How To Add Google Calendar in WordPress: Easy Step by Step Guide

Adding a Google Calendar to your WordPress site is something you can easily do in few minutes. This is a complete easy step by step guide to add Google Calendar in WordPress.

Google Calendar has come most popular and highly effective tool for managing schedule, sharing events and integrating with other Google services like Gmail. This tool also comes with pretty smart features that easily organize everything around you.

It is very easy to integrate Google Calendar with WordPress site. Here in this article, I have mentioned step by step guide to add Google Calendar in WordPress.

Let’s Begin

#Step 1: To add Google Calendar to your WordPress site, all you need to do is install Google Calendar plugin in your WordPress and activate it.

Simple Google Calendar Plugin

#Step 2: After activation, go to Calendars. At setting page configure the plugin settings.

Google Calendar Plugin Setting

Now, all you need is to connect the plugin to your Google Calendar. For that first, you need to create and provide a Google API Key. This will give the plugin access to your calendar data.

#Step 3: To create and provide Google API Key, on the calendar setting page you’ll find a link of Google Developers Console. Just click on that link and this will take you to the Google Developers Console website.

Calendar Setting Page

#Step 4: From the top right corner menu, click on “Select a Project” and choose “Create a Project” option.

Select a Project Dropdown

#Step 5: A popup will appear, where you need to give a name for your project. Enter a project name whatever you want but I suggest you to choose a name that helps you to identify the project quickly.

Google Calendar Create new propject popup

#Step 6: Once you click on Create button this will redirect to your project dashboard. Click on Google Calendar API under the section of Google APPS APIs.

Google Apps Calendar API

#Step 7: Click on Enable button to continue.

Enable Google Calendar API

After enabling API, you still need the details on how would access the API and what credentials you’ll be using.

#Step 8: To continue with the process click on “Credentials” Tab from the API Manager left-hand sidebar.

Google Calendar API Manager Sidebar

#Step 9: This will take you to next page “Credentials” page, where you find an option to “Create credentials.” Click on the menu and select “API Key” to create and API Key

Create Google Calendar API Key

#Step 10: Select Server Key from the popup.

Select Server Key to create Google Calendar API

#Step 11: This will redirect you to a new page where you need to feel the data generate the API Key. Provide a name to the API Key and leave the IP Address field blank. Click on Create button.

Create New Server API Key for Google Calendar

#Step 12: Now, an API Key key generated. Copy that API Key.

Google Apps Calendar API

#Step 13: Now, paste API Key into Calendar Setting Tab and click on “Save Changes” button.

WordPress Simple Google Calendar Setting Tab

How To Make Google Calendar Public?

Google Calendar not just only organize the schedule, you can do many other things. You can also use it to share any event with other. So if you want to make your Google Calendar public, you need to change the calendar settings. Follow this guide to make your Google Calendar public.

#Step 14: To change the settings, visit Google Calendar homepage. Move cursor to the calendar you want to share and click on the drop-down arrow next to the calendar.

Google Calendar home page

#Step 15: Select Share this Calendar Option from the Drop down menu.

Google Calendar Share

#Step 16: This will bring you the calendar sharing settings where you need to choose a check box to make your calendar public. Store the changes by clicking Save button.

Make Google Calendar Public

#Step 17: Last but the important thing you need to get the unique calendar ID. On later, you’ll need this ID to display the Calendar in your WordPress. For that, click on the Calendar Setting from Drop Down menu.

Google Calendar Setting

#Step 18: Find Calendar Address option on setting page and copy calendar ID.

Google Calender Address

This is how you’ll successfully connect your Google Calendar with your WordPress site. Now, let see how to add Google Calendar in WordPress.

How To Add Google Calendar In WordPress?

#Step 19: To add Google Calendar, you need to visit first Calendars → Add New page.

Add new Calendar

This will show you the screen which is similar to the post or page editing screen in WordPress.

#Step 20: On this page, you’ll find some options like Add New Calendar where you need to enter a title for your calendar. On that screen, there will be a text area in which the plugin has already added some shortcodes and some text.

Google Calendar Edit Screen

#Step 21: Find the Calendar setting under the Editor box, where you need to add Calendar ID, which you have generated in the previous steps. Click on Google Calendar tab and now paste your Calendar ID

Add New Calendar Setting

Also, you can click on other tabs in the calendar settings box to customize that how the calendar will display on your WordPress site.

Once you did with this process, just click on the publish button and save your calendar.

How To Display Calendar on Your WordPress Site?

The whole process of adding Google Calendar on WordPress is not enough to make visible that calendar on your WordPress site.

#Step 22: To add the calendar to your WordPress post or page go “Calendar Setting” page and click on “Calender” Tab.

Simple Google Calendar Setting Tabs

#Step 23: Under “Attach Calendar” option select Page and post both option to visible “Add Calendar” button in page/post editor window. Click on save button.

Simple Google Calendar Attach Calendar Setting

#Step 24: Now create a new page/post or edit the existing one to add Calendar. At a top of the editor window, you will find “Add Calendar” tab. Click on that option, which will open a new popup window.

Add Calendar Option in WordPress Post Editor

#Step 25: From the pop-up, select the calendar and click on “Insert Calendar” option.

Add Calendar Popup in WordPress Post Editor

#Step 26: Click on Publish/Update button to view the calendar on live page/post.

Also if you want to display your Google Calendar in a sidebar widget, then this plugin offers a widget for that. For that go to Appearance → Widgets page and where you can find Simple Calendar widget in the list of available widgets.

Simple Google Calendar Widgets

#Step 27: Add the Simple Calendar widget and click on save button.

Finally, you have successfully made your Google Calendar visible on your WordPress site. Just visit your website and you’ll see your Google Calendar in action.

Live Google Calendar in WordPress Post

Adding a Google Calendar to your WordPress site is something you can easily do in half an hour or so. So this is how you do it, hope you find this article helpful and make it easy for you to add Google Calendar on Your WordPress site. Follow as on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.