How to Rename the Uncategorized Category in WordPress

Most of the web developers prefer WordPress as their content management software. It is a user-friendly platform and has several plugins to simplify the work.

Heard about categories? All the work cannot be clubbed under one group. You need to have different sections for all your posts so that one can easily locate the desired information.

A category is used to divide the entire work into different sections. Example: If you are running a news website, you can categorize the content into weather, sports, education, astronomy, current news and so on.

You can create several categories based on your requirement and specify the posts accordingly. But, if you have failed to categorize any post, it will directly go to the uncategorized or say the default category if you have set any.

How To Rename The Uncategorized Category In WordPress

Follow the Steps to Rename the Uncategorized Category in WordPress

How to add a category:

When you are writing a post in WordPress, you can directly create a category. You will find a meta box on the post editor screen wherein you can see the existing categories.

You can check the box which is next to the category name if you want your post to be assigned to the existing categories.

If you want to create a new category, you can click on the option “Add New Category Link.

You can also opt for Posts » Categories from the screen. Add description to each category so that it helps in getting ranked. You can also use the keywords. If you are creating a child category, you must choose the parent category.

Renaming the Uncategorized Category:

If you haven’t assigned any category to the post, it will directly be assigned to the default category or will be left as the uncategorized one.

You cannot delete a default category and you need to assign another category as default category to change the earlier one. You can either rename the uncategorized category or create a new default category.

rename the Uncategorized Category in WordPress

Here are the steps:

  • Go to Posts Page.
  • Go to Categories page.
  • Click on the edit link which is just below the Uncategorized category.
  • You will see the category edit screen.
  • Rename the category.
  • Change the URL slug if it is not indexed by search engines.
  • If the URL is indexed, changing the slug will lead to 404 errors.
  • Changing Default category in WordPress:

You need to have categories so that you can change the default category. If you want to choose the default category from the existing categories, you can just check the box which is just next to it and make it the default one. But, if you want to make a new default category, here are the steps:

Create new Category in WordPress

  • Go to Posts Page.
  • Go to Categories page.
  • Create a new category.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to the Writing Page.
  • Set the default post category.
  • Click on the save button before you leave the page.

Thus, next time when you have forgotten to assign a category to any post, the current default category will automatically be assigned. However, it is not the same in the case of uncategorized categories. You need to edit those posts and change their category manually.

Redirecting the old uncategorized URL:

If you have renamed the uncategorized category slug and the earlier URL was already indexed, assigning a new category to the uncategorized one will lead to 404 error.

Want to redirect the old uncategorized URL to the new one?

Here is the process of Redirecting the old uncategorized URL:

  • Go to WordPress admin page.
  • Search for 301 redirects Plugin
  • Install the 301 redirects Plugin
  • Activate the 301 redirects Plugin
  • Go to settings page
  • Go to redirect page
  • Enter your old uncategorized URL in the Request field
  • Enter your new URL into the destination field.
  • Save changes before you leave the page.

Thus, these simple steps will help you to set a new category, change the default category, name the existing category and so on. Do not leave any posts uncategorized as it doesn’t give a good impression to the visitors.

Do follow these steps and let us know if you found them useful while dealing with WordPress categories.