Ultimate Guide to Start Amazon Niche Site on WordPress To Make Money Online

Want to start Amazon niche site on WordPress? And are looking for a perfect guide which can help you start Amazon Niche Site? Then this guide is an answer.

When it comes to making money online, there are lots of options at your disposal. But frankly, it can be quite overwhelming just selecting an online business type to run with. We all know that there are blogs, selling freelancing services, niche sites, and on and on. However, lots of people are drawn to the Amazon affiliate niche model.

We all know that Amazon affiliate marketing is a large market. And building an Amazon affiliate niche site is the best ways to see huge profits for a tiny investment.

Recently, people are discovering few unique advantages of building Amazon affiliate niche site. Through this, they are seeing more and more commission coming to their way as their site grows.

If you are trying to get a business off the ground, then now this is your chance. I have covered everything you require to know to start your very own profitable Amazon affiliate niche site. But before we dive right into the guide first let’s see the benefits of building an Amazon niche site.

#Benefits of Building an Amazon Niche Site

  • Easy to start
  • Contains clear path from creation to profit
  • It already has a built-in authority, so there is less selling on your end
  • Lot of chances if you pick right product
  • Good money in the long-term
  • It is easy to scale if you choose the right niche

Now, this is time to dive right into the guide. So let’s start with the handbook.

Guide to Start Amazon Niche Site

Guide to Start Amazon Niche Site on WordPress

#Step 1: Sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program

With signing up for the affiliate product, you can’t link to Amazon product directly from your site. So ensure that you signed up as an affiliate with Amazon. If you don’t know how to start with Amazon affiliate program, then read this Beginner Guide on How to Start with Amazon Affiliate Program. By signing up with this program the link you promote on your site will have a tracking code which is unique to you in this, and you will be sure to get paid. You can link to sign up for the Amazon affiliate program by just clicking it.

#Step 2: Decide Your Niche

Everybody knows that Amazon is a huge place which sells almost everything under the sun and it would be difficult to start a successful Amazon affiliate niche site on WordPress. If you tried to sell everything from the Amazon, then this will make you confuse. Instead of doing that you should pick a niche like kitchen supplies, toys, or small electronics that you wish to concentrate on.

This will make it a lot easier for you build a huge content site which will attract visitors. So browse through the Amazon category and find what you are interested. Also, check the products which are in the list of Biggest Seller or Best Seller in each Amazon category and the most popular products to define a great niche site.

Also, don’t forget to consider the average price of the products in your niche. With the Amazon, you will earn a percent generally around 6% on each sale that you refer. If you relate someone and they purchase something from kitchen supplies which cost $10, then you might only make 60 cents. While if your niche is household appliances such as coffee maker which cost at least $100, then you might make $6 for each customer you relate.

#Step 3: Pick a Domain Name

Now that you have chosen a niche, this is time to find a great domain name that helps your site to identify with the target audience.

So search and pick a name at one of the companies which sell both the domain and site hosting such as BlueHost. On this site, you will get a domain name and the website hosting. By only purchasing domain name can cost you around $10 per year.

#4. Choose Fast Web-Hosting

One of the most vital elements of building a niche site is selecting a decent web host. Picking a cheap, and low-quality host is one of the most common mistakes that most of the people make. Not only does a cheap host offer terrible page load time and entire uptime, but they also suck regarding flexibility and support, leaving you stranded with a broken site, with no one to complain to.

So it is essential to pick the best company like Bluehost to buy excellent web host service. This company has plans for every level of business, whether it is the small or much larger site.

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#Step 5: Setting Up Your Niche Site

WordPress is free CMS (Content Management System) for the website. This platform now powers even some of the most popular site on the web, and even continuously updating ones like newspaper sites.

Setting up a WordPress site is very straightforward. In fact, you can set up the basics of a WordPress-based niche website in just 10 minutes.

#Step 6: Choose High Converting Amazon WordPress Theme:

There are thousands of WordPress themes available on the web in which you can find free as well as paid themes. But the lack of features in the free theme I recommend you to pick paid WordPress theme for your Amazon niche site. Also, make sure that you choose that theme which lets you load Amazon products quickly, add Amazon products, SEO friendly and has social sharing tools added.

#Step 7: Load the Theme and Begin Adding Products

It seems very easy, but it is not. Because picking up right the products for your Amazon niche site is quite difficult. But I recommend you to choose those products that have excellent customer ratings. And also they are popular that fit into your niche.

#Step 8. Drive Traffic

You won’t get any commissions if people don’t come to your website. This is why your niche selection and your WordPress theme is essential.

High-quality themes make this easy to include additional pages and posts to your website which are related to your niche.

For example, if your site focuses on coffee makers, then you should add favorite recipes featuring coffee, or the great coffee spots around the world. It will help your site grow in popularity, and bring more people and get them to click through those Amazon affiliate links and bring you more money.

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#Bonus Tip

You should start building an email list for your site. So I recommend you to add email response form and start an email list. You can take help of tools like Aweber. You can also check out Email list tools article to know which tool works best and help you grow your email list.


So I am coming up to an end to an ultimate guide to making money from Amazon building niche site. As you probably think, the scope is broad; it is a billion dollar market. Amazon affiliate market is great, simple way to begin making money online.

I hope this step by step guide help you understand the whole procedure and get your journey started. The method that I have shown above is very feasible and future proof.

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