Ultimate List of Free Yet Authority Websites To Build High Quality Backlinks

Are you desperately searching and looking for authority but free sites to earn high-quality backlinks? Then you are in luck this article for those who are looking for free sources which help them to make high-quality backlinks for their site and drive organic traffic to their site.

Each time we talk about SEO, we all split it into on-site SEO and off-site SEO. Off-site SEO primarily consists backlinks and social signal. Especially, to optimize your ranking in SERP’s you need to get high-quality links from other authority sites.

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We all know the significance of search engine traffic, and that obtaining high-quality backlinks to your site is one of the great ways to optimize your sites rankings and get better results and search engine traffic, this post will be listing 40+ ultimate sources that you can use to get quality backlinks to your site.

Though, before we move ahead to the sites, here are things which you need to keep in mind. Google’s Penguin that is targeted to get rid of blogs or sites using spammy or paid ways to build quality backlinks to their sites. So, keeping that in my mind I have, I’ve done my research and compiled this list of more than 40 ultimate sources.

Also, when you are building backlinks to the site, you need to keep the quality of backlinks and anchor text variation in your mind. Besides, rather than making lots of quality backlinks to your homepage only, start working on generating links to the internal pages of your website. You can even begin working on resource pages such as 101 Formulas to Drive Traffic Right Now and build links to them. This is how you can target Single or double word Keywords efficiently.

With the quality authority for building quality backlinks, there are also few of the link building techniques that you should ignore. So before, I begin with my list of 40+ authority websites, here are few of the links building techniques that you should ignore:

  • Ignore site wide link from footer (WordPress plugins or themes)
  • Ignore purchasing exact anchor text link and make sure that you maintain the portion with 40%-20%-20%-10%-10% for the anchor text variation
  • Don’t opt for link networks like a private link network
  • Ignore BlogRoll links
  • Ignore purchasing mass links from sites such as Fiverr
  • Article directory links are not that much useful anymore

These are few of the techniques that you should avoid when starting with the high-quality links building campaign. However, I don’t know how many times I have mentioned that out of all the current technique, guest posting is one of the great ways to get the high-quality link and moreover, this will help you to drive organic traffic to your site.

Free Yet Authority Websites For Building Quality Links to Your Site

Ultimate List of Free Yet Authority Websites To Earn High Quality Backlinks

In this list of fantastic free authority sites for building high-quality links for your site, I have partitioned the sites that will help you get quality backlinks in different ways. So let’s take a look at those sites one-by-one.

#Web Directories

#1. Scrub the Web

Page Rank: 6

Domain Authority: 73

This site is kind of analyzer that analysis website. Here you can submit your blog or website to check your site health and so on. This site is free to use. To check your site’s health, all you need to do is only submit your site URL and identify the email to confirm submission.

#2. So Much

Page Rank: 5

Domain Authority: 60

So Much is a huge human edited directory in the world. Here you have many categories from which you can select your related one. As the submission of your site is all for free, this site takes the time to get your link accepted.

#3. Directory World

Page Rank: 2

Domain Authority: 67

Similar to the So Much Directory The World is another free directory, where you can select from 100’s of categories for to look for the best suited for your site. However, this site doesn’t have that much good rank.

As this site has 67 as DA so this is extremely beneficial for your site. As this site is free to use this site can even block the free submission due to a high amount of site still required to include. You should be lucky enough to get access to the standard review from this site.

#4. ImageShack

Page Rank: 7

Domain Authority: 93

This is a subscription-based photo sharing platform with which you can easily host photos here.

#5. Jayde

Page Rank: 3

Domain Authority: 58

This site is a B2B search engine. All of your business searches requires in one place. Whether it is a product, company name, service or other information, this site lets you submit a free link under the respective categories. This site contains DA of 58 this directory is an excellent option.

#6. T Section

Page Rank: 4

Domain Authority: 50

T Section is a free online directory of the sites on the web. Similar to the So Much and Directory World this site also human edited directory in the internet world. This site also categorized in several categories. As this site is free to use all you need to do is submit your website URL to this site and you will able to get quality backlinks.

#7. Vie Search

Page Rank: 4

Domain Authority: 27

This site Vie Search is only having 27 as DA which does not have that much domain authority. But still, with this site, you can generate quality backlinks to your site because this site offers over 1000 categories.

To submit your site’s URL tap on Submit button and enter your website URL and submit it to that site and this is it.

#8. Pro Link Directory

Page Rank: 4

Domain Authority: 34

Pro Link Directory is a free web directory. If you are thinking to build back link campaign which can generate high-quality backlinks to your site, then you should take a look at this web directory and submit your site URL to this directory. However, this site doesn’t have that good domain authority, but still, this is worth to give a try.

#9. Load Spy

Page Rank: 4

Domain Authority: 22

Load Spy is another web directory with 4 page rank and 22 domain authority. This is also a great site with several categories, where you can submit your site URL for free.

#10. Giga Blast

Page Rank: 3

Domain Authority: 39

Gigablast is open source on a search engine so you can quickly submit your website URL to this web directory.

#Image Sharing Sites

#11. Pinterest

Page Rank: 9

Domain Authority: 100

Pinterest is world’s most popular photo-sharing site that is a free source of profile backlink. Here you will be able to login with your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ account too. On this site, you can showcase your site to millions of people who are seeking for particular knowledge.

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#12. Flickr

Page Rank: 9

Domain Authority: 99

Flickr is the most famous image-sharing site across the globe, which offers incredible features for the image-sharing folks. In comparison to the other image sharing site, this site is a top site that has few of the amazing features and offers free 1TB of cloud storage.

#13. Instagram

Page Rank: 9

Domain Authority: 98

If you think that a website that helps you in a great way to share your images across the social media and drive high-quality backlinks to your site then, Instagram is the best choice. On this platform, you can upload unlimited photos and videos as well as 3 and 15 seconds time interval.

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This platform has no storage cost, and this is absolutely free with the unlimited uploads. So what else do we need, right? If you are wondering drive quality link to your site then what best practice then this social media platform.

#14. DeviantArt

Page Rank: 7

Domain Authority: 94

DeviantArt is another site which focuses on community and sharing your art such as images and other digital creations. This is one of the most famous digital media communities across the web. This free image sharing site lets you share your images with much ease. Also, it offers unlimited storage space for storing your images. In my opinion, you should actually go to this site because across the world there are millions of the users that his site has so showcase your website in front of those millions of the people and drive organic backlinks to your site.

#15. Dropshots

Page Rank: 4

Domain Authority: 57

Dropshots is one of an essential resource for sharing images and stays in touch with your loyal audience and also this helps you push your online business and lets you show your business to lots more audience.

#16. Photo Bucket

Page Rank: 7

Domain Authority: 94

This is an editing tool that helps you edit your image. There is one image-sharing site which is Stalwart that offers an automatic image editor with simple features like sharpening, cropping, and red-eye removal. Apart from this, it allows small video to be hosted. You can easily signup for a free account or quickly by using your Facebook account. With the free account, you will have 2GB of free storage.

#Document Sharing Sites

#17. Issuu

Page Rank: 9

Domain Authority: 94

Issuu is a free electronic publishing portal for digital documents. This site has over 85 million active readers. This site was launched at the end of the year of 2007. On this document sharing site, millions of users and visitors find and share the catalogs, magazines, and publications they choose on Issuu. So basically this is an excellent way to make your article go viral and attract more and more backlinks to your site.

#18. Dropbox

Page Rank: 8

Domain Authority: 86

A file hosting service that is operated by Dropboc Inc with more than 200 million active users. This is was initially release in September 2008.

#19. 4Shared

Page Rank: 6

Domain Authority: 90

This is a file hosting and document sharing service with cloud storage which is found in 2005. This provides online file sharing with the storage capacity of 15 GB free web space. The registration process is very easy and straightforward.

#20. Zoho

Page Rank: 7

Domain Authority: 84

Zoho is one of the best and popular documents sharing sites which made document management very easier. You can build, store, share, collaborate and manage all of your business related documents and files in the cloud. This site offers amazing features for all its users such as store and manages all the files from one single location.

#21. Docstoc

Page Rank: 7

Domain Authority: 84

Docstoc is a document hosting portal this is where you can target your right audience from more than 25 million registered users. As this is free to use the site, this is ideal for your take advantage of this site. This site found in October 2007.

#22. Google Drive

Page Rank: 8

Domain Authority: 81

Google Drive is free web based drive, which is basically a storage service and as well as free document publishing platform that offers free storage capacity of 15.6GB per account. This is introduced in the year of January 2010 that is available in 53 different languages.

#23. Scribd

Page Rank: 8

Domain Authority: 95

Scribd is a digital library for social reading and publishing site with more than 80 million active users. This site was founded in March 2007. This site is smooth to operate and browse through. There is no any kind of massive hangups and documents, which will be opened quite quickly and easily. This platform supports a large number of document types in this pack. It is the best portal for individual users, even with we have seen certain small businesses using this portal frequently.

#Profile Links

#24. AuthorStream

Page Rank: 6

Domain Authority: 69

AuthorStream lets you upload and share PowerPoint presentations online and embed that slideshows in your sites and convert that into a video and share that in World Wide Web. To use this platform only sign up for a free account and edit your profile and the site link with your site URL and don’t forget to include a short intro about yourself.

#25. Flavors

Page Rank: 6

Domain Authority: 39

This is a free website for all the social content, photos, videos and a lot more. This site is 100% free for all, and you can bring all the social content into a single website. This unique and elegant portal simply pulls your online presence into one place. This site is worth to try.

#26. Quora

Page Rank: 7

Domain Authority: 88

Quora is the site of the question and answer where you can ask questions which are relevant to any industry like health, technology, shopping, science, Internet, Service and a lot more. Ask a new question in Quora with your website link. This will help you get content ideas as well as great way to target traffic.

For that only sign up on Quora and include a link to your site in the Boi section. An essential thing to note is that it takes time for backlinks to index. So I recommend you to don’t hope for rapid results.

#27. About.me

Page Rank: 7

Domain Authority: 90

This is a free website to build your profile page. You can quickly include a link to your profile with a free account.

#28. LiveFyre

Page Rank: 4

Domain Authority: 85

This is a real-time content marketing tool, which is fifth well ranked online network in the world. You can build a free account on LiveFyre. This tools primary goal is to include a link to your profile.

Just like other profile creation sites you can sign up on this platform very easily. After activation of your account doesn’t forget to add your site link and your short bio on this platform.

#29. Wayne

Page Rank: 6

Domain Authority: 58

Wayn is basically a travel social network, which basically focuses on to help discover where to go and find the like-minded people. You can quickly sign up for its free account and include a link back to your site by just adding your site link to the Author Bio.

#30. Bentio

Page Rank: 6

Domain Authority: 86

This is site is another site that lets you create a profile for your site for free. Just like every other site only sign up for this site and include the short description about yourself and also add your site URL to the website link section.

#General or Blogs Sites

#31. YouTube

Domain Authority: 100

When we wonder about video sharing sites, YouTube naturally the one that comes in our mind, right? With 100 of the Domain Authority this world’s most famous and become the second largest search engine platform in the world after Google.

Steps are simple, first, upload your niche video and once uploading the video write detailed information along with the link in between the text. This will help your video rank better and again helps generate quality links to your site.

#32. HuffingtonPost

Domain Authority: 73

Huffington Post a US based news aggregator, which is a dream for each blogger to obtain their work published on this site.

Many bloggers have a perception that this is extremely hard to get backlinks from their site just like that especially when you are not an influencer. But, I accept that this is not that difficult if you have great content to showcase that can quickly get backlinks to your site with simply pitching an email to the editor of the Huffington Post.

#33. Dailymotion

Domain Authority: 95

Dailymotion is a French video-sharing site that lets the user view, browse, and upload videos by simply sharing tags, categories, channels or user-build groups. This site offers a huge range of random video content from serious political reportages to funny animal videos. This site has over a million of monthly visitors.

#34. Black Planet

Domain Authority: 71

This is worlds huge free American-African online community where Black men and Black women meet to chat, discuss and engage on what matter to them.

The site works similarly to the ImFaceplate. With the use of this site, you can easily get a well-branded backlink to your site.

#Social Bookmarks

#35. BitBucket

Page Rank: 7

Domain Authority: 85

BitBucket is a project hosting website, which provides solid service for developers who want to share and collaborate on projects. With the help of this site, you can build coding projects. Atlassian obtained the site in 2010 for an undisclosed amount. Including a backlink is super easy and effortless.

#36. ImFaceplate

Page Rank: 2

Domain Authority: 41

This site helps you to include related article of about 300 words. This is one of the best and easiest sites to get a branded generic backlink. Articles are usually index in some hours providing you an excellent branded link.

Just create a free account. Then include a related article with a backlink to your site. You can even include a backlink in the section of the profile.

#37. List.ly

Page Rank: 5

Domain Authority: 72

List.ly is to help you create a list of your interest. Include 3-4 sites in addition to your site to make it look genuine. With the page rank like 5 and domain authority of 72, anyone wants a link back to his/her site.

#38. CheapSeaker

Page Rank: 3

Domain Authority: 31

This site helps you claim coupon codes and deals. To start with this site you need first to include a description of your site a and coupon code. Once including coupon codes, your site will easily flow with the nice juicy backlinks. Coupon code can be anything.

#39. Pen.io

Page Rank: 5

Domain Authority: 67

This is Web 2.0 website. Unlike other sites of Web 2.0, this site can easily setup. On this site, you can easily add some image and text to get started. On this site, you can add at least 3-4 posts to get started. You can even include infographics to link back to your site.

#40. Soup.io

Page Rank: 5

Domain Authority: 66

Similar to the Pen.io this is another easy to use Web2.0 site. Simply include some lines of text and also include your site URL. This is more than sufficient for you to get nice juicy backlinks to your site. You also ensure that your content is original and relevant.

#41. Criticue

Page Rank: 3

Domain Authority: 39

Criticue is a site that helps you review your site all for free. All you need to do is enter URL and tap on Take Screenshot. After this simply enter your question like “ Is the Theme for the Site is ok, or I need to change it.”

So these are some of the sites that you can take advantage of to drive high-quality juicy backlinks to your site. However, besides only these sites there are few forums that you should benefit from. Let’s take a look at those forums.

#42. http://forums.mozilla.or.kr/

#43. http://forum.siteground.com/

#44. http://forum.meebo.com/

#45. http://c7y-bb.phparchitect.com/

#46. http://forums.cnet.com/

#47. http://forums.mysql.com/

#48. http://www.bookforum.com/

#49. http://forums.microsoft.com/

#50. http://forums.photobucket.com/

#51. http://mathforum.org/

#52. http://forums.wsj.com/

#53. http://www.gardenweb.com/

#54. http://forum.videolan.org

#55. http://forums.cnet.com/

#56. http://pkp.sfu.ca/support/forum

#57. http://www.wrensoft.com/forum

#58. http://arch.designcommunity.com

#59. http://audacityteam.org/forum

#60. http://www.awasu.com/forums

#61. http://forum.filezilla-project.org/

#62. http://www.claroline.net/forum


Once you have created all these pages from high quality and authoritative sites, then you can interlink them, rather than building artificial links through other networks just to have them indexed.

One day is enough to create and invest in high quality and free links through all the given sites. But the essential thing is that you do make your links look valuable not just to search engines, but all to the real people as well. All you need to make sure is that the description that you will be using for your website’s links are strong and confident. Always note that in your mind that quality often wins the search engine game.

Taking steps for your own SEO strategies should begin with something, so start with those who can help you further along the way. Building link is a significant business investment, so be wise on it.

Any question?
Ask here, and I will get back to it very soon.