How To Easily Create Short Amazon Affiliate Links

Find the easiest ways of how to make an Amazon affiliate link. This is a complete and step by step guide to creating and add Amazon links to WordPress Site.

Online Marketing is progressing and it has paved a path for several people to promote business as well as earn extra money. People can promote the product of other brands and can earn a commission out of it.

If you are an influencer and have a website with high traffic, affiliate marketing can be a great tool to earn extra bucks. Google Adsense is another way to earn money on a commission basis.

Wondering what is Affiliate Marketing?

It is a process wherein one promotes the products of others and earns a commission for every sale. The commission amount varies from company to company. It is always better to opt products that are very familiar and popular in the mass. The Amazon Associates program is a must join to monetize the website. The research by

  • 29% of readers regularly opt for Affiliate Marketing.
  • 24% occasionally do Affiliate Marketing.
  • 27% have never done affiliate marketing on their blogs.
  • 6% used to do it but have quit.
  • 14% don’t know what affiliate marketing is all about.

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How To Easily Create Short Amazon Affiliate Links?

#1. Create an account in Amazon associates and login to it.

Create an account in Amazon associates and login to it

#2. Go to and search for any product.

Go to and search for any product.


#3. At top left corner in Get Link bar, click on Text or Image or Text+Image of your choice. 

At top left corner in Get Link bar, click on Text or Image or Text+Image of your choice.


#4. You can click on “Text Only” and you can connect the text and the affiliate link. You can choose your own image and anchor text.


If you do not want to follow this lengthy process, you can directly use the Affiliate plugins offered by WordPress.

You can place the link anywhere on your website depending on the space availability on the website. You can get the customized HTML code of Amazon affiliate and paste the code on the website. The other option provided by Amazon is the banner option. You can insert the Amazon banner directly on the web pages.

Use the EasyAzon Plugin To Insert Links:
easyazonThe major advantage of using a WordPress as your Content Management System is the plugins. There are exclusive plugins to customize your site. You can use EasyAzon to build Amazon Associates links.

The EasyAzon Plugin is developer friendly and you can easily insert Amazon affiliate links without even leaving the dashboard. You do not have to log-in to and create affiliate link. A single click on the EasyAzon Plugin will quickly get you on Amazon Associates program.

Feed all the affiliate details to get started with EasyAzon. Once you are done with Amazon Associate affiliate tag, you can choose if you would want to cloak all the links or allows all the links to be opened in new window.
Let your affiliate link be set to “No Follow”. You can choose if you want to enable product preview pop-ups, add to cart option, cloak all the affiliate links, and enable link localization.

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Thus, if you have made up your mind for Amazon Associates program, do follow the above- mentioned steps to create quick Amazon affiliate links. You are sure to see your bank balance increasing shortly provided you are able to make some sales through your websites or blogs.

Do let us know your experience with affiliate marketing.

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