Guide to Export Email Addresses from WordPress Comments

Want to extract/export email addresses of your audience who commented on your WordPress Blog? Here is a quick and easiest way to export all email addresses of users who have commented on your blog posts.

Have you ever checked your sites or blogs comments as a source of possible leads? If not, then you should actually start doing that right away.

Every Blogger wants to build email subscriber list as quickly as possible. But they always overlook the comment section on their blog. The comment section in each blog is a real goldmine to build an email list.

But the question is how to export email addresses from WordPress Comments?

Here in this article, you will find an answer to export email addresses from WordPress comment. If you have WodPress’s default commenting system on your blog, then it is good for you. There is a way to fetch email addresses of all users who have commented on your blog.

Let’s find out how you can export email addresses from WordPress Comments.

guide to export email addresses from wordpress comments

Guide to Export Email Addresses from WordPress Comment Section

Follow below steps to extract email addresses from WordPress Comments.

Step #1. Login to WordPress dashboard and go to Add new Plugin section. Here look for the Commenter Emails plugin and install it and activate it.

plugin to export email addresses from WordPress Comments.png

Step #2. Once the plugin is activated, navigate to Comment → Commenter Emails. Over here you will find all the email addresses of users, who have commented on your blog posts.

how to export email addresses from WordPress Comments






Step #3. Now export email addresses from comments in a format of CSV file. Click on download button and extract email addresses.

download email addresses of wordpress comments

Once you do this, the plugin will automatically fetch the comment author email addresses and name from your blog database that powered with WordPress.

What’s Next?

Once you have your email addresses in CSV or text formats, now you can go ahead and upload them to your email service provider. You can even check out this article to pick the best email service provider to start email marketing campaign.

Here I will show how you can import email addresses through MailChimp. For that sign into your MailChimp account, and then here tap on Lists and select a file that you wish to upload contracts to.

Quick Example of How to Import WordPress Commenter Email Addresses to MailChimp

Step #1. Log in to MailChimp Account.

Step #2. If you don’t have any list in MailChimp account then create a new list.

Step #3. Click on Import Subscribers.

import wordpress comment email addresses

Step #4. Select CSV or tab-delimited text file option and click Next.

import email addresses of wordpress blog commenters

Step #5. Upload Exported WordPress Commenters’ Email Addresses.

Step #6. Match the Column Name and Click on Next Button.

Match columns

This is it. All your Exported Email Addresses of WordPress Comments are uploaded to MailChimp Email List.

I am sure now know all about exporting email addresses from WordPress comments and uploading it to email servicer providers. You must take advantage of this and plan your email campaigns to boost branding of your blog.

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