101 Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Blog Readership

Looking for an Ideal List of Essential Tools for digital marketing? Find the best marketing tools here in this article.

Nowadays, strategic marketing is more than just creativity and awareness. To effectively reach your target market, you need tools that you collect and segment your email marketing lists, website data, track your campaigns, manage your social media accounts and a lot more.

For marketers, keeping up all these marketing activities can be overwhelming. Fortunately, the growth of technology, there are hundreds of tools available to help you out with these important marketing tasks.

Marketing tools can streamline a variety of marketing function, enables the teams to concentrate on their attempts on other primary features that efficiently develop leads and drive revenue.

I have rounded up 101 marketing tools with amazing capabilities to simplify much time-consuming marketing activities. While the following list of 101 tools is listed in particular order, it is worth taking a look at if you are seeking ways to streamline one or more marketing functions.

An Exclusive List of All Kind of Marketing Tools

# Link Prospecting Tools
# Analytics Tools
# Keyword Research Tools
# Competitive Analysis Tools
# On-Page SEO Tools
# Rank Tracking Tools
# Backlink Research Tools
# Outreach Tools
# Email List Verification Tools
# Email Marketing Tools
# Local SEO Tools
# Mobile app Analytics Tools
# Content Research Tools
# Landing Page Tools
# Marketing Automation Tools
# Social Media Marketing Tools
# Webinar Tools
# A/B Testing Tools
# Online Mention Tracking Tools
# CRM Tools
# PPC Management Tools
# Customer Communication Tools
# Lead Capture Tools
# Miscellaneous Tools

#Link Prospecting Tools

Link prospecting is one of the important and first initiatives in the link gaining process. And seeking for link building opportunities and reaching out to webmasters to drive new links back to your website is never an easy task.

It needs efforts, time and a carefully personalized approach for getting backlinks. However, some prospecting tools make this task very easy, and you can collect tons of link targets from different websites.

1. LinkClump is perfect for vetting largest prospects that offer you to open lots of links in a single fell swoop. It is free Google Chrome extension.

2. SEERS SEO Toolbox is another great tool helps to add useful SEO-focused formulas into the Google Sheets. This tool is available for free.

3. Google Results Extractor built by Chris Ainsworth that generates Google search results into a clean list. This tool costs $149 per year.

4. NoFollow: This tool is extraordinary which look for non-followed links on any web page. It means that link doesn’t contain SEO value. This free extension for Google Chrome.

5. Check My Links: This tool is actually built for Google Chrome, which helps you to look for broken links from any site from your browser.

6. URL Profiler: Yet another great tool that collects the content from websites. Another great thing about this tool is that it fetches the data from Majestic, Moz, Ahrefs, and lots of other data places. It offers 14 days trial, and per month it costs £19.95 for a solo user.

#Analytics Tools

It is a little bit hard and confusing to know your site visitors. Each guest brings its set of data that has to be collected, measured, analyzed and reported.

To find out where your visitors are coming from and how they interact with your site, there are plenty of tools here I have listed below. This can turn all of the collected information into and easy to understand report which will provide you better insight for your unique web visitors.

7. Google Analytics: This one of the best tools that you can use to track and analyze data about web traffic. This tool generates a report for your site which adds information about, goals, content, traffic, visitors, user behaviors and a lot more. This is free to use a tool.

8. KISSMetrics: This tool analyses changes in user behavior, timeline view of visitors, track URLS by adding parameters and lastly very easy to understand the visual format of users. With the Self-service plan, it costs $220 per month.

9. HotJar: This tool very helpful to see how visitors are interacting with your website using heatmaps. The basic plan of this tool is available for free, and the starting price of this tool is $29 per month.

10. MixPanel: This tool is useful to learn about visitor on your site. And another best thing, it is ideal for product development and optimizing conversions. The startup plan costs $99 per month.

#Keyword Research Tools

The keywords you select to focus on for your SEO efforts are vital to the success on your site’s ranking. Picking up the right keywords is not always easy or intuitive, and moreover, you need lots of data to know whether a provided keyword will work for you or not.

Luckily, there are many tools available that can help you figure out which keyword work best for your entire web strategy. But here I have some of the best and useful tools.

11. Ahrefs: This is a great tool to generate new keyword ideas and finding out your chances to rank for several keywords. This tool offers 4 plans, and the starting plan costs $99 per month.

12. AnswerThePublic.com: This is a simple keyword suggestion tool which fetches and maps keyword suggestions that you can see when you perform a Google search. All you need is to enter the keyword, and you will be presented with questions, prepositions, and alphabetical lists. This tool is free to use.

13. Long Tail Pro: This is cloud-based software for keyword research that finds unique keywords for your niche. The pricing starts with $37 per month.

14. SEMRush: This tool is not a typical keyword research tool. It provides lots of more than just researching keywords. This will show you all the keywords that are ranking for your site. Also provides detail on traffic stats, Adsense CPC and Search engine reports. Pricing of this tool starts with $69.95 per month.

15. KeywordTool.io: This super useful tool utilizes Google’s autocomplete feature to generate keywords. This is free to use.

#Competitive Analysis Tools

To beat the competition, you should keep an eye on your competitors’ every marketing move. Tracking competitors’ search rankings, content, social mentions and anything else they do to boost their businesses. There are certain tools available in the market that you should leverage. Take a look at those tools.

16. SpyFu: This is a powerful tool that lets you view all the data on competitors’ keywords in both organic search and AdWords, and get even more related. All you need is to enter competitors’ keywords and get an overall view of their strategy. This tool contains three plans basic, professional, and team. The basic plan costs $49 a month.

17. SimilarWeb: This tool has become a staple tool for competitive analysis. It allows you to analyze multiple factors of your competitor’s online marketing strategy and compare it to your site. There are three plans one for free, and other are ultimate and custom plans.

18. Ahrefs (Site Explorer): This tool lets you see what keywords your competitors are ranking in search, who is linking to your competitors, most popular content of your competitors, and a lot more. The pricing starts with $99 per month.

19. SEMRush: This is another one the most favorite tools the provides great competitive insight to get the most from the tool. The pro plan of this tool costs $69.95 per month.

#On-Page SEO Tools

In the world of Hummingbird and Panda, it is getting a lot more important to get your on-page SEO right.

You might have a significant outreach and a best PR campaign, and excellent link profile. However, if you don’t optimize your site, you will have a hard time to reach top positions in SERPs. There are several tools which you can use to optimize your site’s on-page SEO.

20. Yoast SEO: This is a WordPress plugin provides you the ability to quickly add/replace on-page information such as title, description, and a lot more without using any code. This plugin is available for free, but the premium plugin has more features.

21. Xenu Link Sleuth: This is an excellent free tool that helps you to find broken links on your site to make your site easier to crawl and thus increase your crawl rates. This tool is free to use.

22. Screaming Frog SEO Spider: This tool can be your best friend that is exclusively developed for the SEO professionals, which receives the websites you designate. It also analyzes the URLs for common SEO problems. The LITE version of Screaming Frog SEO Spider is free to use while the paid plan is $160 per year.

23. Beam Us Up: This is a free application for powerful crawling. This is kind of similar to Screaming Frog tool. This tool is free to download.

24. OnPage.org: This is extremely relevant for on-page SEO that finds technical errors on your site, provide a detailed report of your site. You can try its free plan but if you want to leverage more features of this tool there are few paid plans the starting plan costs $199.90 per month.

25. DeepCrawl: Unlike Screaming Frog this tool is cloud-based that clearly sees the internal broken links. This is why this tool is a powerful industry-leading website crawler tool. The pricing starts with $79 per month.

#Rank Tracking Tools

This is absolutely necessary for a webmaster or SEO professional to check their Google keyword ranking for target keywords. Every blogger must have a goal to use the keyword which users search the most, especially those keywords which helps your website show up on one of the first new pages of search results.

To optimize your site content, you should manage keywords properly so that you can find out which keywords are active for your site and which are not. In order accomplish this aim, you can leverage some of the tools that will retrieve search engines rankings for keywords and pages.

26. Pro Rank Tracker: This tool is a cloud-based app that tracks about 50,000 keywords with automatic daily updates. This tool supports Google organic, local, maps and mobile tracking. The pricing of this tool starts with $19 per month which tracks around 300 keywords.

27. AWR Cloud: This tool offers you everything you need such as rank tracking, link building, web analytics, social media monitoring and SEO research. You can also build white label ranking reports. This tool offers 30 days trial, and the starting price of this tool is $49 per month.

28. STAT: With daily keywords, this tool tracks an unlimited number of keywords. It also includes mobile and local SERPs.

29. Accuranker: One of the fast rank checker tools that updates in seconds. It this tool integrates with Google Analytics which also tracks social metrics. It cost you $44.95 per month.

30. SERPWoo: This tool is the bird’s eye view of the SERPs. Including local mobile tracking, it tracks up to 4,000 keywords. With this tool, you are able to monitor leading 100 positions for any query. Price start of this tool with $49.95 per month.

For the high page ranking and better keyword ranking, backlinks used to be one of the most important parameters.

Though with the time, Google demoted the priority of backlinks and added more social signals to rank a website. Typically, backlinks are usually categorized into two ways one is Dofollow backlinks, and another is nofollow backlinks.

In general, we usually concentrate on creating dofollow links while we want to create backlinks. With the help of research tools, we count how many backlinks we have created for our site. A good amount of backlinks helps your site in improving the page rank and also the Moz rank of your site.

Given below are some of the backlink research tools which will help you to see all the incoming backlinks to your website. So here they are:

31. Majestic: This is a top-notch tool for SEO professional and developers alike. Its largest Link Intelligence database allows you to find how all the website on the web link to each other.

Another best thing about this tool, it offers you great details about the domain, URLs, and amount of backlinks detected by its web robot for your domains or URL(s). It also contains a few useful metrics such as TrustFlow and CitationFlow.

With Silver plan, this tool costs £44.99 per month, but right now you can enjoy its Silver Quarterly unique plan which costs £29.99 per month.

32. Ahrefs (Site Explorer): This is a paid backlink checker tool, however, if you register for a free account, you will get a complete backlink analysis along with an anchor text analysis of your site. The pricing starts with $99 per month.

33. Open Site Explorer: This is worth trying to compare backlinks between two or more domains. This tool works great when you have paid account of SEOMOZ though a free version of this tool is good enough to get started with checking of backlinks of your site and the sites of your competitors. This tool is free to use.

#Outreach Tools

Influencer outreach may seem simple, but it is not. Reaching out to the potential bloggers is a very complex task. It includes five step process to reach out to influencers such as understand the need for bloggers, set aims, find relevant bloggers, collaborate with bloggers and lastly measure results.

Even though, doing this is not enough because many of the people don’t know where to start and how to start. Well, don’t worry there are several tools which can help you achieve great success in outreaching to the influencers.

34. Buzzstream: This tool is a CRM for PR and marketing and your contact database that lets you track all emails sent. This search and reputation management platform help you to find bloggers to reach out. The best thing about this tool is that it can filter results by the time frame. The price starts from $24 per month.

35. JustReachOut.io: It allows you to research and pitch to journalists easily. One of the best things about this tool, it integrates with HARO which has a huge name in the journalism world. This tool costs $65 per month.

36. ContentMarketer.io: The name of this tool speaks everything about it. With this tool, you can schedule and send customized outreach emails through your Google account. And the best feature of this tool is that you have access to a variety of features such as templates, schedule and tracking to ensure your outreach strategy. This is free to use a tool.

37. Pitchbox: This tool is the all-in-one influence that looks perfect for large-scale campaigns. It is a heavy-duty CRM for influencer campaign management, with some pretty great features.

Such as it chart emails sent compared to responses received to help you measure the impact of your emails and different templates you are using. The startup plan of this tool costs about $95 per month.

38. NinjaOutreach: Yet another outreach tool, that offers personalized of templates, automatic email outreach, and track email statistics. You can try this tool’s free trial for 14 days, and the pricing starts with $49 per month.

#Email List Verification Tools

Email list verification is the process that determines whether the list of the email address is valid and deliverable or not. Where many aspects are checked such as email address syntax, role-based account, domain/MX records, spam trap, disposable email address, checking DNSBLs and URI DNSBLs for blacklisting.

Email list verification is an essential task for email marketing, and many email marketers perform this task. There are many tools available in the market that helps you to gather contact information by visiting, parsing and scraping sites.

39. Hunter.io: Earlier it is known as EmailHunter.co that Sort out both the email discovery and verification. Along with the Chrome extension, it also has a clean UI and API access that works in Google Sheets. Pricing starts with $49 per month.

40. FindThat.Email: This tool has only Chrome access along with UI and this tool states 85% delivery rate on all email addresses it finds. Apart from this, you can leverage this tool along with Ahrefs Dashboard. The pricing of this tool starts with $29 per month.

41. Guesser.email: Works exactly it names. From the webmaster’s name and email address, it guesses the webmaster’s email address. This tool is available for free.

42. Voila Norbert: This tool is pretty similar to Hunter.io that discovers and verifies email addresses. But yes it only has an API, not the Chrome extension. This tool costs $49 per month.

43. MailTester.com: By pinging the server, this tool verifies the existence of an email address. It is not that great but still it works. This tool is free to download.

However, none of these tools are 100% accurate most of them states 80-90% accuracy. But still, you can use this tools they are good at their places.

#Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies in digital marketing. It is very easy to manage, and you can have full control that allows you to establish direct contact with your customers.

A good email marketing service lets you create highly engaging emails campaigns. Apart from this it offers you to manage your contacts and tracks the performance of your email campaign.

An essential part of having a right email marketing tool ensures that your email does not end up in the spam folder. So there are several tools that useful with this.

44. InfusionSoft: This easy to use email marketing tool incorporates with a CRM, and concentrate on smart automation. The starting plan costs $199 per month.

45. GetResponse: This is a most popular email marketing tool, which allows you to create smart automated campaigns which help you boost your profits. It also integrates with third-party lead generation software such as Google Docs, SalesForce, etc. It costs $15 per month with starting a plan.

46. MailChimp: Yet another favorite tool that offers email creator merge tags, auto-responders, segmenting contacts into your groups and tracking and analytics. This free to use the tool and the paid plan starts with $10 per month.

47. Aweber is the best email marketing tool for marketers who are looking for an established tool in a budget. This opt-in email marketing tool immediately engages with subscribers and start sending autoresponder messages. The starting price of this tool is $19 per month wherein first month is free and then $19 per month. You can also try its free trial.

48. ConvertKit: This is perfect for professional bloggers, which allows you to easily offer content upgrade and incentives with simple email signup forms.

It also includes easy to manage auto-responders that let you send trickle emails. It has an excellent extensive knowledge base with great learning material. This tool costs $29 per month.

#Local SEO Tools

Local SEO is a vital task for any businesses which are looking to expand their customer base. However, lots of efforts many webmasters struggle to rank in local SEO.

But thanks to technology that provides the amount of local SEO tools which are very easy and efficient to use, while still producing useful information. Let see them.

49. BrightLocal: This is a great tool to track your local and organic search ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It also takes your local SEO data into one dashboard. And the tons of tools it offers are citation auditing, online review monitoring, and a lot more. Pricing of this tool starts with $16.58 per month.

50. Moz Local: Yet another excellent tool that helps you make sure that your local business listings are exact and correct. There are three plans the starting plan costs $9 per month.

51. FreeReviewMonitoring.com: It is an excellent new service that tracks your reviews on all the leading review sites for free on a daily basis. Every day it sends out an email to you with new reviews as they are crawled. This is also useful to monitor your competitor’s reviews. This is free to use a tool.

52. WhiteSpark: It helps you to optimize the visibility of your site and make it easy for clients and search engine to find you. It offers three main tools such as local citation builder, local rank tracker, and reputation builder. There’s also a link prospector available.

#Mobile App Analytics Tools

Knowing how your users or people are downloading your app, and how much money you are making or user thinks that your app is useful and relevant.

But apart from all these things there several things those equally important to learn such as where, when, how and by what kind of people your app is being used, and how it is useful for them. But if you want to know how well your app is doing and wondering how to take you app to next level?

This list of best mobile app analytics tools will give you the data to help you understand how people are using your app, and where the pain points are and how to make your app the best of it can be.

53. App Annie: This is tool improves app performance with the leading app store data platform. This tool makes excellent market analysis very easy. For single app cost $59 per month.

54. Apsalar: This app is great, and it is more focused on advertising attribution. This tool also gives your good app look at your marketing ROI. This is useful for both the platform iOS and Android. This tool is free to use.

55. LeanPlum: This is an ample mobile analytics tool. With the help of this tool, you can quickly drive app engagement and ROI.

#Content Research Tools

Creating excellent and shareable content every day requires lots of hard work and creativity too. But when you are brainstorming and researching for the content ideas, this task gets worse. Many of you have faced this stage and problem, and still, somewhere you are facing those problems.

But fear not, there are the amount of content research tools available to help you to regularly create and thoroughly investigate creative content ideas that have great potential, without losing peace of your mind.

56. Ahrefs Content Explorer: This is a sister tool of Ahrefs site, Explorer. It aggregates the most aggregates shared content around particular keywords. The pricing of this tool is $99 per month.

57. Buzzsumo: Buzzsumo is a highly popular research tool and very similar to Ahrefs Content Explorer that analysis your competitor’s best-performing content. You can also content with the most social shares very easily. It costs $99 per month with the pro plan.

58. Reddit: This is a very popular community site, but with the different purposes. Through this community, you can find tried and tested ideas for your content. This is all free to use.

#Landing Page Tools

Landing pages are a key component of any online businesses. They are great options when it comes to efficiently collecting email addresses and generate leads for businesses.

As compared to general landing pages have a higher conversion rates. Using landing pages on your site is essential.

But still, there are many marketer and site owners who resistant to using landing pages because they are too long and complicated to create and many of the marketers don’t know how to improve their landing pages systematically.

Well, there are some of the best tools, which make this task very easy for every online marketer. Let see them.

59. LeadPages: This is the great landing page builder, which is packed with bundle features. This tool allows you to integrate with other marketing apps and platforms.

Lead Pages offers a rich library of free landing page templates which made specifically for different lead generation and email collecting techniques. The starting plan costs $25 per month.

60. Instapage: Instapage is a combination package that includes a landing page, and A/B split testing. This tool costs $29 per month with the starting plan.

61. ClickFunnels: This tool pre-plan your overall funnel and build all the landing pages which you need. This tool costs $97 per month with the starting plan.

62. UnBounce: The name speaks of this tools this means the visitors to your landing pages don’t bounce. This popular tool is a leader in landing page optimization. That also offers a robust platform for customizing proven templates or creating your landing pages from the scratch. It costs $49 per month with the starter plan.

#Marketing Automation Tools

As we all know that marketing landscape is constantly shifting and becoming increasingly difficult as consumers rely on a variety of devices to consume media.

For marketer like you and me keeping the marketing activities at the top, it could be tough. Individual marketing automation tools can streamline an amount of marketing functions, enabling teams to focus their efforts on other core tasks that drive nurture leads and revenue as well. Here is the list of those tools:

63. Marketo: It is a multi-functional platform offering marketing automation, real-time and customer engagement marketing. This tool contains lead generation, measure and optimizes ROI, Search marketing and allot more. This tool costs $1995 per month.

64. IFTTT: Using a very simple formula of “If [THIS] then [THAT]” this excellent tool helps you to connect with hundreds of different services. This is free to use.

65. Hubspot: This is an all-in-one marketing automation tool that monitors leads, landing pages, and performance in one. It streamlines content creation and convert, track and categories leads. This tool costs $200 per month with the basic plan.

66. Zapier: This tool simply automates all the tasks between apparently separate apps with Zaps. The premium plan costs $20 per month.

67. Center.io: Based on your leads’ actions on leading pages this tool automates all the tasks. The starting plan costs $20 per month.

#Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media is a landscape of productivity. Many marketers use social media channels to grow their businesses. However, this is the time-consuming strategy of marketing.

But worry not, because there are tons of tools are available to help you handle and schedule your social media efficiently.

68. Buffer: This is a popular device by the many social media marketer who creates a time frame for each of your social media accounts in one place. It costs $10 per month.

69. HootSuite: This yet another great too. Like, buffer this tool also helps you to manage all social media accounts one place. You can use its free plan, but the professional plan costs $9.99 per month.

70. CoSchedule: This tool is a great tool that lets you create a smart content marketing editorial calendar as per your schedule. The pricing starts with $60.

71. FollowerWonk: This is the best tool to analyze your twitter followers and very useful to find the influencers in your industry. This costs $29 per month.

#Webinar Tools

We all know that Webinars are the best ways to reach out and interact with the users, share your knowledge, and improve your business. Webinars are all about to offer online classes.

If you are looking for some of the best tools that run your online classes smoothly, here are some of the best tools.

72. GoToWebinar: This is the best choice for webinar tool, and famous for very reliable platform and ease of use. This tool lets you host and record webinars with live Q&A’s and a lot more. This tool costs £69 per month.

73. WebinarJam: Yet another excellent tool that uses Google Hangouts and adds marketing features to it. This allows you host enormous webinars with all the powerful features of professional webinar tools. It has custom landing pages, email notifications, polls, quizzes and live offers during sessions. Pricing starts from $497 per year.

74. WebinarNinja: With this tool, you can create a webinar in as little as 10 seconds. This costs $25 per month.

75. ClickWebinar: This tool offers global web conferencing, webinar rebranding, full desktop and browser sharing and a lot more. The pricing of this tool is $45 per month.

#A/B Testing Tools

A/B testing or say split testing is one of the key elements that plays a huge role in marketing. A/B testing helps you to set your goal. The goal could be anything from increasing sales, conversion rate, reducing bounce rate and a lot more.

Running A/B testing gives you actual data on your users and can help you make improve your business and ensure that every change produces positive results. This also helps you to gain valuable customer insights. There are several tools which are good at the A/B testing.

76. VWO: It stands for Visual Website Optimizer. It is incredibly popular in the online marketing. It runs A/B testing very easily on your website. The starting plan is $49 per month.

77. Convert.com: This tool does the A/B testing at enterprise-level with continuous Google Analytics integration. The light plan cost $499 per month.

78. Optimizely: Optimizely is a great spot for business owners who want to start A/B testing effectively. The starting plans at $17.

#Online Mention Tracking Tools

Whether it is a huge brand or small business, it is crucial to track new stories, blog posts, social media comments and consumer reviews.

Monitoring what is being said about your company helps you track of your online mentions, respond to comments and improve your products, services and customer experience based on the feedback that you receive. There are some online mention tracking tools which are worth to consider.

79. Google Alerts: This simple and easy to use tool that sends reports to your inbox. If you want to know every single time your competitors is mentioned online, whether as merely a mention or a link, you will get the report. With this tool, you can monitor your keyword as well. This tool is completely free.

80. Ahrefs (Alerts): Another great and well-known tool that shows you things such as top pages, IPs and external links related to your competitors. This costs $99 per month with the light plan.

81. Mention: It helps you to monitor the mentions of your brand on the web. It also helps you to find influencers and allows you to connect with them instantly. This tool costs $29 per month with the solo plan.

82. Social Mention: With lots of cool features it monitors and analyzes real-time keyword. This tool is free to use.

83. TalkWalker: On the Social platforms searches for brand your mentions. It also generates the report of both types of remarks such as positive and negative. The basic plan of this tool starts with $8400 per year.

#CRM Tools

We all are familiar with the sales management process; it is a noisy and messy process. But it gets really complicated when you are gaining more leads. However, technology increases so as some tools too. So to solve the problem you can use the instruments to keep your work on track.

84. Salesforce: It is one of the leading CRM vendors in the market. With popular cloud platform and fully stocked app store, Salesforce is capable of handling any CRM demand for a variety of industries. This tool costs £20 per month.

85. Pipedrive: It is very useful sales management application for them who have an online small business. It costs $10 per month.

86. Hubspot CRM: This is another great tool which 100% free CRM for up to a million contacts. This is free to use a tool.

87. Close.io: For sales people out there it is a very helpful tool to generate more leads. The pricing of this tool $65 per month.

#PPC Management Tools

There has been one study conducted that shows that Facebook alone made $1.51 billion revenue in the first three months of 2016. And recently, Google’s ad revenue earned $19 billion.

Just because PPC networks like this, these enormous and well-known systems make lots of profits. To build a network like this takes time, but don’t lose the hope because small business can be expanded by the time and some of the shortcuts such as the use of PPC managing tools.

88. AdEspresso: This is a great tool for Facebook advertisers to create, optimize and analyze campaigns. You can use the free trial of this tool for 14 days, and monthly pricing starts with $49.

89. WordStream: This tool helps you create, manage and optimize your PPC campaigns very quickly. The pricing of this tool starts with $49 per month.

90. Optmyzr: Including keywords, ad optimization and bid this tool efficiently manages and optimize your PPC campaigns. This tool costs $116 per month.

#Customer Communication Tools

We all know the value of getting lots and lots more leads on our site. And for that many marketers spend lots time to get new leads. However, your existing customers are the soul of your business; it is equally important to stay connected with your existing clients.

You can make this task very easy with handy tools.

91. LiveChat: This very easy to use messaging application that you can use on your site. That connect with your customers using Facebook Messenger. The pricing starts with $16 per month.

92. Intercom: In the real-time this tool communicates, engage with and solve the problems of your visitors and clients too. This tool costs $61 per month.

93. Customer.io: This tool easily automates your customer communication based on your visitor engagement. This tool costs $100 per month.

#Lead Capture Tools

As a business owner, it is essential that you know about your leads and how to generate them as well. Because results in your business are the real property of your business.

Many of you are facing the problem of how you can generate leads. Well, there are pretty good tools available in the market that you can use.

94. Sumome: This tool is a package of cool features that helps you to generate natural and quality leads. This tool is free to use.

95. OptinMonster: This tool doesn’t only generate leads build, test and analyze lead generation forms. The basic plan of this tool costs $9 per month.

96. Thrive Leads: The great thing this tool is that it easily adds content upgrades and other opt-ins to your WordPress website. It costs $19 per month.

#Miscellaneous Tools

Well, above all the tools are categories, but there are some of the useful tools which I want to share here.

97. BuiltWith: This tool is helpful to find out that which website is built on which CMS platform such as WordPress, or Magento, etc. This tool costs $295 per month with the basic plan.

98. Google Tag Assistant: This tool is a Chrome extension that displays the list of various Google Tags installed on a web page, report on implementation errors. It suggests fixes by providing useful tips and link to help articles. This free Chrome extension.

99. JetPack: This is a plugin for self-hosted WordPress site. The essential features of this plugin are added extra security, decrease the loading time of the image and offer visitor stats. This plugin is free to download.

100. WebCodeTools.com: This is an app that generates cross-browser compatible CSS(3) and HTML(5). It also makes Microdata including Rich Snippet of Google, Twitter Card metadata, and Open Graph. This tool is free to use.

101. DownNotifier.com: This only notifies you while your website is down. This tool costs $14.95 per year.

Bonus. Microdata Generator: This tool is generated by Schema.org that uses to generate your code, you can use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper. This tool is free to use.

This is it!

Have I missed any tool in here? You can share it here in the comment section below.