cracked

Cracked - websites that pay writers upfrontCracked is searching for funny and witty posts, mainly in the list format. So your articles must be interesting.

They pay about $100 for each post via Paypal. if the article is a full-length feature and $50 for articles which provide quick insights into existing events, pop culture and much more. They call them Quick Fixes. They pay via PayPal.

#19. Viator Travel Blog

Viator Travel Blog - blog sites that pay writersViator Travel Blog is depended upon travel niche that accepts original travel articles. They desire being pitched before you start writing your article. The article should be 1000-2000 words long, and you can earn around $100-$150 per post.

#20. UX Booth

UX Booth - site that pay freelancer writerThis site is an authority when it is about User Experience. They are often searching for research-backed articles on how to build better user experience. They prefer being pitched before your submit your article. They prefer articles should be in the 1200-1800 words range.

#21. Web Loggerz

Web Loggerz - websites that pay for freelance writingThis is WordPress based site look for articles that are relevant to WordPress CMS, and they prefer articles to be at least 1200 words range. You are asked to name your price, but they usually pay between $30-$100 per post range.

#22. Make a Living Writing

Make a Living Writing - websites that pay freelance writersThis is a top writing blog and prefers practical articles and success stories from other writers. You require being a student of Jon Morrow’s blog mentoring program to or a member of Carol Tice’s Freelance Writers Den to qualify for this offer. The amount per post is $50 and it will be made upon publication of your article.

#23. BootsnAll

BootsnAll will pay you between $30-$50 to contribute a travel article. There are different kinds of articles that you can contribute and the optimum is $50 for a feature article. They pay via PayPal if your post is approved by them.

They prefer articles which contain 800-2500 words range and have a choice for indie travel articles.

#24. A List Apart

A List Apart - get paid to writeThis site is based on Web Development, which accepts articles from web developers, content strategists, information architects, and designers. They mainly prefer viewpoint or argument-oriented articles so you can give them enough information about your post to help them decide or you can even submit a rough draft of your article. The post should fall within the 1500-2000 words then you can be paid around $200 per article. They didn’t specify the payment method.

#25. CodeTuts+

This is programming site that accepts articles on anything relevant to web development; this could be HTML5, PHP, Server-side JavaScript, CSS3 or anything in between. They pay $100 for a “Quick tip” tutorial or article and$250 for a regular article or tutorial. If you are a high profile educator or author then you can earn even more.

#26. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine - get paid to write articlesSmashing Magazine is seeking for articles which are relevant to web design, UX design, mobile or WordsPress, graphic design and they pay $50-$200 per post. They prefer a rough draft of your post if you have it already. Their payment method is unspecified.

#27. WPTuts+

WPTuts+ is also a part of Tuts+ network which is based on WordPress niche. You can submit articles relevant to the WordPress. This could be WordPress 3.7+ articles or tutorials, plugin development tips/tutorials, and other WordPress related articles. They expect the contribution of writers 1-4 times within a month.

They pay you around $60-$500 per post depending upon the type of article.

#28. Write Naked

Write Naked prefer articles which are related to the writing business. an Article includes interviews with the major writing figures, success stories from successful indie authors or publishing trends.

The article should contain 450-650 words. They follow standard payment rate of $50 per accepted article or $200 if the editor is impressed with a contribution. They didn’t specify the payment method on their site.

#29. Sex, Etc.

Sex, Etc. - get paid to write articles onlineThis website basically concentrates on sex education for teenagers, and this site solicit sex relevant articles from high school or college students who are 19 years old or younger. You will be paid about $75 for each story approved and published.

#30. Vector Diary

Vector Diary - get paid to write blogsVector Diary is searching for tutorials and articles which are related to vector design, drawing and more. You can contribute articles about Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch app, Inkscape, CorelDRAW and other relevant apps.

You also allowed to include your bio and link this to your site in your article. They will pay you about $50-$75 if you contribute an article about a quick tip tutorial. And if you have regular tutorial then you will pay around $150-$200.

#31. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean - get paid to write onlineDigital Ocean site’s niche is Linux that is looking for beautifully written tutorials about FreeBSD cloud hosting and of course about Linux. You can even contribute articles on a variety of subject, but make sure those are relevant to open source Linux ecosystem. So your article should be about Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora or anything else which is related to Linux.

With this site, you can make up to $200 per article. Your article can come in form of updates, in-depth tutorials, and simple tutorials. With this kind of article, you can easily make money around $50, $100 or $200 respectively depending on what category it falls into.

#32. Vector Tuts+

You can submit tutorial and articles related to Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW and other vector related articles or tutorials. They pay $50-$200 that depends on the nature of your contribution.

#33. SitePoint

SitePoint - how to get paid to writeThe niche of the SitePoint is Web development or designing of the websites. This crystal clear that this site only accepts articles and tutorials that cover SASS, CSS and HTML code. You will be paid $150 per article and $200 per tutorial. You can even get paid around $300 or more if your article or tutorial that are longer. They are also open to content which covers developer tools, performance, open source, task runners and browser stats, and trends. The payment is unspecified on this site.

#34. Matador Network

Matador Network - how to make money writing onlineMatador Network is an adventure related blog that prefers articles which are relevant to adventure, identities of people around the world and their culture. Their experts expect you to submit an original draft of your post and wish an optimum of 1500 words per post.

Their amount per article is about $20-$60.

#35. The American Ceramic Society

This site is related to Ceramics that accepts nearly anything which is related to ceramics, such as Ceramics in Energy, News and Trends, Ceramics in the Environment, and a lot more which is relate to ceramics.

If the article is short, then they pay $25 per accepted article, and if your article includes bulletin features then you will get paid about $350-$950.

#36. International Living

International Living - make money by writing articlesInternational Living is a publication that focuses on living and retiring overseas. They mainly prefer articles about living and retiring overseas.

If the article contains 840 words, then they pay around $250, and if the article is about 1400 words then you will be paid around $400. They also pay $50 for one-time use of your photographs, and this site pays upon publication of your article.

#37. DesertUSA

DesertUSA - make money by writing blogsDesertUSA is a blog about wildlife, adventure, and geology which accepts articles about wildlife, desert lore, geology and cultural and natural history that is associated with the North American Desert areas.

They desire to articles with 1000-1700 words in range based upon the section you are contributing to. They pay $50 per post.

#38. MetroParent

MetroParent - make money by writing onlineMetroParent is another site which relies on Parenting niche. This parenting magazine is for southeast Michigan moms who also can post online. This site looks for local parenting articles in the counties of Macomb, Livingston, Wayne, Oakland, and Washtenaw. For department columns, they pay around $50-$75 and $150-$350 for the features in the 1000-2500 words range. They prefer to pay the writers through the check.

#39. The Change Agent

The Change Agent - make money with writingThe Change Agent is an Adult Education Publication which pays $50 per post contributed. Your post can be something from 250 words to 1000 words. You will still be paid the similar amount no matter how lengthy your content is, as long as it is approved.

They pay $50 per post, and the payment method is unspecified.

#Sites With Unspecified Payment

These sites that I am going to list don’t openly identify how much they will pay for posts, and my research could not expose how much they pay for post.

However, they didn’t list the amount detail it doesn’t mean that they pay low. Lots of sites that I am going to listed offer very competitive pay, lots of them pay more than $50 per post. If you discover a site that fascinating you here, you can at least connect to them to confirm their payout before selecting whether or not to go for it.

#40. World Hum

World Hum - make money writing for blogsWorld Hum is a travel site that is trying to find quality articles from travel writers; post are preferred to be above 1500 words and this should be submitted in the body of the email, not as an attached file. You will be contacted with payment detail once your post has been approved.

#41. Simple Talk

Simple Talk - make money writing listsSimple Talk is an IT and tech journal read by more than 400,000 Microsoft experts.

They prefer and pay for articles relevant to .NET, SQL, SysAdmin and something else that is related to tech or IT.


#42. Developer Tutorials

Developer Tutorials - best site for freelance writersDeveloper Tutorials is we designing and programming blog. You can submit articles to Developer Tutorials on something from programming to web designing, and you can earn $30-$50 for list articles, and $50-$100 for tutorials. This site also allows you to include bio to your article that links back to your site or blog. Thus, you can easily create your portfolio, and as an outcome expose your work to lots of people.

You can submit articles about something that is related to CSS, JavaScript, Illustrator, MySQL, Linux, Photoshop or PHP. Make sure that your article should contain at least 1000 words.

#43. The Jewish Daily Forward

The Jewish Daily Forward - sites for freelance writersOn the site like this, you can send Op-ed contributions, News, Features and posts that relate to Jewish art and culture. They make payment through ACH or Check on the publication of your post.

#44. PSD Fan

PSD Fan - sites that pay you to write articlesIf you are an expert at Photoshop, Icon Sets, Vector Sets, Textures Packs, Brush Packs and inspiration posts, or if you have few cool tricks that you think lots of Photoshop users that love to read about, then you can build a tutorial and send it to PSD Fan.

You will pay at the end of the month after the publication of your post, and you are also allowed to link back to your site in your post article bio. They make their payment through PayPal.

#45. Crazy Leaf Design

By contributing your article to Crazy Leaf Design, you can showcase your skill to thousands of individuals. You will also be paid based upon on how good your article is. They mainly accept articles about that is related to design and they also accept articles which are about at least 5000 words.

#46. The Humanist

The Humanist - sites that pay writersThis is site is based on Humanism that expects articles about anything that is humanist perspective. You can contribute posts about culture, politics, science or even news articles.



#47. Dropzone

Dropzone - blog sites that pay writersDropzone is a blog about Skydiving that has monthly visits of millions of people, and by driving for Dropzone, you can gain lots of exposure, and if you have your own site, this could be perfect for you to drive quality traffic to your site.

They prefer articles that have at least 500 words.

#48. mobiForge

mobiForge - websites that pay writersIf you are good at mobile development, then this site is for you that accept anything that is relevant to the mobile development and they pay experts for their contributions to their site.

#49. EclipseZone

This site allows articles on programming that is based on Java. However, you need to pre-arrange payment with their editors before you start writing the article.

#50. PS Mag

PS Mag - make money by writing articlesPS Mag is based on society or general so that you can send then post that is related to the society around you such as economics, environment, education and society and justice.

#51. Premium WP

Premium WP - make money by writing blogsIf you think that you are a master in WordPress then what else could be the best place to share your articles then Premium WP. They are always seeking out for high-quality articles from the WordPress experts.

Their first preference is that the articles that you contribute should relate to the premium or commercial WordPress industry. They want posts to be 100% concentrate on WordPress and also that post is about 1000 words.

#52. Business Today

Business Today focuses on the articles that offer opinions and that contains new perspective about business. So you need to reach out to their editor with your ideas about the business strategies which is totally new and you can even discuss the payment with them as well.

#53. Ask Deb

Ask Deb - make money with writingAsk Deb invite the experts to contribute articles about a variety of topic. They need, however, that your posts come in the form of question and answer.

#54. Love to Know

Love To Know is another general niche based site that looking for articles for making money and Finance, Fashion, Shopping, Beauty, Home Improvement, Technology, etc. You can expect to make money between $15-$50 per article. They pay via PayPal.

#55. Travel and Leisure

Travel and Leisure - make money writing listsTravel and Leisure accept features and articles from freelance writers. Payment will be agreed on once you have been assigned an article. You can submit articles that offer practical traveling tips and stories, so their readers replicate the steps the author took to achieve several results in the article.

#Sites Which Pay Below $50

#56. - sites for freelance site accepts contributions of the articles which are related to writing and the articles should be about 600-1000 words range. You can share articles about different markets, finding new writing changes or freelance writer success stories. The amount per post they offer is $25 and the payment method isn’t specified.

#57. - sites that pay freelance writersThis site is based on Crafts that accepts articles about arts and they pay $35 per the post upon acceptance of your article.


On this site, you can contribute pretty much anything and their editor expects articles should be around 200-1000 words. They pay within 30 days after publication of your article. They pay via PayPal and Check.

#59. History Lists

History Lists - sites that pay writers upfrontThis site is generally preferred articles that are based on history. But they also prefer articles those are unique to their site and also includes lists of 5-20 items, with each item having around 70-200 words. So contribute your articles and you will be paid around $20 per article.

#60. Killer Directory

Killer Directory - writing sites that pay international writersThis site accepts articles from the writers that is anything related to the web. So you can share your article those are contributing the tips, tricks, and knowledge of web and you will be paid around$15 per article.

#61. Make Me Heal

Make Me Heal - site that pay you to writeThis site is based on plastic surgery so this is evident that this site is particularly focused on articles those are related to plastic surgery. You can contribute articles on celebrity plastic surgery, plastic surgery breakthroughs, celebrity skin care and anything else which is related to plastic surgery. They pay you around $10-$20.

#62. Go World Travel

Go World Travel - sites that pay to write articlesThey accept articles those are associated with the travel and their editor except article to be less than 1000 words range. They pay $30 per accepted post after the publication of your article.

#63. The Expeditioner

The Expeditioner - sites that pay you to write listsThis is another site that concentrates on articles which are related to travel. You can travel articles and stories in the 1100-1300 words range. They pay about $30 upon acceptance your article and after publishing your article.

#64. eCommerce Bytes

eCommerce Bytes is basically concentrated on articles those depend on e-commerce and online auctions. They prefer articles should be within 100-500 words range. They pay you around $20 or more if your article is fascinating.

#65. GoNOMAD

GoNOMAD - websites that pay writersYet another travel niche dependent site that is looking for travel articles and except posts to have a maximum of 1500 words. And upon acceptance of your article, they pay you around $25 via PayPal or Check.

#Bonus Sites

#66. Big Grey Horse

This is another travel niche based site that concentrates on an article that focuses on travel and destination from Texas writers. This adds reviews of Texas hotels, events, restaurants and more. Your posts should be around 600-1000 words each. They pay around $125 and if your article is very fascinating with including images that attract their readers they will pay you around $200.

#67. Bird Channel

This site is associated with Bird Talk magazine. They actually focus on articles that answer the queries. Your article should be around 800-2000 words on the care of birds, how-to articles, photo essays, and human interest stories. They pay $100-$200 if your article is around 1000 words or less and if your article is about 1500-2000 words that also includes photography then you will pay around $300-$400.

#68. Cosmopolitan

This site is tied to Cosmopolitan magazine that is looking for online contributors to send essays about crazy, memorable, touching or hilarious college experiences. But your article should be up to 800 words and can concentrate on friends, partying dating, internships, working, classes and more. They can you around $100 for a published essay.

#69. Earth Island Journal

While this site is a quarterly magazine, they accept articles about “online reports,” that they say are a great way for writers like you to break into their markets. As this site is kind of publication that on covering environmental issues adding wildlife and lands conversation, climate and energy, animal rights, environmental public policy, and more. If you have an online report, you will pay $50-$100. They also pay $0.25 per word for their usual shorter dispatches and features, averaging $750-$1000 for an in-depth feature.

Wrapping up

These are some of the great places and sites to write for them, and you will be paid most you can. There are few great places to find clients those are webmaster relevant to forums. Most of the forums have a classified section where you can begin a thread offering your services. Bloggers and webmasters are often looking for quality writers on these kinds of forums.

Forums like DigitalPoints and WarriorForum are two of the hottest and famous webmaster related forums that you should try.

So do you love the above-given list of the sites that lets you write for them and pay you more? If yes, then you should find the sites which suit you and you can make money instantly by writing for those sites. If you have any other sites that I forgot to discover in the given above list then feel free to share that here in the comments section with me.

Any question?
Ask here, and I will get back to it very soon.