Exclusive Tips to Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog [Proven Ways]

Ready to know how to promote Affiliate products on your blog, if yes then let’s dive right into this article to find 6 different and proven ways to promote affiliate products or services on the blog.

Promoting affiliate products on your blog is one of the most efficient ways to make money from your blog. And continuously I am sharing many different ways to make money online.

The idea behind the affiliate marketing is that you promote other people’s products and earn commissions if people end up buying a product/services from your referral link. This all can happen just because of your marketing, so thanks to it.

If you are beginner or newbie in affiliate marketing, I have also shared some of the articles that will provide you the information you need such as, Complete Understanding of Affiliate Marketing and FAQs and 4 Essential Things to Know Before Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing.

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Apart from that, in this article, you will find 6 different proven ways to promote affiliate products on your blog differently. So without wasting time let’s see those ways.

How to Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog?

How to Promote Affiliate Products on Your Blog

#1. How-to Articles of Affiliate Products/Services

How-to articles are time-tested articles that can bring you traffic for years to come.

What kind of how to articles do work a lot?

Well, DIY type of articles always works better for promoting any affiliate products.

Suppose you are promoting an affiliate product which is technical or need instructions to be used, you can write a blog post or step-by-step guide that help your readers to use the product hassle free.

This sort of post are handy and also great to optimize ranking in the search engine as well. Because they always perform great in SERP.

#2. Blog Post Promotion

This is yet another great way to promote affiliate product on blogs is via using affiliate links into your blog posts. When you are building this kind of posts, ensure that you always write targeted-posts.

For instance, if you are making an article on How to Choose the Best & Secure WordPress Hosting, you can include a line saying like “I highly recommend/recommend this particular host for a WordPress blog” then insert affiliate link of the affiliate product.

#3. Affiliate Review Blog Posts

Review posts are currently the great and trending way to promote affiliate products on your Blog. Every consumer wishes to purchase a legitimate product that worth the money that the company is asking.

Thus, the consumers will try their best investigate about the product that they are eager to buy. And we all know that what can be the great place than the web to investigate about something?

A review post is all about introducing the product that you are promoting on your blog. If your review related to the product can impress your reader, the chances of that reader becoming your first affiliate referrer are 90%.

But there are certain things you should note before you jump on writing review post related to your affiliate program.

  • An honest review is probably to have higher conversation rate than a product advertising review. So remember you write an honest review of an affiliate product, and it should include both sides of the coins. By that mean, write both pros and cons of the affiliate product. Don’t forget to add the product image and helpful information about the product.
  • Consumers are always looking for a personal recommendation in the review posts because based on that they are willing to buy the product. Thus, it is important that you right review in your personal tone.
  • Make sure you have enough knowledge about the product that you are trying to review in your article.
  • Star-ratings are a great way to gain more CTR for review articles, so take advantage of it. There is one plugin available that you can use to do this named Author Review plugin.

#4. Featured Post of Affiliate Product/Service

Featured posts are those blog posts which you featured on your blog’s homepage. These are one of the better ways to grab your reader’s attention who visits your blog. This is also the great way to provide more visibility to such articles related to affiliate products.

Write a review or blog post promoting affiliate products or services and add that in featured posts area. So whenever reader visits your blog and finds the article on top of the blog that is useful. They will look for more engaging and interesting articles from you as well.

If you are WodPress user, there is one handy feature that provides you to put any blog post on your blog’s homepage. Let’s see how you can do it:

In the Edit Post section, tap on Visibility and put the check mark next to the Stick this post to the front page option. This will surely help you optimize your reader base too.

#5. Promote Coupon Codes and Discounts of Affiliate Products/Services

All the people want to save money, even me and you both. Thus, whenever any customer is buying any product, he/she always look for the coupon code if there is any. Don’t worry about the coupon code; you still receive a good commission on the sale of the product.

Make note, your aim as an affiliate marketer is not only to share the coupon information, but you should also make sure that your consumers click through the affiliate link too if you want to make your sale count. So try writing monthly coupon codes blog posts.

However, if you have visited any coupon site, you may find that the site doesn’t show the coupon code directly, but it wants you to tap on a link to view the coupon and so on. The only reason behind this is to drop cookie.

So even if consumers are not willing to buy that product, the site still get the commission for the sale. The only condition is that the customer should buy the product before 48 hours or else cookie will expire.

#6. Use Blog Sidebar Banners to Promote Affiliate Products/Services

In blogging, Banner ads to promote affiliate product is an old player in the marketing world to get more visitors and make some revenue from it.

Use banner ads at the sidebar and promote your affiliate product. Build the sidebar banner ad with an attractive and interesting image which shows the product that you’re promoting.

But this is also crucial that you don’t promote similar products on your sidebar with banner ads. You may have multiple banners to promote various affiliate products or services on blog, but it is essential you don’t place banner ads for two similar products on your sidebar.

If you have a multi-niche blog, you should try Adrotate plugin to manage your ad.

There are several ideas that you should try:

  • Product giveaway
  • Create resource page
  • Comparison post
  • Create list post & add the product
  • Create coup post for the product
  • Mention products in epic post
  • Create videos which explain about the product

So this is it for the post! I hope you find this post helpful and got the idea for how to promote affiliate products on your blog.

If you have any other strategy to promote affiliate products or services on the blog, then feel free to suggest here in the comments below.

Also, let me know your thoughts about affiliate marketing in the comment section below.