Integrate Google Forms with Your WordPress Site: How-To

Looking to collect user feedback, consumer satisfaction surveys or contact forms? But don’t want to create a form for your website. Then integrate Google form with your WordPress site right away with this easy steps.

There are plenty of WordPress plugins available on the web, which makes it possible for you to add all sort of several user submission forms on your WordPress site such as detailed surveys form, generic contact forms, to premium forms with tons customizable fields and also extra features.

But before you decided to install and activate the next trendy WordPress from a plugin that you come across, you really should need to consider Google Form first. Especially when there is a plugin available that can quickly integrate it seamlessly with your WordPress website or blog.

WordPress plugins are plentiful for this sort of thing. But Google Forms for WordPress is a free service. And without adding any weighty plugin to your website, this forms will keep the security up and even the page load times down. So here with this article, I will guide you on how to integrate Google Forms with your Website, which is based on WordPress. But before that let see what Google Form is and what you can do with Google Forms.

Introduction to Google Form

Google Form is a free tool from world’s very famous and widely used search engine Google, which lets anyone with a Google account to build various forms, display those forms, and collect data which is then populated in a spreadsheet.

It offers lots of templates that you can use to expedite the process of creation, or you can also start from the scratch. Each of the forms that you build is easily accessed by the users by any browser through shareable links. We all know that Google today is quickly becoming a smartphone’s first search engine, so it makes sure that every single piece of your website is responsive and making a fantastic difference in how your site appears in SERPs.

how to add google forms in wordpress blogWhat you can build with Google Forms?

With Google forms, you can do many things those are listed below:

  • Create applications, surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, polls, and more.
  • Collect email addresses of the new subscriber for your newsletter subscription.
  • Add images and YouTube videos.
  • Format your custom fields as paragraphs, text, multiple choice options, choices from a list or checkbox.
  • Select a visual theme design.
  • Use page branching and even question skip login for much more advanced form.
  • Collaborate with other Drive users on forms.
  • Utilize add-ons for an even more dominant form.
  • Preview your form
  • Customize your confirmation page.
  • And a lot more other things.

Now let’s take some time to dig in the process on how you can integrate Google Form with your WordPress site.

How to Integrate Google Form with WordPress Website

Step #1. First, visit the Google Forms site. Here click on Go to Google Forms.

You can even do this simply by visiting your Google Drive and here tap on NEW → More → Google Forms.

Step #2. On another tab select blank template to start a new form, if you haven’t created a form yet.

Create blank form in Google Forms

Step #3. Once you choose the template, you need to provide the title of the form, description of the form and then Question that you may want to ask to your audience.

Create Google Form to add in WordPress Post

Google’s AI technology will pick the correct form filed as per your question described in the form. However, if the Google chooses the wrong field type, you can manually change it as per your desire.

From the drop down box that resides next to the question, field offers many options. It lets you add a short answer, Paragraph, Multiple Choice, checkboxes, dropdown, Liner Scale, Multiple Choice grids, Date and Time.

Pick the option to add media file in Google Form

Step #4. On the same the page you will find vertical menu bar from that you can add title and description, image, video, and section as well.

Pick the option to accept answers in Google FormsStep #5. Once you add all the desired fields, then click on the Send button to get the Embed Code.

click on Send button to generate Google Form custom code

Step #6. After doing this, you will be presented with the Send form popup menu here click on the sign <> which is the sign of Embed tab.

Here you will find Embed HTML code copy that by clicking on Copy link.

Copy Google Form code to Paste in WordPress Post Editor

Step #7. Once after copying the code visit your WordPress Admin Area and here edit the page or post in which you want to display your prepared Google Form.

Step #8. On the edit screen of the post switch to the text editor and where you need to paste the embed code and save the changes.

Add Google Form Code in WordPress Blog Post

This is it! Now, you can preview you Google form on your WordPress website.


From the personal experience, I can say Google Forms are pretty good. However, it is not most ultimately featured forms out there, but these forms come at a price that you can’t argue with! With that in mind! If you really want complete control over the look of your Google forms on your WordPress site, you can take advantage of Google Forms Plugin.

We will talk about this plugin in our next article along with its configuration. So it will be easy for your to set it up on your WordPress site.

Any question?
Feel free to ask, and I will get back to it very soon.