Make Money With the iTunes Affiliate Program

Understand each and every feature and various affiliates ideas of Apple products under this complete guide of iTunes affiliate program.

When it comes to making money from the blog many people have this confusion that how they can make a good income from the blogging.

Well, you might have heard that blogging takes a lot of hard work and consistency. In blogging over the time income grows. This is partially correct because there is a secret way to monetize your blog and you can make a blog as your smart passive income source.

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How to Make Money with iTunes Affiliate Program?

make money with the itunes affiliate program

There might be no one on this planet who haven’t heard of the Apple Inc. With the tremendous popularity of Apple devices, Apple Inc. has an affiliate program for iTunes, the App Store, iBooks, and the Mac App Store. So if you are new to the Apple’s affiliate program then here I am going to introduce Apple’s affiliate program, its feature and some trick which will help to learn affiliate Apple links.

Introduction of iTunes Affiliate Program

iTunes is a proprietary music application owned by Apple Inc. It is used for managing everything including downloads. Anybody can utilize this Apple affiliate program.

To use it first, you need to sign up for the program from here. Once you sign up for an iTunes affiliate program, then it will take about five days to get approval. This will also assure that whether you have site/blog or not. And if you don’t have anyone of it, your application will be rejected. Make sure if you have a blog you also add your working blog link into form to get your request approved.

After the approval of your application, this will allow you to login to your Apple affiliate dashboard. Once you login to your Apple affiliate account have a look at the dashboard, wherein you need to set the payment method first.

Go to Settings → Payment Method, and add your payment details.

Then in the Tracked Currency select “All Countries” and in Paid Currency select your country’s currency. Make sure that you don’t forget to check the box of Auto See Bill/Payment Required option and Threshold limit.

Threshold limit is a limit of your commission, so when your commission reaches that limit, they will send you the payment automatically. In most countries, Apple makes payment via direct bank transfer.

How to Create iTunes Affiliate Links for Apple Products?

Once you receive an e-mail informing that your application is accepted by iTunes, which means you are the member of Apple affiliate program. Now you can create affiliate links for Apple products and for that, go to the dashboard where on top of the dashboard you will find one option named “Tool.” Click on that, and you will be presented with various options that will help you to create affiliate links for various Apple products.

All the option in this tool are very useful, but here I have broken down some best of them options with a little bit of detail.

iTunes Affiliate Link Maker

Link Maker is exactly as it says. This tool allows you to create an affiliate link for an individual product. Link Maker lets you search for content across all of the iTunes stores.

Link Maker javascript is an on click event, so when the link has been clicked, the affiliate token is added once. So if your site/blog page is popular and gets lots of engagement, Link Maker is the great tool to create affiliate links for affiliate app or products.

Widget Builder

Widget Builder is another excellent tool which lets you create a variety of custom widgets to showcase media or let users search for content. Widget Builder allows you to create widgets for a single app, movies, and books, then embed it within your blog post. Unlike Link Maker, adding your affiliate token is not that easy in Widget Builder.

RSS Feed Generator

RSS Feed Generator tool is used to link songs, albums, apps, and movies as many as you want and with this tool, you can potentially increase your revenue substantially.

Auto Link Maker

This is another best option for them who have blog/website which is old with few links to the App Store to other Apple products on the official Apple site. This will require adding the JavaScript code to your blog, which helps to convert all the all links to affiliates links automatically. This tool is time saver just because you don’t need to edit those links manually.

Apart from these, there is one quickest way to create an affiliate link. On your Affiliate Dashboard, you will find your unique affiliate ID. At any point in time, if you want to link to any app or product from App Store, iBooks, and the Mac App Store, suffix it with ?at=your unique affiliate ID.

For instance, the standard link is like this, and after adding your unique affiliate ID, it will look like this WhatsApp-messenger/id123456789?at=youruniqueaffiliateID.

Features of iTunes Affiliate Program

  • Selling iTunes products, Apps, and other content Apple Inc. offers 7% of the commission to you.
  • Apple Inc. Will pay you money after 90 days of the product sale.
  • 24 hours cookie periods.
  • For iPhone users, there is one app available Blink to generate affiliate link on their iOS device.
  • If you link your affiliate links to the Apple Online Store’s, you can’t earn commissions on the iTunes affiliate program.
  • You can get a commission on the links to iTunes gifts on a desktop or within iOS.

How To Track Income from the iOS App?

To track your income, there is one plugin available for you and that is iTunes Content WordPress plugin. If your website or blog is built with WordPress platform, then you should be using this plugin.

This plugin offers you to present always up-to-date information about iTunes Store products such as Mac and iOS App Store Apps, iBook Store Ebooks and iTunes Music Store Albums and Songs in posts in a straightforward and elegant way to get more clicks, sales and earn more money.

The pricing of this plugin costs $12 and is this is recommended for any tech blog, which reviews or talks about iOS App.

Get the iTunes Content WordPress Plugin

So this is the guide to the iTunes Affiliate Program to earn money. However, Apple Affiliate program works well for experienced affiliates. I hope after reading this guide, you are now much more aware of and will start with iTunes Affiliate Program to make money online.

Site owners who had tried this program don’t forget to share your Experience in the comment section below.

And for the newbie, if you have any question regarding this program feel free to ask questions to me? Hope this guide to the iTunes Affiliate Program help you to get started.