How to Build Your Personal Brand Through LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is today’s top-performing professional network with which many of the people became social professionals. Let's find out how you can build a personal brand through LinkedIn.

Many of you have used social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other media channels to build your personal brand. But did you ever imagine that you can also build your personal brand using LinkedIn?

This is true you can build your personal brand using this professional network LinkedIn.

This career management tool has quickly transformed into rich, customizable and multi-faceted personal branding platform. Many of the business owners use this platform to do their job better and manage their brand throughout the longevity of their career.

So if you also want to use this platform to build your personal brand then here I have explained five ways with that you can build your personal brand through this platform. So let’s take a look at this five ways.

5 Ways to Build Personal Brand with LinkedIn

How To Build Your Personal Brand Through LinkedIn

#1. Increase Your LinkedIn Profile

To build your personal brand, your LinkedIn profile is the essential aspect that you should start working on. Your primary goal is that to get your LinkedIn profile to all Star status because it indicates that you are actively contributing to the LinkedIn ecosystem. So if you want more likely to be found in searches then here are some of the tips that’ll help you the pop your LinkedIn profile.

Profile Picture

This might seem totally obvious, but on the place of LinkedIn profile picture, there should be the photo of you. So it is important that you pick a picture that aligns with your role. Make sure that you choose square profile picture with 400 x 400 pixels, and that contains the file size up to the 10 MB. This step is crucial, otherwise, your photo will not upload on your LinkedIn Profile.

headshot profile picture in linkedin profile

Profile Headline

As like your profile picture your profile headline plays an important role. It is one of an essential piece of text on your LinkedIn profile. By default, the headlines contain your current designation. But you can modify it to demonstrate your skills. So try to be more inventive than just listing your job title. Because headline aren’t just described your profile but it could be treated as your brand’s tagline.

add profile head link on linkedin

LinkedIn Background

LinkedIn also provides a great feature like the background image. Many LinkedIn members use stock photos, nature photos, and many other images. But you can do way better than just adding these kinds of images to your LinkedIn Profile background. I recommend that you add content stream promotions, miniature portfolios, credibility-building, publications, photos of you influencing others and many other photos that identify your personal brand.

Custom URL

It is very important that your LinkedIn URL should appear with your full name as like “” just like I have

Because your personal branding attaches everything on the web to your full. If your LinkedIn URL does not contain your full name, then you are missing all those opportunities to have your profile rank higher in the search engine.

Customize your LinkedIn URL and share it everywhere, it’ll make easy for those people who wants to reach to you. I also recommend you to add your personalized link to all social channels like Twitter, Facebook, SlideShare, Your blog, Email or another stream that you have.

Profile Summary

Finally the profile summary, with this you can write everything about you, like what you do, what your company does, your work experience and other professional things. With the help of your profile summary, you can easily tell your story to your audience. But you must create your summary short because you have a maximum of 2,000 characters to play around with your summary.

It is important that you try to make your summary as interesting as possible. You can also add personal activity stories that you enjoy outside your work.

add catchy and intresting profile summary on linkedin


It is important that your Experience section contains all of your various job titles with a brief explanation. If you want you can also add your educational background. And adding images, video, document or presentation to your experience section that you have created can make your profile stand out among the rest.


You should tone your entire LinkedIn profile with keywords because keywords make your profile easier to find. You can add some keywords in your headline, or you can take out overused words like creative, motivated and responsible and sprinkle them throughout your profile or add multimedia content to your profile from written post on LinkedIn Publisher. This will help you to get higher rank in searches.

#2. Develop Your Connection on LinkedIn

Now, you have a compelling and perfectly optimized profile. Now it is a time to start developing your connection. LinkedIn is all about your professional network graph. This platform is ideal for building your strategic brand associations. This improves your global connections and also makes your connection fresh and active. This platform gives, even more, information about the people you know or has met.

follow the people you know on linkedin

LinkedIn also allows you to import contacts from Windows Live, Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo. Also, you can search for your college, workplace, industry leaders and other professionals. So you can build your network as well as your personal brand too. To do this, you can also ask your contacts for introductions to people in their network.

Be sure when you are trying to connect with someone that you don’t know, at that time you add a personal note about why you’d like to join so that the person probably accept your request.

This is how you can build your network.

#3. Post Content on LinkedIn

Do you know that every day by multiple channels American engages with seven different sources of information and facts? Entrepreneur reported that Millennials spend 18 hours a day consuming media.

Today, LinkedIn become one the most professional publishing platform. There is a calculation which proves that over 1 million people have published more than 3 million posts on LinkedIn. Regarding Millennials, they depict nearly 30% of all long-form publishers on LinkedIn.

This professional platform allows you to publish content to present thought leadership. This is the way you can show the world that what you are able to and what you care about. Once you started publishing your content on LinkedIn, you’ll notice that your profile views are increasing.

publish content on linkedin

The great way to reach an engaged audience and build your personal brand is to publish long-form content on LinkedIn. So try to publish more long-form content because this will help you to build and strengthen your brand and your professional profile.

#4. Modify Your Feed by Following Those Who Matter Most

It is true that millennial leaders are different in age and experience, but the common thing among them is they are eager to learn. As like them, you can also learn through the LinkedIn by investing yourself and your lifelong knowledge.

It is very important that you design a feed that keeps you reported. You must be thinking that how you can keep yourself updated with new things than simply follow the topics and people that matter most and unfollow those who don’t. Let see the steps that’ll help you to find a useful resource.

Step #1. On your LinkedIn profile on the top-right corner you’ll find the control menu with three dots, simply click on that.

tap on three dots to visible linkedin post options

Step #2. This will show you some options, but on the last, there will be the possibility of Improve Your Experience. Tap on “Improve My Feed” option.

Improve LinkedIn Feed Experince

Step #3. Select “Follow Fresh Perspectives”.

tap on follow fresh perspectives

Step #4. Once you click on that option, it’ll show you some options to select from personalized recommendations for people, publishers, and topics to follow. All these options are based on your LinkedIn profile.

tap on follow button to see update on linkedin in news feeds

To keep reported and updated you can follow news and insights, but if you want to unfollow the feed in your connection whose updates you don’t need. Then let see how you can unfollow LinkedIn connections updates while stay connected with them.

To do this, first from your connection find the update that you don’t need in your feed. Now, click on control menu in the top-right corner with three dots and select the second option Unfollow (with connection name).

unfollow post not see in linkedin news feed

LinkedIn is a platform that adapts quickly, so it is essential that you use is purposeful. Because there is the variety of activity signals decided what shows up in your feed. The more you follow and share relevant content, make your profile updated with the information about your career and most important that you take other actions to engage meaningfully with LinkedIn Platform.

To be updated, follow LinkedIn influencers from top industry leaders. Also, use LinkedIn Pulse news app because it is the best way that you can keep yourself updated.

#5. Build a LinkedIn SlideShare Account

Do you know that each month more than 400,000 new pieces of content are added by using SlideShare? SlideShare now becomes world’s most popular and largest professional content-sharing community.

SlideShare has millions of unique visitors and nearly 4 million people visit LinkedIn SlideShare on an Average day. Also, the Google indexes each and every presentation on LinkedIn SlideShare. And just because there is more than 80% of traffic to LinkedIn SlideShare is the organic search options comes in the front. So there is an advantage of creating presentation because it provides your brand an SEO advantage.

I recommend you to build authority by LinkedIn SlideShares with a unique point of view on your industry’s trends and news. Also, you can share your presentations, videos, webinar videos in that you’re featured and of course the content that you designed.

To highlights your some valuable content, make use of clipping tool in SlideShare and also add SlideShare presentations to your LinkedIn Profile. This will be the great way to increase your personal brand.


LinkedIn is today’s top-performing professional network with which many of the people became social professionals. It is a great network to get engage, interact with others who you want and can swap ideas too.

The significant advantage of using the LinkedIn platform is to build and boost your personal brand and also it provides industry news like marketing, sales, fashion, education, medicine and of course you can use LinkedIn as your blog to publish professional content.

So those are the ways with which you can build your personal brand on LinkedIn. So what are you waiting for? If you still not created a profile on LinkedIn then start building it now and use it for your personal brand build up. Use those above tips and surely you can boost your brand.