Hide My WP Review – Best Security Plugin For WordPress Users

Looking for the best WordPress plugin for your Blog security? Then check out this review article of Hide My WP plugin and surely you are gone have best security option for your site.

WordPress is a very secure platform to build a blog or website. There are millions of webmaster who are using this platform to discover their sites. However, this is a most popular blogging platform, so this is natural that there are few the security threats arise.

With millions of websites or blogs powered by WordPress, it does make sense for hackers around the world to try and take advantage of vulnerabilities in the system. But there are so many WordPress users, a large community of developers, and also there are many white hat hackers those are interested in protecting people from that kind of threats. As we all know that WordPress regularly publish updates which add the security elements build by the developers.

However there are an amount of plugins are sprouting up, and their only purpose is to hide the fact from the hackers that you are using WordPress. So that your site is secure from the brute force and mass hacking attempts.

But apart from all the plugins, One WordPress plugin will help you hide your WP details. The only plugin is the best among them that is Hide My WP.

This handy plugin lets you hide the names of plugins, themes, change the directory structure, rename the login page, permalink structure, admin areas, uploads folder, and etc. The plugin lets you eliminate or replace any string with the source code, which means you are saved from that threat too.

Hide My WP will work as a strong firewall against many kinds of attacks like SQL injection, brute force, XSS, read arbitrary files and a lot more. Here is the detailed review of Hide My WP.

Hide My WP WordPress Plugin Review – Best Security PluginBest WordPress Security PluginWhat is Hide My WP Plugin?

This is a security plugin for WordPress site secures the site from intrusions and attacks. There are over thousands of attackers or hackers who are seeking for your site. So basically you have to get ready before getting attacked by those hackers.

It only hides the fact that you are using a platform like WordPress for your blog or site. You might be thinking that this might be a joke, but it is not. Hide My WP completely removes the fact that you are using WordPress for your site.

Key Features of Hide My WP

#1. Secures Your WordPress Bases Blog or Site

This plugin ensures your WordPress based blog or site is secured from attackers and hackers. Hide My WP helps you restricts all those intruders to the direct access of the PHP file of the WordPress to protect your script.

#2. Complete solution to hide all the traces of WordPress

As this plugin completely hide the truth of using WordPress for your blog or website. It even helps to cover up the information of the plugin and theme that you are using for your site or blog.

Most of the bloggers are curious to know that which theme or plugin you are using to get indexed in SERPs fast. If you are using a particular theme or plugin to get indexed in SERPs and you don’t want to tell your competitors, then the only solution is to use Hide My WP plugin.

#3. CSS Minify

CSS Minify feature of this plugin, modifies the WordPress theme directory, eliminate theme info stylesheet, and replace the default WP classes and then finally minify the CSS.

#4. HTML Minify

With this feature, it removes the unwanted script and the tags from your blog or site that secure your site. It even fastens your blog or site and optimizes the page loading speed.

#5. Change the Login URL

The one great feature of this plugin is that it changes the login page URL. For the intruders and hacker, this is become impossible to find the login page URL of your WordPress site or blog.

Make sure you save the URL while setting up Hide My WP, as after that you have to use the new login URL to your WordPress blog or site.

Hide My WP plugin modifies your URL from:




However, you can change 1234 with your rememberable numeric digits. For that, you need to visit WordPress dashboard, and here you require to look for Hide My PHP.

These are the primary features but it even includes block direct access to PHP files, it includes Antispam, cleans up the WP classes, disables directory listing and many other functions.

Pros & Cons of Hide My WP Security WordPress Plugin

Pros of Hide My WP:

  • It modifies the wp-admin and wp-login URLs.
  • It hides and protects WordPress wp-login.php and redirects it to the 404 page.
  • It hides the _wpnonce key in forms.
  • It even hides wp-post classes and wp-image.
  • It hides emoticons if you don’t use them.
  • It disables Embed scripts, Rest API access, and filesWLW Manifest scripts.
  • It protects against Cross Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection Attacks, Brute Force Attacks, CSRF, and Read ArbitFiles.
  • It supports for WordPress Multisite, LiteSpeed, IIS, Nginx, Apache, and Math function on the login page.
  • Hides random plugins name and themes name.

Cons of Hide My WP

  • Each of the settings of this plugin breaks the theme.
  • May incompatible with other plugins.
  • It can break the existing code in WordPress core files.

Price of Hide My WP

The price of Hide My WP plugin is $22 along with the six months of Wpwave’s technical support. If you pick the extended support for about a year, then you will need paying more $6.75.

Get Hide My WP


The only aim to build this plugin is the hackers and bots who know that where to find the essential WordPress files and pages. A BOT which is designed to find and target WordPress blog or site. The primary reason to get attacked is not hiding WordPress and hackers, and bot gets a chance to attack those blogs or website build with WordPress.

Just like hacking software that takes advantage of the fact that every WordPress sites are structured similarly, Hide My WP takes advantage of the fact to secure WordPress Site. This plugin removes all the evidence that WordPress powers your website or blog, the plugin doesn’t only make difficult for them but even impossible for hackers to infiltrate your blog or site.

So what’s your opinion on this plugin? What do you think about it? Have you used this plugin? How your experience goes with it? Share your thought. In our next article, we will show you how you can configure Hide My WP plugin. So stay tune.