Secret Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Blog in a Minute

All the webmasters want to increase their website traffic. But what if you can increase traffic to your site within 60 seconds? Want to know the secret tip? Read this article.

If you ask any webmaster or marketer or online business owner that what they would love the most in the digital world, probably their answer will be “More Audience.” Then what often comes after audience on the online business wishlist? More traffic to the site.

Previously, I have talked about how you can Generate Traffic from Flipboard to Your Blog and Proven Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic Instantly which will help you increase traffic on your blog or website.

But with this article, I am going to reveal one secret tip with which you can enhance your site or blog traffic in under 60 minutes. You might be thinking that how it can be possible?

Yes, it is possible. Read this article and see how you can increase your website traffic for 100% free in under 60 minutes. And you will get the whole idea of this secreted tip. Now, without wasting time let’s dive right in.

How to Increase Free Traffic and Backlinks on Your Blog?

how to increasee free traffic and backlinks to blog

There are two ways which I am going to share here with you. So let see those two ways those can help you increase free traffic to your blog or site.

# Method 1. Forgotten Sharing Tool

The most neglected tool by most of you is copy and pasting sharing tool. Don’t get shocked; this is one of the most powerful sharing tools.

Suppose someone wants to share your content through email, social media or blog post, they simply use the most common function copy and paste. So this is the most common way to increase your sites’ page views and make your content share.

However, there is a downside more many of your traffic don’t include a link back to your site’s page. So what to do to utilize the power of this great sharing tools to increase free traffic to your blog or website. This is where comes forth the second way.

# Method 2. 33across Tool

33across powered by Tynt is an awesome tool that allows publishers the opportunity to take full advantage of copy and paste user action. This online publishing tool with SEO, sharing, and other tools have unveiled feature. It tracks the copying/pasting of your content across the web and provides you detailed reports about your content copying/pasting.

There are few of the best feature:

  • 33across has its analytics suite that provides few interesting metrics. This help you see which content, images and features generated the most shares. Even you can explore the regions that generated the most copy and pastes.
  • This tool even tracks the number of new backlinks generated.
  • You can see traffic coming from copy/pasting.

How Does 33across powered by Tynt Tool Work?

The idea of 33across is simple yet effective. Suppose, if someone tries to copy-paste any piece of content or image from your site, this tool will automatically generate a backlink to the page the content was copied from. This tool is 100% effective to track your stuff which is copied from your site.

For instance, if someone copies some text from any post and pastes that post into social media like Facebook then 33across automatically add web URL of that article post.

How to Install 33across by Tynt To Track Your Copied Stuff?


Follow these instructions.

# Step 1: First, navigate to the following link – Free 33across Account and sign up.

# Step 2: Submit your Email address, and in the Domain field provides your blog or site address with adding HTTP:// or Https:// and the backslash”/” at the end of URL.

sign up for 33across powered by tynt

# Step 3: Accept the privacy agreement and hit the Continue button.

# Step 4: In the next step, you will find two options Sign up for RevCTRL and Sign up for SiteCTRL. Select the SiteCTRL to continue.

sign up for stiectrl at 33across by tynt

# Step 5: Fill the required business details and move to the next step.

fill the business details at 33across sign up process

# Step 6: Click on the Follow the Installation Instructions button.

follow 33across installation instructions

# Step 7: Then you will be redirected to installation instructions for SiteCTRL. Over here click on “Copy Script to Clipboard”. This action will copy JavaScript code to be installed in a header file of your blog or site.

copy 33across installation script to clipboard

# Step 8: Now, navigate to blog or site’s Dashboard → Appearance → Editor → header.php.

Paste that copied javascript code just before </head> closing tag. Make sure you take backup of header.php file before altering any code of line.

add 33across javascript code to header php file

You will also find instructions to set it up on other platforms such as BlogSpot, Tumblr, and Joomla.

# Step 9: Once you add the code to the header of your blog or site, test the script installation by clicking on “Test the Script” at the bottom side of the same page.

test 33across by tynt installation script

If you are using any cache plugin to your site, then you need to clear those caches before testing the script.

After completing the installation on the process. Move to the main dashboard. From the left-hand sidebar menu, navigate to Setting → SiteCTRL Settings.

Here you will find three options for customizing SiteCTRL settings those are listed below:

#1. Copy&Paste: SEO Links & Attribution Link

Tap on Copy&Paste: SEO Links & Attribution Link button, and there you will find few different fields like Prefix, Creative Commons License, Follow us on Twitter, Follow Us on Facebook (in these two sections as your site page name) and other settings.

copy paste seo links attribution link in 33across by tynt

You can even decide whether to display the article URL or Page Title or Both. But I recommend you to set URL in the Link section. Also, set the Placement to below the copied text for better chances to being ignored by the copier. Then tap on Save button.

Once you do this 33accoss will automatically add a backlink to your site and an optional link to your Twitter Profile and Facebook page.

#2. Address Bar Tracker

This feature is used to know which social media platform are most efficient for your site, and how many links are shared via Twitter, Facebook, E-mail, or other social networking sites.

address bar tracker in 33across by tynt

To enable this setting tap on Customize Address Bar Tracking.

Now, tap on the check box to enable Address bar tracking and radio button named Track all pages.

Now, save all the changes by hitting the Save button.

#3. Speed Share

This feature is used to optimize social sharing activity by making it easier for the user to post content to social sites.

speedshare bar setting of 33across powered by tynt

Every time some people try to copying text from your site or blog then this feature automatically pop-ups social sharing buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. This will also add Pinterest buttons to images when people hover over those images.

33across Reporting Features

Now, let take a look 33across powered by Tynt’s reporting capabilities and see what that Javascript code can do.

# What’s Being Copied Report

With this report, you can find the frequency of copy and paste activities over the past days such as week or month. It tracks text and even images breaking it down the page by page.

#Website Traffic Report

With this reporting feature, you can see the how the 33across helps you to bring a total unique visitors and page views to your site or blog. That alone is worth the 60 seconds work it took to setup!

With this report, you can also get more detailed statistics with which you can find which posts brought the most 33across powered by Tynt based traffic.

If you want more detailed statistic about each page, just tap on the particular page that you want to learn more about and you will find that where the traffic has come from.

#Twitter/Facebook Traffic Report

With this report, you can get statistics about how the automatically inserted link to Twitter or Facebook profiles performed.

# Increase Backlinks to Your Site Report

33across also detects backlinks with the action of copying and pasting. However, there is one downside with this report only identifies those backlinks which are generated by linked page.

So this is not that reliable statistics because the actual number of created backlinks is more than reported backlinks.

# Inbound & Outbound Keywords

This is great one feature of 33accrooss powered Tynt. With this report, you can find which keywords were used to bring people to your site as well as leave your site.

This report will show you the keywords bringing users to your site and keywords taking users from your site.

Last Words for Tip to Increase Free Traffic and Backlinks

33across powered by Tynt is the great tool for copy and paste tracking and backlink support that help you more and more backlinks. In less than 60 seconds you can set up this tool. Once you set it up, you don’t have to do anything. It knows its work to increase free traffic with lots of backlinks.


Ask me here, and I will get back to it very soon.