How To Remove W3 Total Cache Plugin Manually from WordPress Site?

A detailed guide to remove/uninstall W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin from your website or blog with Images.

W3 Total Cache is a great WordPress Plugin. This plugin has impressive features which you cannot find in other caching plugins.

However, W3 Total Cache has few issues if it incorrectly configured with the WordPress site. If it happens then may your website or blog starts clashing with other installed WordPress Plugin. Or may generate 404 errors. Or may use almost all of hosting resources. And as a result, poor site performance or your website/blog get crashed.

In such scenario, it is advisable to remove W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin from your site.

Removing W3 Total Cache from your site will require a method to uninstall this WordPress plugin correctly.

Here is a complete guide to Uninstall W3 Total Cache Plugin Manually from WordPress site.

Follow all steps carefully and Delete W3 Total Cache as described below.

How to Uninstall W3 Total Cache Plugin from WordPress?

how to uninstall w3 total cache plugin manually from wordpress site

Step: 1 – First, sign into your WordPress Dashboard and browse to the W3 Total Cache settings page. From the left-hand side panel navigate to Performance → General

navigate to performance to general setting

Step: 2 – Now, Scroll down the page and disable all the caching, minifying, and different options. In simple word, remove and uncheck all the Enable checkbox and click on Save Setting and Purge Caches.

disable all setting of w3 total cache plugin

Step: 3 – Navigate to Plugins section in your site’s WordPress Dashboard, and find W3 Total Cache. Click on Deactivate the Plugin. Once the plugin has been deactivated, it will be grayed out.

deactivate w3 total cache plugin

Step: 4 – Then, you will find Delete option, click on that button and delete W3 Total Cache plugin from the plugin files.

delete w3 total cache wordpress plugin

Step: 5 – Now, launch the FTP Program to access the root files of your WordPress site. Look for the wp-config.php file in the root directory. Create the backup of this file in your local system, as it is important to file to run your website or blog.

Once you’ve got a backup, edit this file and look for (define(‘WP_CACHE’,true)) and remove this line. Save the file and upload the new version of the wp-config.php file in the root directory.

delete w3 total cache codes from wp config file

Step: 6 – Next, a step is to remove files created by W3 Total Cache on the Webserver. Now, here is the uninstalling process of W3 total cache plugin is a little different from compare to other WordPress plugins. Browse WP-Content folder and find following files:

  • w3-total-cache-config.php
  • db.php
  • advanced-cache.php
  • object-cache.php

Sometimes it may happen that you don’t find all of them, at that time you don’t need to worry about because they don’t seem to be on every install.

Before you move forward to take any action make sure you create the backup of those file in your local system.

Delete these files from the WP-Content folder.

delete code files of w3 total cache from wp content folder

Step: 7 – In the same folder WP-Content look for the following folders.

  • w3tc
  • w3tc-config

Again, create the backup of these directories in the local system and delete them.

delete w3 total cache folders from wp content directory

Step: 8 – This step is essential to step performing a check for the .htaccess file. Check the file and see if it has a W3 Total Cache rules still configured after uninstalling.

Before you make any change in this, it is very important to create a backup of this file in your local system.

remove code of w3 total cache plugin from htaccess file

If you find any code is left by W3 Total Cache plugin, then remove it from the file. Save the file and update it to live server. Once uploading a file is complete check the site and confirm that the site is working fine and functioning perfectly.

That’s it, W3 Total Cache is now uninstalled successfully from the WordPress site.

Well, W3 Total Cache plugin is undoubtedly one of the most useful and reliable plugins and many users used it quite successfully.

However, sometimes people run into issues with it and needed to remove it. So if you find the same problems, then this article will help you to uninstall W3 Total Cache plugin from your WordPress website or blog.

Hope you find it useful.

If you have any problem regarding this plugin, don’t be shy. Leave your comment down here, and I will answer it very soon.

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