ThemeForest: Find the Perfect WordPress Theme and Make Money By Affiliate Marketing

Are you feeling overwhelmed to select a for your WordPress Theme? Well, now you won’t because there is one great place and that is ThemeForest where you will find thousands of options. If you want to know how to find the best theme on this place, then read the article further and also find your way to make money by Affiliating ThemeForest Themes.

When starting a blog or business website, selecting the right theme is a vital step for the success.

Are you looking for a perfect WordPress theme for your WordPress site?

Then you are in luck. Given below I will share the information about ThemeForest that is most popular marketplaces to buy WordPress themes and sharing few of the valuable content to help make and sure you don’t end up with a dud.

When creating a successful site, your chosen theme is one of the most vital pieces of the puzzle. After all, a theme is majorly responsible for not only a site’s design and style, but often much of its functionality as well.

In other words, purchasing a WordPress theme is not decision you should make easily or lightly. Instead, you will wish to consider all of your choices before jumping in, and when it comes to options, ThemeForest is the only site that really can’t be beaten.

So sit back, relax and enjoy, as I am going to tell you what this marketplace is ThemeForest, and how to find and purchase theme on ThemeForest.

#What is ThemeForest?

This marketplace launched in 2008, ThemeForest is the world’s most famous market for the WordPress theme – pairing WordPress theme developers with hungry potential buyers. ThemeForest is a part of the eight-strong Envato Markets family (enlightening in 2014) that also adds the now incredibly popular WordPress plugin marketplace, CodeCanyon.

Because of this platform’s popularity, ThemeForest is one of the great ways for WordPress web designers and developers to earn a living. So they simply develop a theme and upload it to ThemeForest platform, and after validation by quality control, begin selling to a huge pool of qualified potential buyers. Based upon the volume of sales, the developers of theme they earn somewhere between 50% and 70% of each dollar generated.

How to Find WordPress Themes/Products to Affiliate from ThemeForest?

With so many themes to select from, reducing down your selection is tough – I know from my personal experience, that it is all too easy to spend certain hours or even days starting blankly at hundreds of different themes.

But don’t worry ThemeForest is equipped with many features to help you search your perfect WordPress theme for an affiliate.

For a begin, this marketplace supports a useful search function, which allows you to find themes depend on your preferred keywords.

On this platform, themes are also split across 14 top-level categories such as blogging themes, eCommerce themes, corporate themes, magazine themes, entertainment themes, BuddyPress themes, HTML5 themes, etc., which should help you find something suitable.

ThemeForest has 14 different categories for WordPress Themes

Once you have performed your preliminary search, ThemeForest will return a list of relevant themes. So to help you narrow your search further, and you can sort these based on six possible criteria from an almost-hidden drop-down menu which is located directly above the returned list:

  • Narrow your ThemeForest SearchNewest Items – which is the default
  • Trending items
  • Best rated
  • BestSellers
  • Price (low to high)
  • Price (high to low)


Narrow ThemeForest Search by DateSimilarly, only to the right of this drop-down menu, there is another drop-down menu which allows sorting the items (themes) by date, that is something which is particularly handy if you are returning to perform a previous search and wish to see what is new.

To help you trim your list even further, ThemeForest also provides a user-friendly filtering system that you will find to the of the primary theme results list.

From that, you can filter the list based on category, price, sales, tags and entire rating. Having sorted filters your list depending on your own particular needs, you should then be working with a lot more manageable amount of themes.

Narrow ThemeForest Search By Category Price and Rating or Reviews

However, if you really don’t have time for that all or if you have already tried and for whatever reason, you can always jump to ThemeForest’s recent best selling WordPress theme.

ThemeForest Weekly Updates Best Selling WordPress themes

Or you can check out few of the top author’s portfolios by finding the top-selling themes and tapping on the author names, which appear in the right-hand sidebar.

Look for Themes by Top Authors on ThemeForest

Now make a choice and Purchase the best WordPress Theme from ThemeForest.

If you have a PayPal account or if you are use prepaid deposits, then you can purchase themes immediately from ThemeForest.

How to Make Money Through ThemeForest Affiliate Marketing?

Are you an affiliate marketer and seeking out for making good income through a right channel?

Then ThemeForest affiliate program is one of the best programs for the affiliate marketer. This affiliate network pays over $3 million every year and even it can go to a higher level.

#1. How Does ThemeForest Network Work As An Affiliate Program?

The ThemeForest affiliates program works in the following way:

  • Create Account on Envato Markets
  • Deliver traffic to any page within the Envato market also including the username of a particular user account at the end of the URL. For instance, the username of your account.
  • When any user hit on your referral link, signs up for a new account and purchases any item in any of the Envato market websites, then you will receive 30% of that item price or the deposit he/she has made. For instance, if the user deposited $100, then you will receive $30 as a commission in your account.
  • Each user on the ThemeForest marketplace is automatically assigned with a referral code when s/he signs up.
  • The referral code that you receive can be posted on your blog or social media site and so on.
  • The users ought to have the cookies allowed otherwise Envato will not be able to monitor the user who has clicked your referral link.
  • That cookie expires after 3 months. Thus, a user who has clicked your referral link has 3 months to sign up before the cookie expires.

#2. How to Generate Themeforest Affiliate Link?

Generating an affiliate link of any product on ThemeForest is an easy Job. Let me define it very easy step by step process to generate an affiliate link for Themeforest product.

  • Login to your account.
  • Visit
  • Copy the product URL and Paste it in the field of Envato Market page Filed.
  • Copy the referral link and start promoting Themeforest Products to Make Money.

Generate ThemeForest Affiliate Links

#3. How to Withdraw Your Money From ThemeForest Affiliate Marketing Program?

To withdraw your money from the ThemeForest affiliate marketing program is very easy and it can be done through a PayPal account. When your earnings are under $50, you can make a purchase on any of the Envato market websites, but it is possible to withdraw the money after 12 months, which means after a year.

#How To Request For a Withdrawal?

  • Hover the pointer of the mouse on your username.
  • From the drop-down menu, tap on the option of “Statment”.
  • Navigate to Earning Tab.
  • Click on “Withdraw Money”.
  • After that tap on Make the Withdrawal button and select Payment Type.
  • Select from the different payment types such as Single Payment (all earnings), Single Payment (any amount), Automated Monthly Payment (all earnings).

Withdraw Money from ThemeForest

#Payment Methods

  • PayPal that requires $50 as minimum
  • Skrill that requires $50 as minimum
  • Payoneer that requires $50 as minimum
  • SWIFT that requires $50 as minimum

Once you select the payment method tap on Submit Request.


If you are on the hunt for a new WordPress theme, this would be foolish to rule out ThemeForest. You might hear few rumblings about quality problems. However, if you stick to the highly rated and well-established themes, you can’t go wrong. These themes sell well for the only reason because they are on the quality end of the spectrum.

Also, people who are interested in affiliate marketing, you can find limitless chances to grow your income by joining the affiliate program of ThemeForest.

Do you use or have you previously used the marketplace ThemeForest? Share your thoughts here with us.

Any question?
Ask here, and I will get back to it very soon.