How to Generate Traffic from Flipboard to Your Blog

Flipboard has become a key reference point of traffic for blog writers. Since there are 34,000 topics across 21 million magazines culled from Flipboard articles and the Web, there are ample chances for blog writers to be viewed by an audience that shows a keen interest in what’s been written.

The most important thing about Flipboard is that it allows you to create a Flipboard magazine of your own for content curation. It has developed into a reading app that’s personalised and can be used to generate traffic to your blog. It must be noted that Flipboard has started a web version and is now not confined to mobile apps only. Thus, if you don’t use a Flipboard app, take benefit from their desktop-precise website and use it for reading pleasure or marketing.

So, how do we take the advantage of this high-potential traffic source? Let’s see in this write-up.

Use Flipboard through Magazines:

Flip your content into a Flipboard Magazine. You’ll be able to create an attractive, syndicatable packet of stories and also help them to be visible in topic feeds. This happens because comments, flips, likes, views and shares are signals to the system that the content will in all probability be good. The greater the interactions, the better the chances of your content surfacing in topics.

How to create a Flipboard Magazine

If you’re well-versed in content curation, it’s easy to get going with Flipboard magazine. But, if content curation is not your field and you don’t know a thing about it, I’ll explain it in brief to you.

Content curation is a method whose objective is to find the finest content on the web and consolidate it in one spot. You can combine it on your blog site, or use a content curation online site. Indeed, people also make cash from it. There are a number of content curation tools which will help achieve your objective. Here are five of them.

  • Tweeted Time: It’s like a newspaper. Headlines as in newspapers are laid out on a priority basis. The ‘newspaper’ gives you the tweets with the highest popularity as per the rankings.
  • This too is like a newspaper that presents curated content in newspaper fashion. It gets new content from your Facebook, Twitter, and RSS updates which you would put into your paper. Register with your Facebook or Twitter account and create your newspaper.
  • it is good for you if you want an update speedily. It has a simple interface and enables you to go through a vast number of stories that will evince your interest. gathers headlines from leading blogs and gives it to you in a well-structured way. All you need to do is click on.
  • Feedly: This is a downloadable aggregator which you can put on your mobile using Kindle, Android and browser Safari, all free! You have to add your most-loved sites and with pals on Facebook. It works with Google Reader too.

To start using Flipboard, download the app onto your desktop or smartphone. The apps are obtainable for Android, iOS, and Windows phone. If you want to use your desktop, go to, where you have to generate your profile.

It’s vital for your magazine to have a firm description and title. The more information, or metadata, linked to your magazine, the more your chances of it being spotted and be surfaced by the topic engine. To get a highly engaged audience to your magazine, follow these steps:

  • Promote your magazine on the main social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Be sure that your profile is an engaging one. Then people will follow you and get immersed in your magazines. This will enhance your network.
  • Invite co-contributors, since every fellow-contributor adds his network and readership to the mix.
  • Add a piece of comment when flipping. This raises your curation’s value, and also draws readers’ interest to your post for emphasis is laid on comments in your layouts on mobile phones.
  • Build reciprocal connections with other Magazine makers by: 1) Finding magazines that you can follow and performing social actions like comments, likes and re-flips. These will show up in other people’s announcement streams and after checking you out they may follow you. 2) Following topics which will enable you to examine relative magazine approvals in your key stories.

Flipboard started off as a humble app to improve mobile users’ reading experience. Flipboard has undergone various iterations during the last few years. It is currently a wholesome product for webmasters and consumers. However, it cannot be predicted how much traffic will be driven to your site because of it. No one can promise the amount of traffic you will generate from Flipboard.

But the newest edition of their app shows promise and the possibility of ditching similar, existing similar apps in exchange for Flipboard is high. Flipboard’s power to help business is the simplicity with which you can follow a magazine or a person on Flipboard. Though the idea isn’t exceptional, the manner in which Flipboard has incorporated its features within the app is commendable.