Strategies: Increase Google AdSense Earnings with Most Useful Ad Styles and Placements

Here we have covered a couple of best strategies to boost your Google AdSense Earnings. Find the information about best performing and popular Ad Styles and their placement to increase the revenue from your blog.

Google AdSense always stands out the best over the number of monetizing strategies. Because, as compared to the other networks, there is a wide variety of ads and also good CPC rates. And most of the webmaster relies upon Google AdSense for earning from their blogs/websites.

So, if you are looking to boost your Google AdSense earnings, then we have listed some of best strategies to help you out. Learn how to increase your Google AdSense Earnings. But before that, first, we’ll introduce AdSense and let you know how it Works. So let’s roll.

What is Google AdSense and its functions?

Google AdSense is a program that  by Google that allows Webmasters to make money by displaying Google Ads on their blogs/websites. There are different kinds of Google Ads which are targeted to site content and audience like serve automatic text, image, video, and interactive media advertisements.

Google Adsense ads are cost-per-click (CPC) that means it is the amount you earn each time a user clicks on an ad. The advertiser decides the CPC for any ad, some of the advertisers may pay more per click, but that is based on ad Content.

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How to Boost your Google AdSense Earning?

Increase Google AdSense Earnings

Ad Style

The most important factor is to select proper ad styles that help to increase the visibility of ads on your site. Also choosing an appropriate ad style helps to reduce the effect of banner blindness in which user just skip right over your ads. Here are the three Ad styles explained below:

Blend: This kind of ad style make the background and borders of your ads exactly like your site page background on where the ad is added.

Complement: This type of ad style use colors that already available on your site, but yes it doesn’t match the background and borders where they are correctly put.

Contrast: Basically, this style of ads uses those colors which contrast the background of your site. If you have a site with the dark background, then this ad style is ideal for your site. Because it makes the ads more visible.

Ad Size and Its Ideal Placement

To get high click through rate (CTR) Ad size is a vital aspect because it plays a significant role in increasing AdSense Earning. There are many types of Ad sizes, but successful Ad sizes are listed below which work best:

  • 336 x 280 (Large Rectangle)
  • 300 x 250
  • 728 x 90
  • 160 x 600
  • Responsive Ad Unit (Most Recommended by Google AdSense)

These Ad sizes are quite large, so the best placement of the Ad is the header of the site, above the title, in-between the content of the site or after the post content.

Other than these ad sizes, there is one more thumb rule that you should follow:

On your site place at least one ad Unit above the fold.

Above the fold is a visible area of your site that any user can easily see without scrolling down.

Thus, you can select and place the Google ads on your site. Also, refer below image of Best Google AdSense placement or you can say heatmap of most clicked Google AdSense placement in a page/post. This is an excellent way to optimize and generate more revenue from the Google AdSense.

Google Adsense Ads placement guide

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Which is the best Ad Type, Image Ads or Text Ads?

The most commonly used ad types are text and image ads. Image ads are like banner ads. They are available in various dimensions as listed above in the Ad Sizes. And text ads are a bit of like Image ads, but these ads show text advertisements instead of rich media.

It is a belief that image ads work better. Google has also determined that images ads or rich media ads are more attractive compared to text ads. Selecting the best type is again depends on the interest of your targeted audience.

Pro Tip: Use both type ad type for 15 days and measure & compare CPC, CTR of both ad types. Highest paid ad type wins.

Which type of Ad is Perfect For Small Spaces?

For small areas “Link Units” ad type is perfect. These ads come under Adsense for Content umbrella, but they are different from the ad units. There are two different formats of this Ads like Vertical Link Units and Horizontal Link Units.


This kind of ads shows the list of topics which are related to any content of your site. You can also put multiple ads from the advertiser with this ad type. And the great thing about link unit ads is, it takes a minimal amount of space on your site as compared to the other rich media ads. Also, these ads are a bit of different, attractive, and help to increase the action/conversion from the users. So this can be a very useful Ad type to receive more conversion from a web page.

Block Advertiser URLs

Some of the advertisers pay very minimally per click that decreases the AdSense earnings by Low CPC. So to boost AdSense Earning instantly and safely you can block such advertisers’ ads from the dashboard of your Google AdSense account.

Look forward to the option to Allow & Block Ads where you can block the list of advertisers and their ads. This will surely help you to boost AdSense earnings, and it will give you the result in few days. There is also an option available to block your Competitor’s Ads from Displaying on your site.

Use Category Blocking Feature

There is another way to block ads using entire category blocking in Google AdSense. This feature is very easy and extremely helpful because it shows the category of ads which works poorly and with low CPC. In advance Google AdSense interface you will find this option from where you can configure this feature to Allow & block ads by category.


Use YouTube For Video Ads

For video publisher YouTube is the best option to upload their copyrighted videos. With the use of YouTube publisher program, video publisher can monetize their copyrighted video. There are many people out there in the world who use YouTube to monetize their copyrighted videos for a long time, and they also claim to the good performance. You can also make money from YouTube Video ads with well optimized and interesting video for your viewers.

YouTube Ads

Pagination For Contextual Ads

Pagination is the best choice when there are fewer options for remarketing ads and when you want your text posts to tend to run long. In such cases, you can setup pagination on your site so that user can view the next page by clicking on the link. This will help to increase the chance to showcase more ads and increase the clicks on the advertisements. If you are using WordPress, there are a couple of plugins which can help you to setup pagination in a blog post.

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Regular Ad Units Analyzing

It is very difficult to choose a type of ads. You have to choose that help to boost your AdSense Earnings. For that, you should do regular analyzing with different ad styles, sizes, and placement. But still, if you have a confusion that how to do it then there is a method to analyze which is A/B Testing. This process helps you to eliminate the guesswork and to make the decision for best performer ad type/unit.

Automatic Ad Testing

A/B testing is a manual test that allows the publishers to test one ad against another ad. There is one tool that helps publishers to do that entire test automatically and that is AdPushup. Using AdPushup tool publisher can get a chance to A/B test various versions of ads units and see which ads or units are performing well

If you have any other tip regarding boost AdSense Earnings, then feel free to share here with us.