22 Hidden Features of Facebook – You Do Not Know, You Had

Are you aware of all features of Facebook? I guess, you are not. Check out 22 secret features of Facebook and implement them all to stand out from other Facebook Users or friends.

Facebook has been around for awhile, and you know that how much this social media platform has changed from the first day to now. As with growing company, this social network has done an excellent job at expanding its reach to more people. Every day it seems Facebook team launches new features. Thus, this platform becomes a very attractive place for people out there to go for news as well as friend updates and many more new happening things around them.

We all are familiar with the basic feature that Facebook provides to its users. But there are some other hidden features that only power users know about it. I am aware that you must be thinking that I might be kidding, but it is true that Facebook has been featured with various features wherein some of are well known and some of are hidden. So, today in this article, I am going to make you aware of those hidden features that only power users are using. Let’s quickly see those features.

Hidden Features of Facebook

Hiddedn Features of Facebook

#1. Save Feature

We all are super busy in our work. Few times it might happen that even you are logged in to your Facebook account, and you don’t have a chance to read an article or watch a video that is shared by your friend or any pages that you have liked/follow.

In the past and even now if you do not know the hidden save features of Facebook then you must have to read/watch article/video when it comes on the news feed, or you may probably miss that once feeds get a refresh. This feature works on both versions web and app. To save the post to read it later follow below steps:

  • Click on the down arrow key at the top right corner of the post.
  • Click on save a post and your post will be saved.
  • Go to https://www.facebook.com/saved/ to all your saved post.
  • Once you read the post click on the cross sign at the top right corner of the saved post to
  • Remove it from your saved posts.

Save post to read later facebook hidden feature

#2. Interest List

Another great feature of Facebook, which has completely changed Facebook users’ views to use this app. If you use Twitter regularly, then you know all about interest lists and how it can help to see what you are want to see.

Similarly, Interest lists feature on Facebook is does the same thing. They are pretty simple to create. Let’s walk through “How to create interest list on Facebook?

Create list of interest hidden feature of facebook

  • Visit https://www.facebook.com/addlist.
  • Click on “Create List” button.
  • Select the page or friends to add them to an interest list.
  • Click Next.
  • Name your list and select the privacy options and click on done.

Once you create it, you can find it on the left sidebar on your Facebook home page.

#3. You Can Send and Receive Money Over This Network

One of the interesting and hidden (actually it was hidden before I revealed it in this article) feature of Facebook is, you can send and receive money over this platform. Facebook allows its users to send money to his/her friend or business in a secure way.

The process of sending and receiving of money to friends and business associates through the site with a few clicks of the mouse or taps of the screen. But before making a transfer, you need to fill the payment details on the setting page. Let me walk you through this process.

  • Visit “Setting” tab under the main menu.
  • Click on payment option from the left-hand sidebar.
  • Click on the account settings from the top menu.
  • Add a Visa or MasterCard debit card issued by a US bank to your accounts and save it.

Send payment to your facebook friends hidden feature of facebook

Now payment details are up to date, and it’s time to send me $10,000 for such excellent tips on Facebook.

Don’t worry, no need to send me $$$$. But, if you want to send money to any of your friends then follow below steps carefully.

  • Open a chat with friends to whom you want to send money.
  • Click on the $ icon.
  • Enter the amount.
  • Click on next and add/select a debit card.
  • Click on Pay.

That’s it, and your payment has sent your friend, and he/she can receive the payment by adding his/her debit card details into account. Remember, this is a free service and Facebook is not charging a single penny for the transactions.

#4. Customize Your Ad Preferences

There is a lot of detail that goes into determining what advertisements Facebook serves, but that is up to you and on your timeline.

According to Facebook, the ad preferences of yours are based on information that you have shared with Facebook. For instance, pages you like or engage with, ads you click on, and apps and website you use.

If you want to change or customize your ad preference, visit Settings page on your Facebook account where you will find the option of Ads. Click on Edit option then tap on Ads Based On My Preferences.

Here you will find all the topics that Facebook has determined is a preference of yours, which will be separately categorized. If you want, then you can also delete an interest by just clicking on the delete option, which is displayed on the top right corner of each interest. It is not only you can delete your interest, but you can also add new preferences in that list too.

#5. Create A Personalized Birthday Video (IOS only)

It is sad, but this option is only available for iOS users. For the iOS users, Facebook offers birthday video cam option, which lets you choose from among six fun birthday-themed background filters and record an individual 15 seconds video.

Facebook Birthday Video hidden feature of Facebook

So if you want to do that just go to your friend’s Facebook profile on their birthday and go to write a post like you normally would, where you will find blue bar pop up with Record a Birthday Video. The Just press is start recording a birthday song for your friend.

#6. Numerous of Secrete Emojis

Apart from basic emojis, Facebook provides a bunch of emojis to their users. For instance,

  • (y) means like symbol or thumbs-up
  • :|] means a great white shark
  • <(“) means a penguin
  • click Message button means a great white shark

You can use these various Emojis in your wall posts as well as in your chats and comments. But these Emojis don’t always show on mobile devices.

#7. The Hidden Inbox That You Unaware of

This is something that many of you might not have aware. Facebook occasionally filters your messages that have been sent to you into a hidden folder in your Facebook account.

This hidden folder is known as a spam folder, which probably contains messages from people you know or pages that you have liked.

You might be thinking that how you can find this hidden folder on your Facebook account. If you are using the desktop for access to your Facebook account just click Message button at the top of the page and then click on Message Requests.

So, now to reveal the hidden inbox all you need is just to click on See Filtered Requests and any messages that were sent to you but automatically filtered out of your main inbox by Facebook.

Hidden Inbox in Facebook

#8. Find Who’s Sneaking Your Account

This is the terrible thing which happens to most of every Facebook users that someone without your permission logged into your Facebook account. So many of you might want to see that who logged into your Facebook account without your permission, right? To find out follow below steps carefully.

  • Go to setting from the main menu.
  • Click on Security from the left-hand panel.
  • Select where you are logged in.

Now you can find a list of devices, locations, and last account accessed details. If you find something suspicious, just click on “End Activity” button next to each session and make yourself secure.

Found where are you logged into your facebook account hidden feature of facebook

#9. Move Files Feature Over Facebook Messenger

Maybe you are not aware of that Facebook Messenger has gained Dropbox support to transfer files in between friends over the messenger. You can now share content through the cloud service. All you have to do is click on the More button in Messenger app on your phone, and you will find that Dropbox as an available source. Make sure Dropbox app is installed on your mobile.

Share files in Facebook Messenger hidden feature

To send a file from desktop, open a chat window and click on attachment icon from the bottom menu. Select the file and click on send button.

#10. You Can Download a Copy of All Your Facebooking

You can also have your personal copy of everything you have ever shared on your Facebook account such as post, image, video, even messages and chat conversations that you have done.

For that just visit the Setting page and click on General. Now click on the Download a copy of your Facebook data. This will let you download your every single data from the Facebook to your device. So this is the most useful feature to those in the legal profession as it can capture your Facebooking for a particular moment.

#11. Curate and Personalized Your Newsfeed

This giant social network provides this feature to users that they are now being able to curate and personalized their news feeds by selecting the friends and pages whose posts will appear up top.

You may have noticed that posts in your news feed have seemed incredibly random, and you may miss some really interesting and post or stories from your friends or page you liked. And also few times it may happen that you don’t want to see some of your Facebook friend updates in your news feeds.

To manage your news feed and keep it clean, click on setting icon before the news feed option in the left side panel. Select Edit Preference from the popup screen. Click on Prioritize who to see first then choose the people, pages, and brands you want to see more or less of in you news feed.

News Feed Prefence which hidden feature of facebook

And if you want to avoid seeing someone’s posts in your news feed then you can choose Unfollow option to essentially muting that friend without alerting him/her of such.

#12. Change Your Language to Pirate

This social network has effectively integrated dozens of languages, which makes this social network truly accessible to an international user base. There are so many languages that this platform has added such as Spanish, Deutsch, French, Afrikaans and many other languages. You can also set your preferred language that can be translated from English.

Not only to different languages, but there are several versions of plain old English available which can make your Facebook account to access with another level.

So if you want to take advantage of this feature just switch your language to English(Pirate) or any other language follows below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to Setting.
  • Click on language option from the left-hand side panel.
  • Select the language you want to change.
  • Click on save changes.

Change languages in Facebook

#13. Add Some Extra Security

This one of the best feature ever just because Facebook lets their users add some additional layers of security to their Facebook account. Secure your account and prevent from someone to access your account and steal information and identity. To add

Before someone gets into your account and steal your information and identity do this two smart things to protect yourself and your Facebook account:

Create a log-in approval: This setting will only allow your Facebook account to be opened in a new browser after when you enter a unique code which is sent to you phone. To enable this, visit Settings → Security → Code Generator. Once you did this, you will be sent a test code to verify your device’s authenticity.

Create some trusted contacts: Trusted contacts are your Facebook friends who can securely help you to recover access to your account. For this, you need to visit Settings → Security → Your Trusted Contacts. And yes anytime you can change your contacts later.

#14. Create an Editable Supersized Post

This is the best feature provided by Facebook, which comes in forth like an opportunity to them who don’t have a blog but still they want to create something which is worth equally to the blog post. Apart from sharing few sentences or a single image, Facebook allows its users to share paragraphs of text and multiple images too.

To do this visit https://www.facebook.com/notes, where you will find notes from people you follow. And if you want to create something on your click on +Write a Note which will appear in the top-right corner.

create a note with image another hidden feature of facebook

Write down your thoughts in the post editor. You can also add the cover image if you want too, and once done share it as you share your other post on Facebook. If your post is little bit subsequent and you can’t complete it, you can save it and publish it later.

#15. Detail Your Facebook Romance

With this feature, you can see the detailed internet history of you and you are significant other, to do this just visit https://www.facebook.com/us and there you will find the whole Facebook history that whoever are listed as in a relationship. If you have not recorded any kind of relationship than Facebook itself set it to you are just in love with yourself.

#16. You Can Mute Facebook Live Notification

Facebook is currently obsessed with live video streaming, where most of all the users live streaming on their account. For this part, Facebook has pushed live video feeds in the news feed. It also increased push notification, with which it alerts users to a broadcast going live from your friends or page that you have liked. But for now, this feature is only available for those users who access their Facebook account through the mobile device.

With the bunch of live videos, you might get annoying to it. So if you want to mute this live video streaming, follow this steps.

  • Click on the notification icon from the top bar.
  • Click on settings.
  • Find live videos. By default it is ON.
  • Select the option all off, which will turn off all the notification of live videos from your friends or pages you have liked.

Facebook hidden features turn off live notification updates

#17. You Can Stop Your Facebook to Track Your Mobile Browsing

Facebook provides its user one of the great features that you may not find anywhere else. With this feature, Facebook offers its users more control over the ads to make them more targeted. Facebook ads have features for advertisers to target users and show ads based on users browsing history, which can help advertisers to show specific ad specific from your interests found while you were browsing on the internet.

Like other features on Facebook, there is no other way to opt out this kind of tracking. However, you can opt out via special third-party site courtesy of the Digital Advertizing Alliance. Follow a simple set of directions and be sure that you click the box next to the Facebook and you can browse the internet without third party ads.

#18. You Can Choose That Who Choose and Who Controls Your Account After You Croak

Now, you can finally decide that who will handle your Facebook account after you die. Do you know that the world’s most popular social network Facebook have begun allowing its user to designate someone that is known as the Legacy Contact.

The meaning of legacy contact is to give a key to your Facebook profile or page to someone you trust in case the worst happens. This new feature allows the person of your choice to manage parts of your Facebook account. He/she can be anybody from your Facebook friend lists such as your family member, a close friend, or relative.

Here is how you can choose that person.

  • First, go to your Facebook profile page click on Settings.
  • Navigate to Security Tab and select Legacy Contact from the options
  • Find the person from the friend list and click on save.

Review the notification message which is your friend going to receive, you can make desired changes if any. At last, click on send and your friend will be presented with the key to your Facebook profile page.

#19. Feature To Embed Public Content

Another best feature that provided by many other social media platform which his embed public content. Now, Facebook also offers its users to embed publicly available content on their web page. For that, all you need to do is click the pull-down menu in the top right of the post and click on appeared option embed, and you will be able to embed the public content on your web page.

Facebook Embed Post hidde feature

#20. You Can Mute Your EX

Facebook also prioritize its feature for its valuable users. This social network also provides the feature of mute your EX, breaking up is hard to do. But with this feature of Facebook allows its users to deal easily. At this time, this feature is only available for mobile users, but when you change your relationship status to single Facebook will ask you if you want to see less of your friend list. You can do that by just unfriending or muting them.

#21. Method to Upload 360 Pictures and Videos on Facebook

Sharing regular photos and videos with your friends is an old thing because the future revolves around interactive. Now the Facebook has come across an interactive 360° photos and videos feature. Such photos and videos instruct you to hold your phone up and move it around to view different parts of the photos and videos and for desktop users they can explore it in all directions using their mouse or keyboard. For these kinds of photos or videos, you can use 360° camera or iPhone. You can also use the 360° recording app on your smartphone to capture those kinds of photos and videos.

#22. You Can Also Check What Your Friends Are Up To Without You

Facebook also provide you the ability to see the detailed history of your friendship, which means when you see a post that a friend posted on another friend wall, you can see the history of them by only clicking on the little arrow in the top right hand of that post and then click More Options, where you will find one option like See Friendship.

You can also use another way to access your friends’ detailed history, type the URL https://www.facebook.com/friendship/FirstFriendUserName/SecondFriendUsername/ and this will show you history, of both of your friends.

Example URL: https://www.facebook.com/friendship/jpadhiyar/dhvanesh/

These are some of the hidden features of Facebook that rarely known by few of the people like power users. Hopefully, these are ones that help you use Facebook better as a user and a business owner.

If you know any hidden Facebook features that I missed to mentioned in this article then you can share them with me by leaving a comment below – I would love to check them out as well.

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