10 Steps Guide to Set Up and Start Blog for Free on Blogger.com

Thinking that you would like to start a free blog in this year? But confused what platform to choose? This post is for you!

Starting a blog is one of the easiest ways to share your expertise and ideas with the world. However, nowadays this strategy is very helpful for those who want to promote their businesses online – or make money straight from the blog.

Fortunately, in 2017 building a blog is incredibly easy than ever. Before this time, blogging used to need a lot of coding skills like HTML, CSS and few more development environments. But today building a blog can be as simple as creating any document in MS word. That is certainly if you have simple and easy instruction to follow.

In this article, I’ll guide you through each step with images, so you get your blog started today on free platform Blogger.com.

Blogger.com is one of the most popular free blogging platform that is owned by search engine giant Google. And blogs created on Blogger are by default search engine friendly. Thus, anybody who want to focus on creating better content for their readers they can quickly optimize overall organic traffic on their blog. As this platform is available in 41 different languages, it is evident that millions and millions of people are using this platform to build their free blog.

If you already have a blog on Blogger and looking for the solution to switch your blog from Bloggers to WordPress then this guide is for you, Switch from Blogger to WordPress without Losing Google Ranking.

I have probably answered every question those you might have. Now, it is time to start with the guide, let us dig in.

Exclusive Guide on Building Free Blog on Blogger

How to Create Free Blog on Blogger

Before you start with creating a blog (Q&A)

How Much Time Does Blogger.com Take To Create a Blog?

Setting up a blog on Blogger.com is real simple and straightforward. But following this steps will likely to take less than 15 minutes.

However, creating quality content that your potential readers want to read can take a little more time because the quality of the content is the priority of any blog’s content.

Overall, creating your blogging world doesn’t have to take much time. But it is entirely up to you to determine that how seriously you want to take it.

# How Much Does Blogger Cost?

You might be wondering that “Will Blogger.com cost tons of bucks to start your own blog?”

The short answer is “NO.” As this guide is all about building a free blog on Blogger/Blogspot. This platform is available for free so that you can create a blog all for free. However, if you want a domain name, it can cost you a little bit. But if you are satisfied with a subdomain that Blogger.com offer you for free then it is all okay!

#Can You Use Blogging To Make Money?

Short answer “Yes”.

Tons of Blogger users are making good amounts of money, and most of it is passive, too. There is one but the best way to earn money with your blog on Blogger that is Google AdSense.

Now, we have been through some very commonly asked blogging questions and their answers, and now this is time for you take a look at easy steps to start your free blog right away.

Quick Guide to Build Free Blog with Blogger.com/BlogSpot

Step #1:

Niche is the primary and essential element for blogging. Here is a guide to choosing the perfect niche. Make sure you are willing to explore the niche you pick. For that, you need to ask yourself two questions after picking a niche.

  • Am I passionate about it?
  • Does it have a good number of the audience?

If you have valid answers to above questions, then you are ready to go to the next level. You can take your time to make the decision since niche is the most important step of all.

Step #2:

After picking up the blogging niche, create your free Blogger blog site. Go to Blogger.com here you need to sign in first.

Step #3:

To sign in on Blogger, click on Sign In. It resides in the upper-right corner of the window.

To sign in you will require Google account that means Gmail account. Enter your Gmail username and password.

Sign in to Google Account

However, if you don’t have a Gmail Account, tap on More Option → Create New Account. This will take you to the screen where you can create your Gmail account to use it with Blogger.

create free blog

You will be asked to choose profile type. To do that click on Create a Google+ profile to build a single account to use throughout all Google properties. If you’d like to use a limit your exposure on Google, then click on Create a Limited Blogger Profile.


After that follow the online prompts to complete building Google+ or limited Blogger Profile.

Step #4:

Now, this will lead you to the page of Confirm Your Profile. On this page, you need to enter a Display Name because this is the name that your readers will know you by. Then click on Continue to Blogger button.

create blog for free

Step #5:

Then, click on Create New Blog. One window will pop up on your computer or laptop screen here you will find three different Sections Title, Address, and Template.

create your free blog

Where in the Title section type the title for your blog. Then in the next section of Address, enter the URL for your blog you want. Sometimes, it may happen that the URL that you type in the box maybe not available then try another variation on the name that you want you to use. Make sure you don’t use symbols like hyphens, colons or underscores.

Now, select the Template, this is very basic design and layout of your blog. At last click on Create blog!

Step #6:

You will be presented with the admin area where you can control your blog. Here, you will find a panel on the left-hand side with many different menus.

Have a look at the Theme and click on that if you want to customize the look of your blog site beyond just elements contained in the template.

Customise Blogger Theme

To customize the design of the blog click on Customize if you would like guided choices. Or if you are the more advanced user then click on Edit HTML.

Step #7:

Then after moving to the Settings tab a center of the menu because from where you can adjust other settings like language and all. You can even set to receive emails and check if your blog will be added in search engine results.

create a blog free and easy

If you want to add another contributor to your blog, then go to Basic Settings here in the Permission section you can add another author.

create free blog on blogspot

In the Post, Comments, and Sharing you can adjust post publishing, comments, and if or how your blog is shared further than the Blogger.

create a free blogger

Step #8:

This is an essential step because without having any page on your blog no one will recognize you that what the blog is all about. Users will get through the blog and most importantly who is the blog author.

Before you start writing your blog posts, you need first to Contact Us page which will be the first pages of your blog.

To add pages, go to Pages menu and click on New Page.

create free blogspot

To create the first page for your blog first type in your Page Title into the text box to the right of Page. Then click on Compose to write your page content. This editor is quite typical to use because it includes functions such as different text colors, fonts and sizes and the ability to insert hyperlinks. However, if you love to work in HTML then click on HTML.

create a free blogspot

You can modify the settings of your post for that click on Page Settings from the top right corner. Here you can enable reader comments, choose HTML settings and even post the time and date. Once you made the changes don’t forget to hit the button of Done to save all those changes.

create a free blog

Don’t forget to click on Save button, doing so save your work, so far. You can preview your page to see how your post will look like when it is finished. To see that click on Preview button. If you find not changes, then click on Publish button to take it live for your readers.

Step #9:

Hoping you have made desired changes and even created the pages, let us head over to write the very first post to publish on your blog. To write the post click on the top first menu Post → New Post.

create free blog website

The process of creating your first blog post is as similar as inserting the page on your blog. So you can follow that process there are no any other different changes.

If you want your post to go viral, then check out this article 10 Secret Ingredients to Make Your Post Go Viral.

Step #10:

To monetize your blog you can do can advertisements on your blog. For that Blogger.com offers one of the best ways to make money and that is Google AdSense. You can use it on your blog and monetize your blog.

For that click on Earnings menu and click on Sign up for AdSense. If you do not have an account for Google AdSense yet, then this will even let you create AdSense account. For that, you will find an option that is How to Qualify For AdSense click on that and then Google will help you create your Google AdSense account.

Make Money with Google AdSesne on Blogger

Increase Google AdSense Earnings with Most Useful Ad Styles and Placements this article will help you increase earning with Google AdSense.

Overall this platform is a great way for beginners who want to learn basics of blogging. But for webmasters who already is an influence in the blogging world, this platform is not for them. Because Blogger owns user’s blog site, it lacks the plugin and limited template for blog sites. This comparison of WordPress vs. Blogger will help you to understand the significant difference and plus points of individual blogging platforms.


I hope you have set up your blog for free on Blogger.com. I know the process I mentioned above is simple. But don’t limit yourself to these. As this is the only simple method with which you can setup blog and share your thoughts with the audience. There are few more technical and pro aspects those you can learn and can make your blog more interesting and engaging to the audience.


Any Question?
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