What If I Had to Start My Blog From Scratch Again?

If you had to start everything again from scratch, what would you do? Wondering where to start? Then you really need to bookmark this post, because here I am going to tell you few of the best trick if you ever had to start your blog from scratch.

When I look a few years back in my blogging career, there are plenty things I am proud of. But there are plenty things more on which I wish I had done more of. And things that I wish I would be done them earlier, and a lot more.

If I focus on the online business marketplace, it has changed. But things were different and much easier in the past few years. However, things are used to coast a lot in previous years like to set up and all, but now this can be done for less and faster as well.

The education is also very different to run a business in this rapidly changing digital environment. So if I had to start my blog over again from scratch the with none of the existing resources, this is how I would allocate my time and budget.

If I have to start a new blog again, knowing what I know after over all those years.mistakes I made. the following is what I would probably do I will start blogging again from the scratch.

My overall goal, by the way, is the quick loading of my blog. This is the core reason, which makes people stay on the blog. So let’s see what I exactly would invest in again!

Things I Do If I Had to Start My Blog From the Scratch

Since here we are talking about blogging, or I can say online business. The majority of the people jump into what systems and tech tools make our blogging fly on the web. What’s great is that most of these are very affordable.

If I had to start my blog from scratch again#1. Domain Name

The very first thing I would do if I had to start a blog all over again from scratch is an investment in picking up a different domain name. Somewhat like generic domain names. So that the blog I re-create won’t restrict myself to talk about some specific things and topics.

I will focus on a domain name, which not proves to be a road-blocker for me. But before I pick any domain, I will make sure few things. That domain can also help me to expand my reach in the future. And if it is about choosing a name for my blog I would like to go for a .com TLD. As I am a big fan of it.

Even after that, there are lot more of TLDs. But as I said earlier I love .com TLD which again won’t restrict myself to reach more global audience.

Pro Tip: Every time a site itself with a .com TLD goes up .As this is good for branding and SEO of course.

#2. Host

The second thing is that I would choose a high-quality web hosting.

While picking up the best rated web hosting companies, there are plenty of options available. But few things keeping in my mind I will choose that web hosting company which has excellent reputation in the online market, specialized provider and few more such things.

Also, I will like to go for a hosting service that allows me to include more than just one domain in a single account. So when I want to start any new blog that time, I can use the same host rather than having one more paid hosting account.

The core and most important thing I will pick the best hosting service which will also help to reduce the page load time of my blog.

And if it is a question about hosting plan I would go for the web hosting service, which is reliable. Like 100% uptime, great support, using advanced technologies and lot more.

Also, it should be flexible, so when my blog grows bigger, I should easily upgrade to a better plan in the future.

The hosting plan should offer cPanel, MySql, Fantastico and of course PHP 5 access.

Last but not least, a web hosting plan should be affordable. Actually, this depends on the quality of the services. And nowadays, the good hosting plan is very cheap so I wouldn’t worry about this.

You can even check my previous posts How To Choose the Best and Secure WordPress Hosting and 5 Things to Consider Before Buying Expired Domains.

#3. Niche

I am satisfied with blog niche I am blogging about right now. But if I have to start my blogging journey again, I will still like to go with the same niche. Just because I love to write about blogging, WordPress, Social Media Marketing, and numbers of ways to make money online.

If you are looking for money making niche check out this Ultimate Guide to Start Amazon Niche Site on WordPress To Make Money Online and What is The Most Profitable Blogging Niche to Make Money Online?

#4. Blog Platform

After selecting a Domain name, hosting, and blogging niche, now it’s time to start blogging again. As a blogging platform, I will pick WordPress CMS. There are many other options available like Weebly, Wix, Squarespace and few more. But I still do believe that WordPress is the platform of choice for those who are serious business owners.

Another thing is that with WordPress is most Search Engine Friendly CMS. I can install many of add-ons to have the precise functionality. I can specify awesome look without compromising the original style. Plus, this platform is open source software, which means that I am not at the mercy of one particular company if ever they make their mind up to stop developing the code.

Right now I’m using the same platform. With WordPress, I can label my posts with different categories. Another thing I will not forget that to install a WordPress because there is a growing community of designers and developers who are continuously building new themes WordPress CMS users. That means I can tap into a current look and feel for my blog or even I can go with something entirely custom.

If you think that Blogger is a free platform to host a blog I must say read this WordPress Vs. Blogger- Which is the Best Blogging Platform for You?

#5. Blog Theme

I would ensure that I choose a readymade theme from ThemeForest, which is search engine friendly. Benefit for picking up a paid WordPress theme is getting more options to make my blog more user-friendly and search engine friendly too.

Are you a first time user to install the theme in WordPress? Then this article How To Install WordPress Theme for the First Time User will help you out with this.

#6. Blog More

This one of an essential thing that I would love to do is blog every day. This would help to attract more audience and even search engines. In result, I will get more engagement on my blog and ranking of my blog in major search engines like Google will also improve. In result, I will have hell amount of traffic to my blog.

I guess this post, in which I covered 101 Formulas to Drive Traffic Intatatly will help you to get traffic on yor blog and even this one too: Natural ways to Create Backlinks

#7. Offer Exciting Service To Build Loyal Audience

Many people wish to start a blog or business on the internet. Create and providing online resources as course or even create eBook for free will help to build a loyal audience.

Writing about what is blogging and tips and tricks optimize blog is what I love to do at first stage. This will be much easier for me to start building my blog and will offer this free online resources to my blog readers.

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#8. Get Clear Idea On Where My Loyal Audience Is

Now as I have a very good idea of what I could offer. I still make sure that this is something that people are looking for. This is where getting clarity about who my loyal audience is and where they tend to hand out is essential.

So I would like to get in touch with the! I will use Social Media. But How? Again I will take a help of my previous articles to If I will start blogging from scratch and those are.

For Social Media:

#9. Build Email List

Everyone knows that email list is one of the best ways to drive traffic to the blog. So again also this time I would build an email list to drive traffic and get more exposure for my new blog.

This would also help to get to know other influencers in my niche market and asking them if they would be eager to help spread the word. You can even read 57 Powerful Tools To Grow Your Email List article.

#10 Last But Yet in The List

If I need to start my blog again, I will defiantly look behind and check what those aspects which made my previous blog successful are. No, any blogger will reveal this secret but I love to share with you guys, and even I wrote posts for those strategies as well.

I made, making and will make money with these Proven and Tested Ways to Make Money Online.

I will not optimize my blog only for Google But Will also Optimize My blog for Bing and other major Search Engines.

I will not depend on the single search engine but I will optimize and will drive traffic from Google Search Engine Alternatives.

And the most important factor in SEO is creating backlinks for my Blog. For this I take a help of this list of authoritive websites to build backlinks and will use ways to build quality backlinks along with content.


Now, you have read what I would do if I have to start my blog again from scratch. These are top 10 things that I would like to modify if I were to start my blog from scratch again.

I also commit that I will not stick to these ten points, but lot more experiments, research, and implementation will help me to build my next blog better.

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