How To Use Pinterest For Your Business

The modern era is the age of E-commerce. Everyone is looking for the best social media channel to showcase his online business and products. If there is one sizzling platform to blossom your small business, then it definitely would be Pinterest.

If you are looking forward to using Pinterest for your business and want to watch it grow, you are at the right place.
Pinterest is the online destination to pin your interests, ideas, views, suggestions, et al on a platform where people with similar interests share things. According to Pinterest, they work as a ‘catalogue of ideas’.

We all know that a business or entrepreneurship is a circulation of ideas and innovation. Businesses grow in this process of circulation. So why not utilize this online platform to grow your business.

This visual bookmarking tool organizes your ideas in an aesthetic manner in the form of pins. In simple words, it is not your business’ profit and loss account but like a notice board in your office.

In due course, it attracts like-minded people to your portal and website that ultimately drive traffic to your site and hence increase sales.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to make your Pinterest profile more appealing and business ready –

Here are 10 Strategies for how to use pinterest for your business

How to Use Pinterest For Your Business

1. Position all your details in your Pinterest profile
The first and foremost step is to make a very informative and honest profile. Fill your pin board with your brand or business’ ideas, goals, aspirations and achievements. In this single window, you must market your brand and display it attractively.

Also, you must share all your contact mediums on the account like your website link, your social media accounts and E-mail ids.

Pinterest displays on its official website various successful brands like Elle Magazine, Bank of America who have grown tremendously using Pinterest. So now you know, you can do it too.

2. Vice versa, add Pin it button on your website
The next step is to add the ‘pin it’ button on your website. ‘Pin it’ button redirects the displayed product or article to the visitor’s Pinterest profile. Also, you should add ‘Follow on Pinterest’ button to your website.

This will help your website’s visitors to locate your authentic profile on Pinterest and at the same time will make your brand more accessible.

Pinterest is a social circle, with every click on your profile your brand value is bound to grow. So make the most of it.

3. Spun creativity on your Pinterest profile
Since Pinterest is a strong visual archive, hence you must use images and pins that compel the users to visit you. Use as many attractive images, creative tag lines, and visually appealing boards as you can to woo the users.

You must add as many pictures as you want, and your network will only rise.

Another additive feature on Pinterest is the rich pin button through which you can pin topic-specific information like price, address, ratings and reviews of the product.

4. Add Informative Pins
The pins that you share on your profile must satiate the customer’s needs. This means you must share informative and detail oriented pins.

Like, for instance, if you have accessories business you must add the artists involved in making of that particular accessory along with its picture. Create a story line around your product so that it clicks with the potential buyers and make them want to buy that product.

5. Connect with the Influencers
Every product line or a service has influencers who indeed influence your brand in a big way. They can be the fellow businesses, critics, customers, etc.

So in order to make your profile rich, you can follow their pins, pin them back, interact and build a relationship with them. This will help your network grow rich and you can always learn a thing or two.

6. Use Pinterest’s Business page
Pinterest has two kinds of pages. One is the usual personal pages and the other is for businesses. Though all the pages appear similar to users but the business pages have additional features.

This page is offered by Pinterest to help you measure your brand’s progress and statistics like the number of visitors, a number of re-pins, etc.

A recent survey points out the benefits of networking, it says that out of 10 visitors on your profile at least 3 of them buy your product. So you have the access to business analytics right at your Pinterest page to keep a track of your growth.

7. Build a strong network
A strong social media network is an incentive to your business. The number of likes and followers you have will determine your brand value, at least in the view of the customer. So you must work on strengthening your network on social media.

You must keep in touch with both your customers and your competitors. If a user comments on your profile, be active in responding and greeting back. Similarly, be aware and updated about your competitor’s pins.

8. Add your product images
Add your recent products, your old products and also your forthcoming products on Pinterest. This will not only advertise your product but will also build anticipation about the same amongst customers. You can also share pictures of your customer’s reviews about the product.

Again keep in mind that Pinterest is a visual archive so you should only display aesthetically viable images. This will eventually create a trust factor and enhanced credibility for your brand.

9. Optimize your profile through SEO
Search engine optimization, in short, SEO is a must in today’s time. Since the market is very competitive today, there are millions who are selling what you are selling, so you need an edge over them.

This is achieved by SEO as it optimizes your product or brand by playing with the words that the users look for in a particular search engine. Description and SEO of the product must go hand in hand, so you must work on that.

For example, use the language that customers generally use or go with the keywords that define your brand.

10. Be good with your charts
A good businessman is always good with his charts or statistics. He must calculate his everyday progress by keeping a check on the progress.

So you must be aware of the number of visitors and customers you have. And along with that, you must be aware of their opinions, demands, and reviews. This feedback process helps you in understanding your weaknesses and make timely improvements. As they say, a business can only rise when it is aware of the customer’s demand.

We hope these valuable tips will make you ready to get rolling on Pinterest. The tips, if followed religiously, are going to give your business the growth you aim for.

So aim big and follow these tips to perfectly use Pinterest for your business. We hope the article helps you get the most traffic from Pinterest and get your business noticed in a big way.

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