9 Actionable Ingredients to Ensure Your Emails Land in Gmail’s Primary Inbox

Are you looking for actionable steps that provide you a good chance of landing your promotional emails in Gmail’s Primary tab, and stand out from the crowd? Here I present 9 actionable steps to ensure your promotional email lands in Gmail’s Primary inbox.

It is honestly very hard to land promotional emails to subscriber’s Primary tab of Gmail instead of Promotions tab. However, among the email marketers, this enormous problem raised after when Google launched its tabbed inbox feature.

This new box had few different tabs such as Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, etc. Each and every tab is programmed to received only specific emails based on the nature of email. That means Gmail email service sort user’s emails into either primary tab, social tab, promotional tab, and updates tab.

When it comes to the great blog post, many webmasters not only share it across various social channels but it also across email. So to make sure your to get your emails into Gmail’s Primary inbox.

I am going to list 9 actionable steps that will help you make sure your promotional email end up in Gmail’s primary inbox.

But before we dive right into the list of 9 actionable ingredients there are there is one important thing that you should do before following these 9 actionable ingredients.

#Important Thing To Remember

First, you need to analyze and understand what is going on with your Gmail subscribers. Then, set up various Tabs-relates tricks and tactics and make your fundamental long-term changes to your program.

The best approach is to integrate Gmail’s unique concerns into your ongoing programs, beginning at opt-in, then moving through a broader on boarding process and into your frequent email programs.

Now, let’s read further the article in which I have provided 9 actionable ingredients to make sure your emails end up in the Primary tab. As a blogger or product or brand marketer, you will need to look at these 9 actionable ingredients as “trade-offs”.

Having your emails land in an inbox is not necessarily a bad thing, and you will have to look at the impact these 9 actionable can have to your click rates, your open rates, and eventually your conversation rates. So, let’s look at those the 9 actionable ingredients.

How to land promotional emails in gmail primary tab9 Actionable Ingredients to Land Promotional Email in Gmail Primary Tab

By having in mind these reasons and few of my own experiences, let me share my secret ingredients on how to quickly land your emails in Gmail’s Primary tab instead of Promotions tab.

#1. Include No More Than One Link

The point of building email is usually to drive traffic to the site, right? Thus, the sensible thing to do is write an exclusive email and provide the reader reasons why they should click the link that you provide them in your email. Make it all natural and smooth of course. Here, don’t get me wrong you can get away with more than one link, but I don’t guarantee it that you will survive the Google filter.

#2. Lose the Images

Despite social media best practices, Gmail has its own rules. No matter what the reason is, Google sees images as a sign of a promotion or spam message. You will optimize your readership by not having pictures in your email.

Here’s what my “Promotions” folder looks like inside.

Land your emails in gmail primary tab

Here we are talking about million-dollar bloggers who are landing here now that Google has changed. The promotion tab is affecting everyone, particularly since the old ways of developing email newsletters go towards Google’s new rules.

#3. Mention the Reader by Name

It is essential that you address your reader in your email by their first name using Merge tag tool into your email marketing program. This will help you make things more personal, and the person that you emailed to will feel more connected to you and your story too.

There are many traditional email marketing tools like MailChimp and Aweber are great tool and available for free. This tools also perfect for beginners.

#4. Avoid RSS

In my personal experience, almost every RSS feeds lands in the promotions inbox. Just because, RSS is automated, Google can assume that a real person is not sending it, so this is the reason that it doesn’t belong in Gmail Primary tab (even though I subscribed to it)

#5. Write To Your Readers or Customers Like They Are Your Friends

Always keep one thing in your mind that if you want your emails land in Gmail’s Primary tab, you should write the email word just like as you are sending it to your common friends. It should not look like as a promotional email or marketing email.

You should build your email in a classic letter format so that it look very appealing and personal.

#6. Don’t Write Junk in Email to Your Readers or Customers

Many times I have seen that most of the subscribers to my email list are not active and don’t see emails. The fewer open and click rates of email campaigns make emails land in the Spam folder of the inbox.

So it is essential to avoid writing junk in your email and keep it clean alive. You should ensure that maximum people from your email list are viewing and responding to your mail.

#7. Write in Traditional Letter Form

By keeping your message in your email simple and natural, makes the readers feel like you writing directly to them. It also fools Google.

#8. Keep It Short

This is a new trend that I have no observe, and that is the longer your email is, the fewer likely it makes it to the Primary tab.

Land promotional emails in gmail primary tabAbove image is an excellent example of one short email.

#9. Ditch the Pitch

Trying to sell products or services ridiculously will decrease the likelihood of landing in the Primary tab.

I have seen many people, who every time is trying to sell something, that lands in my Promotions inbox.

I realize that many people use third-party email applications and that they get each and every email to them just because there are no filters involved. But as the things get more crowded such as Facebook, you will see this utilize across the platforms.

It is essential to begin thinking about these changes and consider few of the tactics that work for landing in Gmail’s Primary Inbox. If not you are going to see a decline in your site traffic.

Thus while email traffic thrives, I would suggest you take advantage and optimize your open rates with these nine ingredients.

Regardless of what you do or don’t add in your marketing emails, here is my few of the advice:

Always Keep Your Readers or Consumers in Your Mind

Make sure to be personable, human and relational in communications. As we live in the real world, and the old traditions of in-personable, bulk marketing works no longer.

Offer Value and Make Your Case

Offer value and make your case as to why your service or product is valuable. This will need copywriting skills.

Listen to Your Readers or Consumer and Pay Attention to Your Metrics

Ensure you have a right methodology for your customers or users to provide feedback. Concentrate to your email metrics, like opt-outs and spam complaints. These can be a sign of whether your content or product is appropriate and providing value or not.

Well, these three strategies won’t get your email into Gmail’s Primary inbox. However, this will make your email marketing strategy better. And if your emails are excellent, your customers and readers will look for your email, whatever tab they end up in.


Finally, all I want to say is to land your emails in Gmail’s Primary inbox to your subscribers’ inbox try out the ingredients mentioned above, and I hope you will succeed.

All you need to keep in your mind is the nature of different tabs of Gmail and ensure your email’s nature matches your targeted tab.

Besides only this, there is one more thing that I would like to say that you should not compare the Promotions inbox of Gmail with Spam folder. I have seen that many people believe that emails land in Gmail’s Promotional inbox is a just waste but the truth is each and every tab in Gmail have its own significance, and this is why world’s huge tech giant Google built the tabbed inbox.

Thus, I think you need to make sure your emails are not going into Spam and shouldn’t have any problem with a Promotional tab. However, yes if your emails are not promotional and continue to going in a Promotional tab, then try out the above mentioned 9 actionable ingredients to land them in Gmail’s Primary tab despite its Promotions tab.

Any question?
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