10 Hidden Tips of Google Plus Marketing

10 Essential Tips For Effective Marketing On Google Plus. Add these Google Plus Marketing Tips in your marketing strategy and boost your website or blog traffic.

Google plus is the largest and most popular social media platform, which has one billion registered users wherein 359 million users are active on this platform. The impact of this platform is now far beyond social sharing and interacting.

Google Plus is becoming a more important platform for the digital marketing, just because it has been shown to dramatically improve search engine rankings. This is the reason that there are so many webmasters who use this platform to build their brand and drive targeted traffic to their blog or website through effective marketing.

So, let’s jump in and take a look at 10  tipshidden and effective marketing on Google Plus.

Google Plus Marketing Tips

10 Essential Tips For Effective Marketing On Google Plus

#1. Mention Someone in Your Post or Comment

Mentioning someone in a post or comment is a great and very useful on Google Plus. They play a pretty great role. To mention someone in your post or comment, add @ or + sign before you type his/her names’ first letter. This will show you one list of the names from where you can select the specific person’s profile to mention. To make it easier you can type more letters of that person’s name. This feature is quite similar to the Facebook.

Effective Marketing On Google Plus Tip 1-Mention Someone in Your Post or Comment

#2. Use The Custom Formatting Options

Unlike other social networks, Google Plus lets you customize the text appearance in the post. It means you can bold, italicizes, or strike through text in your posts. Using these options you can get your message clearer to draw the attention to certain parts of your posts. Here the example of how you can format your text in your posts:

Bold = *Word*
Italics = _Word_
Strike Through = -Word-

Effective Marketing On Google Plus Tip 2-use Custom Formatting OptionsWith the use of Google+ custom formatting options you make your post stand out in the users’ feed.

#3. Use “+” to Mention Who Are Not In Your Circles

You can also mention people who are not in your circle, using “+” sign. For that, you just need to get their Google Plus Id, which navigates to their profile. You’ll find that the URL in your address bar will show you the name of the person with “+” sign, which is the Google Plus ID of that person.

Effective Marketing On Google Plus Tip 3-Use plus sign to Mention PeopleSo the thing you only need to do is remove “https://plus.google.com/” before the name. Now, just put this name preceded with a “+” sing in your post. This is the way you can mention person outside your group.

#4. Set Your Language

To set your language just click on small gear icon located on a top right corner and click on Google+ Settings, where you will find the tab of language and in the right pane use the drop down menu to choose the language of your choice.

Effective Marketing On Google Plus Tip 4-Set Your Language

#5. Use Google Plus Photo Editor

To use Google Plus Photo Editor, once again you need to visit Google+ Settings, in which you need to link to the Account OverView -> EditProfile -> Change Photo. Once you upload a new photo, it will generate an option in the blue which is Edit in Picnik. By clicking on this option, you can edit your photo. So this is the how you can use the photo editor option of Google Plus.

Effective Marketing On Google Plus Tip 5- Use Google Plus Photo Editor

#6. Arrange Your Notifications

This is the most important thing you should do with your Google Plus account for sure. Just because, if you don’t set proper notifications then may be your inbox will be full off with the notifications emails. To change notifications visit the Settings page on your Google Plus account. By default, all boxes are checked, so uncheck the ones that you don’t want to see in your inbox.

Effective Marketing On Google Plus Tip 6-Arrange Your Notifications

#7. Edit or Delete Your Posts

Google Plus allows you to edit your post. To edit existing post simply click on the small down arrow key on the top right, where you can find Edit this post option. Click on it and you can edit your post.

Effective Marketing On Google Plus Tip 7-Edit or Delete Your Posts

#8. Use Shortcut Keys To Scroll Up and Down

There are so many people who use up and down arrows on the screen to scroll the page but there is shortcut keys are available to scroll the page J and K, where J is used to scroll down the page while K used to scroll up the page.

Effective Marketing On Google Plus Tip 8-Use Shortcut Keys To Scroll Up and Down

#9. Import Your Facebook Friends On Google Plus

You can import your Facebook friends on your Google Plus Account. To do that, you can use circloscope extension of Google Chrome. Circlescope has free as well as paid version of the exertion. Tip, for the perfect result, before using this extension you should disable the other chrome extensions working with Facebook.

Effective Marketing On Google Plus Tip 9-Import Your Facebook Friends On Google Plus

#10. +1 Personalization

+1 button is similar to the Like button on Facebook. You can also change the settings for this button whether or not to display names to this button who like the post. To do this, just visit your Profile and link to the about page where you will find settings of endorsements choose the options between Enable or Disable.

Effective Marketing On Google Plus Tip 10-Plus 1 PersonalizationThese are the tips that you should follow for effective marketing on Google Plus. What’s your experience with Google Plus? What marketing tips do you have? You can share them here with us also share your questions and comments in the comment box below.

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