How To Easily Get Product Link From Amazon?

Ready to know the easiest steps to get Amazon product’s affiliate link, if yes then let’s get started with the article to see the ways to create Amazon product affiliate link.

With my earlier post, I have talked about How to Start with Amazon Affiliate Program that is an excellent way to selling the product and generate revenue.

Amazon Affiliate program is one of an excellent way to generate passive income. The best thing about this program is that a collection of products for each and every niche & if you run this program right on your blog, then you can make significant revenue too.

If you haven’t yet started with the Amazon affiliate program, then it is a good time to get started with it. For that read this article to make your task easy to Start with Amazon Affiliate Program. And if you already have an account on Amazon affiliate program then you probably want to create affiliate link of Amazon product.

So here with this article, I am going to show you how you can create an affiliate link for individual Amazon products. Well, creating an affiliate link for Amazon product is not that complex. So let’s dive right into the article.

Easy Steps to Create Amazon Affiliate Link

As I have mentioned above that creating Amazon affiliate link is not complex, it is very easy. So let’s see the steps to create Amazon affiliate link.

Way 1 – Create Full/Shorten Affiliate Link with SiteStrip:

Step #1. Log in to your Amazon Affiliate panel First. Now visit and search for product related to your niche.

Step #2. Here, at the top left corner, you will see SiteStrip. Click on Text Hyperlink next to Get Link,

Step #3. A small window will get open contain shorten affiliate link of the Amazon Product. Select the radio Button of Shorten/Full link and copy that link to promote.

Amazon Sitestrip to generate Affiliate Link

Apart from this way, there is one more way that you can use to build Amazon product’s affiliate link. Let’s see what the way is and how you can use it.

Way 2: Search for the Product in Amazon Associate Dashboard

Step #1. First, log in to your Amazon Associate account, this will open your Associates Central home page. Here click the Product linking tab in the top navigation menu. Then select Product Links from the drop-down menu.

Produck linking in amazon affiliate dashboard

Step #2. After you did this, you will link to the next page where you can search for the product by adding product name or with the ASIN/ISBN code of the particular product. Rather using product name you should consider the pursuit of the product with using ASIN/ ISBN code. But where to find this code? Don’t get frustrated. I’ll help you with this.

How to Find ASIN Code of Particular Amazon Product?

First, go to and here find the product which suits to your blog niche. Once, you found the product, head over to the product’s Information part. There, you will find ASIN code, copy that code.

find amazon product ASIN number in the product page to get the affiliate link

Step #3. Now, you have ASIN code of Amazon product. Then, go back to add a product link page, here in the field of a keyword or ASIN/ISBN paste the copied ASIN code and hit the Go button.

This will show you the product with the button Get Link, click on that button.

get the amazon affliate link by search product

Step #4. With this, you will get some code, which you need to copy. After copying that code click over to your WordPress post into your WordPress panel. Once you are in the post, paste the copied code where you want it to appear.

When you switch back to visual mode, it won’t show you the image. But, once you save your draft go to preview, there it is.

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That’s it! Simple, right?

However, this second way is little tricky and lengthy, but the first option is faster and neatest one. If you haven’t yet tried out this, I recommend you to do this and have an account on Amazon Associate program. Don’t worry if you have started working lately with Amazon Associate program, because the good news is, in this case; you can even change your past posts.

Thus, you can go back to your previous posts and throw some product links into those old posts. Be sure your additions are relevant.

So, have you been already using Amazon Associates? I want to hear about your experience, what products are generating the most clicks?

Any question?
Ask here, and I will get back to it very soon.