A Deep Guide on Advertising Through Pinterest with Promoted Pins

Can Pinterest be the best advertising platform for your any business owners? It surely can! Read this article and learn how you can use the power of Pinterest to advertise your brand to millions of people who are willing to buy your products.

If you have been using Pinterest, you might have recognized three kinds of pins: pins from people you followed, suggested pins and lastly promoted pins. These promoted pins are also known as Pinterest Ads.

While Pinterest is a social sharing platform and people, regularly visit this social media platform to be inspired and search for products to purchase.

Pinterest is one of the excellent ways to promote the brand and drive organic and massive traffic to your business. Unlike other usual pins Promoted pins take things one step further. Of course, these pins look like regular pins but have additional capabilities to increase your business’s visibility. This helps you get to the exact audience at the right time.

Whether you have a big brand or a solopreneur using Pinterest’s promoted pins or I say as a PPC strategy is advantageous for all the business owners. If you haven’t taken advantage of these Promoted pins yet, then this post is what you should know before you jumping in.

Basic Idea About Pinterest to The Pinterest

Pinterest is a highly visual virtual pinboard social network which lets you Pin images, articles, videos, and links from the web. Once you uploaded or shared these Pins, you can place on the customized and themed board. You can build Boards for any imaginable topic such as classic cars and lot more there are endless opportunities.

Other Pinterest users can also follow your boards, comment on your pins and even they can repin your pins to their boards. Pinterest has approximately 20 million active users per month and gets 5 million article pins per day.

Here is an example of the typical board, which is appropriate board by BforBlogging of articles about Blogging.

BforBlogging Pinterest Board

There are several rules that you must follow while using a platform like Pinterest:

  • Always pin from the source of the image.
  • Add your touch while sharing others pin, for example, changing the title wording of shared pins.
  • If you are pinner of the group board, then it is important that you don’t share all of your photos to that board. As any group board maintains multiple pinners and sharing all of your pins in a row which recognize spammy and rude too.
  • It is equally important that you post to each of your board is relevant to that board. For instance, if you have board related to the sports then your pins should be related to the sports only.
  • When you comment on someone’s pin, be respectful to them.

You can even report inappropriate pins and keep Pinterest an inclusive and friendly environment.

Who’s Using This Social Network?

Pinterest is the 3rd largest social networking site after Facebook and Twitter. So this is obvious that the followers of this networking site are growing rapidly.

Right now, this platform has approximately 31% of adult online users.

Pinterest Demographics

ImageSource: PewreSearch

From the above image, you can see that there is a higher percentage of female users as compared to the male users. Under – 50 is much popular age bracket, and BabyCentre reported that 61% of the Pinterest users analyzed were mothers. The majority with higher-level education.

Pinterest Do Make Sense As a Marketing Channel

The Pinterest unique setup provides more selling potential than another platform. There has been one study conducted by Mashable, this platform generates more referral traffic than another platform such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit combined. And this study also shows that users coming from Pinterest spend Average time twice as much, as compared to the other social sites.

Pinterest do make sense because there are lots of users are willing to purchase the product or service when they visit.

There are several real examples of people who earn lots of money so let’s take a look at few real example.

Erza Firestone from the Smart Marketer, he made 520 eCommerce sales from that he earned $41,254.34 in revenue from $775.50 in ad spend via Pinterest PPC advertising. The concept goes like this, like users on Pinterest search and make a list of board of the things in which they are opt-in.

Through Pinterest, the user creates two-way impact: one is user look for product or service they wish to buy themselves while on the site, and second they also advertise your product or service to their friends when they repin or share your pin.

Apart from this reason, Pinterest is very useful because a bulk of the pins is images. And the fact is, people are likely to share those pin which contains beautiful images.

The Marketing Manager of Citrus Lane Jason Lieu says that “Why to explain something in a thousand words when you can just show them in few?”

Nowadays, consumers are likely to gain information related to the product through clear and detailed images rather than text-based product information online.

Beauty Company Sephora found that their Pinterest customers pay approximately 15 times more money than the average Facebook users.

Earlier in the year of 2012, this company noticed and emerging beauty trend and people on Pinterest were regularly saving their favorite beauty products and inspiration onto their Pinterest boards. As a result is in a growing number, today this company has 427,216 followers and 11,370 Pins on their different boards.

Julie Bornstein, CMO of Sephora also explains Pinterest as “the perfect venue to visually share shoppable new products, how-tos and cool images. It’s a place to get inspired by beauty.”

From above some of the real instances now you can conclude that why Pinterest make sense. This is a great platform and a great opportunity for industries like cosmetic and fashion. Because there is a large crowd of women who uses this platform, as I have mentioned above.

How to Use Pinterest Promoted Pins?

Promoted Pin is a type of PPC advertising on Pinterest which can be used for small and medium-sized business.

As I have mentioned earlier that promoted pins are like a normal pin, but these pins have some additional capabilities that provide more visibility to your business. For that, you need to pay for it.

These pins look similar to the normal pins, but it contains one note and the bottom of the pin which says “Promoted by: Company name.” Take a look at the given below example.

So Now, let’s see how you can use Promote Pins.

#Step 1:

First, jump over to the Pinterest and start a business-level account or if you already have one which is a regular account, then Pinterest also provides you an option to convert your normal Pinterest account to the business-level account at no cost for your business. Once you have upgraded then, you need to get started with it.

#Step 2:

To get started, choose one of your recent pins to promote. It can be one of your pins or pins from another site.

Once you have selected any pin to promote, hover your mouse over the pin and when it says to Promote, tap on it.

#Step 3:

The next step is to set up your ad that means promoted pin; you will begin with entering keywords to help your Promoted pin to appear in Pinterest search results just like Google search result.

But before going into your keywords make sure you do research on that using Google’s Adwords Keyword Planner or any other tool which is comfortable for you. Also, do some research for keywords of Pinterest. Then enter the keyword or multiple keywords which you consider to use.

#Step 4:

After that, you will be presented with the option like Refine your audience. This means you can choose your audience by narrowing to the gender, location, language and even device. So select location, language, device and gender for your audience from the given drop-down menu.

#Step 5:

Once you have made a decision related to your audience, select a maximum cost-per-click bid. Note that; it is the amount that you would likely to pay per click. So you never pay more that you have selected.

#Step 6:

Next, the option is to keep your pin’s original destination URL or Change it. Then name your campaign, provide it an arbitrary date for start and end, then set a daily budget.

Once you have made all the strategic ad targeting decisions, all you need is to agree to the terms and services of the Pinterest and set up the billing and then submit it.

Your promoted pin will be reviewed first then approved. In any case, your ad gets rejected, the team of Pinterest will return it to you with few suggestions, so if you wish you can resubmit it.

There are several tactics for Promoted Pins.

Tactics for Promoted Pins

Be creative: When you are likely to promote pins, first look at your analytics and find the current trend. That means, find which pin or which trend has already received traction. If any pin that has received lots of attention, then use a promoted pin this will help you grow the business and reach to other people accept only current followers.

Split test: A/B testing is such a great way to find what is working and what is not.


In March 2016, Rather than only for Fortune 500 companies, Pinterest has also provided an opportunity to medium and small businesses to use its advertising management tools. These tools are the great option for a small business advertiser to optimize their business.

There is also another important tool for the optimization that is Ad Manager. It offers the majority of editing options for campaigns and detailed metrics that allows you to monitor your every single pin and carefully adjust your every single advertisement too.

Advantage of Promoted Pins

High Quality

Promoted pins are noninvasive, and they are nearly similar to the normal pins. Pinterest itself prides on the quality of its advertisements.

When Promoted Pins were first released, the co-founder and CEO of Pinterest named Ben Silberman, released one blog post, related to the Promoted Pins. Through that article, he promised that their advertising to be:

  • Relevant
  • Transparent
  • Tasteful &
  • Improved based on consumer’s feedback

Provides Buying Environment

The is the primary advantage of Pinterest Promoted Pins that this platform has the majority of the users which are already in buying mode as compared to other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Charles Huff, the author How to Sell on Etsy with Pinterest, claims that “Pinterest users are buyers.” Also, the users on Pinterest are not only like to buy only, but they are much more likely to spend more than any other platforms.

RichRelevance conducted that Pinterest shoppers spend average $140 -$180 per order, while Facebook shoppers append average $80 and Twitter user $60.

Pins Build Their Traction

Provide is a platform where you can find lots of free advertising and for that, you don’t have to pay for repins.

And Popular products contains lots of potential consumers so if you repin that popular product pins you will be presented with lots of potential customers along with you current users. This is the only reason that Pinterest launched Paid Ads with Kraft because this platform lets the user be the hero.

# Case Study 1: Dot & Bo

Pinterest is not only a great fit for cosmetic and fashion industry but also a great platform for furniture and home décor companies. Dot & Bo is one of the popular home décor companies that uses Promoted pins to advertise their product on Pinterest.

Pinterest allows the company to provide their inspiration to their consumers, and repin trends from other tastemakers too.

The co-founder and CEO of this company Anthony Soohoo say that “Dot & Bo is a guided shopping service with the goal to help consumers discover great styles for their homes, and Pinterest is the most motivational platform to help us with this goal.”

With the Promoted Pins Dot & Bo increased their daily clicks around 18000% and the number of repins from their boards increased over 6000%.

Anthony Soohoo has also said that “Promoted Pins are performing on par with our other channels and have become a valuable part of our media mix. Pinterest users are some of our most valuable and engaged customers.”

# Case Study 2: Adore Me

Adore Me is a subscription service for lingerie. After using Promoted Pins to reach new consumers, they saw 4000% increase in their Pinterest –referred revenue. As compared to the other social channels customers from Pinterest also spend about 20% more over time.

Adore Me’s social media manager; Gabriela Parada said that, “Pinterest is a perfect fit for us given the audience and creativity on the platform.” As I have mentioned before that this platform have more female users than male users where there is a majority of under 50 female who may find it hard to get out shopping for lingerie.

Since using Promoted Pins, Adore Me’s also seen:

  • A 3700% optimization in purchases coming through Pinterest
  • A 6000% optimization in email signups coming through Pinterest
  • A 2600% optimization in traffic coming through Pinterest
  • A 50% higher click-to-purchase rate on Promoted Pins compared to other social media platform, especially on mobile.

Adore Me has tested out many different variations and Pins to earn this much of traffic and revenue too.

Parada also said that “The results from our Promoted Pins have exceeded our expectations and demonstrate the power of Pinterest as a viable acquisition channel,”


Pinterest Promoted Pins are fantastic PPC advertising for any online business whether it is fashion, cosmetic, or IT related. Pinterest has a huge crowd of the loyal audience who are willing to buy your service or product.

So don’t wait for more and just jump to the Promoted pins start advertising your brand today. If you have any doubt related to this topic, you can share it here, and I would love to solve that for you.

Any question? You can ask it here, and I will get back to it very soon.