10 Step Guide to Write a Must-Read Product Review

Product review on a blog is one of the best ways to make money from your blog. But how to write must-read and interesting product review that can earn you lots of money? Here are quick and easiest steps that you can follow and generate great product review on your blog.

Product reviews are one of the common and very popular types of content on the web. When you write a product review, you have ample of chances to make money like Paid Reviews, Affiliate Marketing and so on. The only thing that actually matters here is how useful and great your reviews are.

As compared to the buyers in the past, these days customers are modern and tech savvy who scrabble through the reviews from other people all over the web before making any purchase. Thus it is very essential that reviews have been an advantage for the potential buyers to get a distinct point of view on the product. If the product actually fits their requirement and expectation, they will buy the product. It is certainly a plus point for the customer and also a blessing in cover up for the writer.

Product reviews on the web are of every sort of forms like written in apathy, fury, biased, excitement and so on. However, a good product review is the one who takes the right position and holds firm to it through explicitly talking about the reasons and logic behind obtaining the stand.

Product reviews are everything about personal experiences and the differences in the viewpoints of humans is what make it more fascinating, not the biased. There is nothing wrong in taking a stand against a product that you like, or you don’t like. However, justifying that product with logic is more desired from a product review writer.

10 Steps to Write Fascinating Product Reviews – A Perfect Guide

how to Write a Must-Read Product ReviewLet we learn how to write a product review. While writing a product review is not a great deal, writing the one that is powerful and yet tangible that holds a sense of balance. This is what makes a Great product review.

Here is the list of 10 step guide for you to start writing great, fascinating, and unique product reviews to that the current consumers can link to and the potential customers to look up to.

#Step 1: Find The Right Product

The importance of this endeavor cannot be purely undermined. To demonstrate your readers that your reviews are reliable. First, you really need to make sure that you conduct a research and finding the right product that suits your site niche.

While picking up the right product for reviewing it is also equally important to have knowledge of the product. Through the awareness of the product, its analysis and its competition will let you write something approaching an expert review. For that product generally tend to have an official site, and most of the time it comes with a guide or an instruction manual.

Thus you need to make sure that you scan the whole site and even the product manual for ensuring you perfectly understand what it is about and how does it work. Never let your personal misunderstandings come in your way that let you deliver an erroneous product review. So make sure you get to know more about the product that you are about to review.

#Step 2: Use The Product

Now here comes the most essential task that is getting down to the nuts and bolts of the product. Being exaggerated doesn’t work, you need to use the product before writing a review about it. Make sure you never accept the product review without using it. This sounds really insane to read a product review from the one who hasn’t actually used it!

Purchase, rent or ask for a product before your writing a review and assign plenty of time to scan the product properly and that make you comfortable in using it.

#Step 3: Built Ideal Summary of Product

Note that before you take your audience to the product reviews first, you serve product summary that covers overall information about the product. This is one of the great things to grab the attention of your audience. From this section, your audience should get an idea of the product.

Why is summary section this important?

It grabs the attention of highly motivated buyers. It means before making any purchase of the product customers tend to see the quick opinion of the product. And another thing is that the section provides audience those are into it and looking for another CTA to click on it.

What should it include?

The summary section should contain few necessary things in which first it should add a short sentence that distinguish the product and its use. Another is its ratings with different features included such as product’s effectiveness, its price, support, and so on.

It even should add pros and cons of a product because this is what actually people are looking for in product review. Then it should contain a summary of the product review in about 1-2 paragraphs. A Call To Action Text and since a majority of individuals decide to purchase a product from its price it really should contain the product price or offer if there any.

#Step 4: Find Who The Product Is For

I have seen many of the reviewers that don’t include the section of who the product is for. However, this section is very important for those who are actually not looking for the product that you are reviewing.

Make sure you include this section into your content so that you save your and those individuals time. Including this section, there are mainly two benefits it qualifies potential consumers, and most importantly it builds your credibility.

#Step 5: Share Your Feelings with Your Readers

Now, this is what makes your readers become your potential customer. Many reviewers only share features of the product. But what the audience actually wants is to learn whether the product can actually solve their issues.

The audience doesn’t want to hear about cool things that the product can do, all they want to see is how the product performs in real life.

To share your feelings with your readers, you need to add to two main factors empathy and likability with the product. Makes sure you keep your feelings with the product is real and friendly.

But still how you can share your feelings with your audience?

While you share your feelings with the readers, your voice should be friendly. Before you mention the product, you should first talk about the issues and how the product helped solve those problems. You should ask verbal questions that pull your audience in and make them empathize with your circumstances.

Note that people are always empathizing with the person rather than a brand. So makes sure that your words should speak that you use the real picture to draw the reader in.

Overall your first few paragraphs about what you are feeling about this product should tell the readers that you as ordinary as them, and reviewing the product on your personal experience.

#Step 6: Bring In The Solution

Once you have to share what you feel about the product now this is time to bring the solution that means provide the detailed overview of the product.

This is actually a pre-selling section in which you require to construct an environment that helps customers select a product.

By bringing in the solution, all I mean is to show them how the product can fix their issues by demonstrating your own experience along with the result. And don’t forget to answer your readers’ questions this way you can educate them.

To demonstrate the product value, you can put screenshots of a product which are taken at different intervals. The more you explore that product, the better this will help you stand on the product and share your experience with your readers.

Having apparently experienced the product’s advantages and shortcomings, you can undoubtedly bring the best solution to clear away their common doubts that they might have about that product.

#Step 7: Organize Features, Pros, and Cons with Proper Reasoning

Setting all the issues with the purpose and honesty apart, now let’s concentrate on the core information of your review. Make sure you give information on product’s features, its primary benefits, and the practical details of it.

#Features: Cover the information about what the product does.

#Primary Benefit: There are always some advantages of the product that you are reviewing. Make sure you list what it offers because listing it is the biggest value a review brings. So define the features of the product briefly. Because this is what means a lot to the users and how the product can improve their lives.

#Cons: Along with some benefits product have even some cons. Besides only describing the benefits of the product also provide the cons about the product that they actually have.

#Practical Details: Cover the useful details such as price, affiliate link from that they can get the product, what the guarantee for the product, how long consumers have to wait for the delivery and a lot more.

The best to deliver this information to your readers is built a short tutorial that shows your readers a sample of product use.

#Step 8: Offers Social Proof

Social proof one of the best ways that can actually bring real information about the product, because the people are more likely to purchase the product that is already popular.

But how social media platform helps on your review?

To include social proof in your product review, there are few thing that you need to take care of. Find the reviews and quotes from other users of that product and include it into your review content.

Power users play a huge role into social proof. Power users are basically the bloggers and webmasters who are reviewers and even the online personalities. So if they already used the product that you are reviewing then include their quotes in your review.

You can even run the contest on the social media for the product. It helps you generate a large number of comments on the product from that you can pick popular of them and add it to your reviews. You can even use social media platforms to run a giveaway on the review page. This way you can pump up the social activity so that your social media followers jump in to take the reward.

#Step 9: List Alternatives

This is optional. But you can do this to increase sales and show the impartiality by offering multiple options to your readers. Rather than just listing an alternative to the product you can build one section of Alternatives in which you can list the alternative to that product.

#Step 10: Use The Right Format

Last but very essential part of making your review article much attractive that is you should follow the right format to present your product review article.

For that, you can use plenty of screenshots, pictures and user-generated images in your review article but you need to keep the ratio about 3-4:1 between the pictures and images. Partition your review article into sub-sections. When you define its features and benefits or any important thing about product make sure you include icon or symbols in your article.

You should also include product ratings that help readers understand the product well. You should even offer the comparisons including pros-cons list, and feature list across two products. But yes make sure you even partition the comparisons into columns. Even offer multiples Call To Actions text.

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This is it for my suggestion on writing fascinating, must-read and proper product review. However, writing product review is not that hard to define. Just follow the given above steps, and you are surely gone rock your produce review content.

However, if you have any other thoughts or ideas then feel free to share it with us. Do you write tons of product reviews? What kind of difficulties have you experienced? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks, too.

Any question?
Ask here, and I will get back to it very soon.