Proven Ways To Improve Email Response Rates and Open Rates

Finding a way to make your influencers read your email? I will help you out with this article, read it and know the best strategy to optimize your email response rates.

Email is one of the cost-effective ways to engage with your audience and even with the influencers. It is easy to make your audience to click through your email but to make the influencers to click through your email is a huge challenge.

The influencers are flooded with thousands of email and tons of requests each day. So don’t be surprised if you hit a wall of silence. I will show you few of the ways with which you can build an email which will be clickable and make those influencers to click through your email and optimize responsive rates.

Many of you are experts in this field but still you can learn a thing or two about perfecting your emails to get more email response rates.

In this article, I will walk you through primary to ways that you can improve one is subject line, and another is an introduction.

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Proven Ways to Improve Email Response Rates and Open Rates

Improve Email Response Rates to engross Influencers

#1. Create Clickable Subject Lines

Everyday influencers receive thousands of same messages over and over again, which does not serve you well. I believe that the process of drafting your mail with clickable subject lines is super important and will help you get in front of influencers.

# Make the Influencers believe That You Can Offer Their Audience Something That Teach Them Well

The audience is always looking for an answer so that influencers are always trying to serve their audience something that provides good knowledge to their queries.

This also makes influencers on the lookout for the content that can help their audience with a different perspective and learn something new. This is where your subject line plays a huge role.

If your subject line and your content are perfect for readers, then influencers might be interested in your content.

What kind of keywords you can use to make a clickable subject line?

Well, there are top 15 highest- performing subject-line words those can help you boast an open and response rated greater than 17%.

15 Words in Subject Line to Boost Email Open Rates and Response Rates

  1. “Content” with 30.6% Success Ratio
  2. “Size” with 27.6% Success Ratio
  3. “Marketing” with 24.8% Success Ratio
  4. “Know” with 23.5% Success Ratio
  5. “Ideal” with 23.2% Success Ratio
  6. “U.K” with 22.6% Success Ratio
  7. “Air” with 19.1% Success Ratio
  8. “Image” with 18.9% Success Ratio
  9. “House” with 18.1% Success Ratio
  10. “Travelers” with 17.8% Success Ratio
  11. “Generations” with 17.8% Success Ratio
  12. “Chart” with 17.8% Success Ratio
  13. “Body” with 17.5% Success Ratio
  14. “Show” with 17.4% Success Ratio
  15. “Changed” with 17.4% Success Ratio

15 Words in Subject Line to Boost Email Open Rates and Response RatesImage Source: Search Engine Journal

#Reference Something Which Directly Relates to The Influencers

Every influencer has its footprints in this digital world, so this is important that before you reach to influencers, you need to get to know a bit of more about those influencers. Few ways will help you out with this puzzle:

  1. A Recent article of the influencers often adds author bios which highlight personal hobbies, so read they’re few of the recent posts.
  2. Social media a great platform with which you can have good information about what they like and where they from. Take a look at the influencers’ social media account.
  3. The best way is to find everything about influencers is findings for if they have a personal website or not.

These three ways help you add something to your subject line that directly relates to the influencers’ interest. This is an excellent way to make influencers curious to click through your Email.

For instance, we all know that Twitter offers a way to their users to identify their current location. In any case, if your content has some geographical element, that highlight any data point which directly relates to the influencer’s current location can help you to improve Email Response Rates. This is also the way how you can directly connect to them through subject line.

A subject line which adds phrases like U.K. help you get more than a 20% of success rate. Be sure you don’t add a fuzzy word such state this will get lowest response rates.

# Concentrate on Insights Rather How Your Content is Presented

Influencers are always getting tired of seeing videos or GIFs in their inbox. Words like interactive and video are two of the lowest-performing words in subject lines. Apart from these two terms, there are few more words:

Overused Words in Subject Lines with Less Success Ratio

  1. “Interactive” with 9.3% Success Ratio
  2. “State” with 9.9% Success Ratio
  3. “U.S” with 10.0% Success Ratio
  4. “Data” with 10.3% Success Ratio
  5. “Video” with 10.5% Success Ratio

Overused Words in Subject Lines with Less Success RatioImage Source: Search Engine Journal

The first most factors to influence open rates is the subject line. All you need to do is attract them to find out more and highlighting an insight that directly speaks to the influencers to get them to click.

The subject line is the half of the battle to get the influencers to open your email. There is one more way which will help you encourage influencer to open your email.

#2. Optimize Your Introduction

The subject line is surely the first step to maximizing the email open rates, but remember that pitching your content is equally important. So create an introduction that grabs influencers’ attention so that likely to read your entire email.

#Personal Connection

If you haven’t worked with the influencers before then, it is important that you took a little time to know them. So start with their latest posts, and then let them see what you like in their recent content.

Rather than using word “content”, use “piece” and “article” because these two terms are highest-performing words in the introductions.

Email is not only the single way but social media is another great way to engage with influencers. If you are a tweeter user then just re-tweet them.

This is an excellent way to make your name familiar in their inbox. Even you can mention your tweet in your introduction like “Twitter” this word optimize response rates to the 16.8%. There are few more words those are great to optimize your email response rates.

Top 15 Highest Performing Words in Email Introductions

  1. “Happy” with 22.2% Success Ratio
  2. “Hope” with 20.3% Success Ratio
  3. “Piece” with 18.2% Success Ratio
  4. “Tips” with 17.5% Success Ratio
  5. “Data” with 17.5% Success Ratio
  6. “Study” with 17.2% Success Ratio
  7. “Loved” with 17.2% Success Ratio
  8. “Week” with 17.1% Success Ratio
  9. “Twitter” with 16.8% Success Ratio
  10. “Great” with 16.1% Success Ratio
  11. “Wanted” with 15.5% Success Ratio
  12. “Weekend” with 15.5% Success Ratio
  13. “List” with 15.1% Success Ratio
  14. “Hear” with 13.3% Success Ratio
  15. “Article” with 13.2% Success Ratio

15 Highest Performing Words in Email IntroductionsImage Source: Search Engine Journal

# Do not use Chip Language in Introduction

A word like happy in the introductory paragraphs is more favorable to optimize responsive rates. There are few more positive words those are great to optimize 16% of response rate like hope, loved, & great.

# Influencers’ Previous Posts or Your Content is a Good Reference

As I have told you before that subject line that makes them believe that you are offering something to their audience, is the great way to optimize email response rates. Make sure your introductory paragraphs of email contain words like tips, data, & study are the highest-performing words. Include them and improve email open rates and response rates.

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The first impression is always the last impression, so be sure to stand out of the crowd you should serve your influencers something that grabs their attention and gets them to click through your email so you can optimize your email responsive rate.

To do so, follow the ways mentioned above, and you will surely be able to get those influencers to read your email.

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