AdSense CPC Guide: Secret That Help Monetizing Your Website

Do you want to learn the secret of how you can optimize your AdSense CPC and get CPC on your website? This is your complete guide that reveals the secret to you.

If you are a webmaster or blogger and Google AdSense is the prime source for making money through your website, then you can’t afford to ignore the significance of AdSense optimization. When we talk about optimization of AdSense, there are many things, but the one essential target is to get the high eCPM and get more and more CPC (Cost Per Click). Else, in spite of great AdSense CTR, you probably not be making real money. It is something common about the non-English website or blog.

However, many webmasters make their efforts such as searching for keywords which have high search volume and high CPC. Even though doing this they don’t gain that much Google AdSense earning what they expected. In fact, this happens to be much lower than what they have researched before.

If you fall into the category of those AdSense publishers, who are getting significant traffic but AdSense money making is still low, then it is now time to understand points those are mentioned below.

What is AdSense CPC?

CPC stands for Cost Per Click, which means money that you make is what CPC. Whether you have noticed or not but many of the AdSense publishers are talking more about CTR and less about CPC. If you are serious about the revenue of AdSense, then you should work more on CPC than CTR. Getting hundreds or thousands of impression on your ad will not be much help, but a website with good CPC along with decent CTR can build a significant difference.

The CPC has nothing to do with your traffic directly. If you realized and noticed micro-niche blog, then you might have seen in spite of less traffic, websites make more earning from the AdSense. The only reason is eCPM for such websites are so high, which you get paid well for the CPC, and then there are few more other aspects such as Ad competition, keywords and much more.

Google AdSense CPC Guide

Factors That Impact Google AdSense CPC: Complete Guide

  • Geography
  • Niche
  • Mobile
  • Programmatic media purchase
  • Video
  • Poor targeting
  • Seasonality
  • Blocked advertisers
  • Economy
  • Size and quantity of Ads
  • Improper ad placement
  • Pricing

These are some of the factors, but I have noticed to do keyword research most of the webmaster uses Google Keyword Planner, and this is it! Nothing else they do. Based on my experience, Google Keyword Planner is only useful for finding search volume for some particular keywords in the specific location. However, to estimate CPC there is another tool that you need to use.

Google Keyword Planner goes Great with Display Planner

Have you failed in your keyword research? And want to know what makes your research better. All you need to know is how the research works and how you can get an estimate of the actual CPC that you may get on your website or YouTube channel. Here we go.

All of you know the well-known Advertisers Ad network by Google that is Google AdWord. It lets you show Ads on distinct medium and locations, search pages, YouTube videos, websites, blogs, Gmail, etc. This way webmaster can target their desired audience in a better manner.

For that Google offers Google Keyword Planner that of course, many bloggers use to find the keywords along with its search volume and CPC. But still what Keyword Planner is?

What is Keyword Planner?

This tool keyword planner is a great tool to find the search volume for any particular keyword in any region. To get the access to the Keyword Planner, you will need an AdWord’s account, and it is all for free.

With this tool, you can get ideas for related or alternative phrases and keywords by simply entering a list of the keywords along with CPCs you are thinking for targeting.

With this tool, you can compare the CPCs for keywords and phrases in specific locales and languages as well. You even can combine keyword lists to get new keyword ideas.

Note that try combining two sheets which have enough data.

But this tool is not to get an estimate of CPC. This is where another tool comes that AdWord offers to the advertisers that are Display Planner.

But the question is what Display Planner is?

What is Display, Planner?

This is another AdWord tool that advertisers have access to display their Ads. This is where the advertisers can create their display campaigns and pick the publisher to target. And even particular placements publishers built with custom channels. This little but powerful tool is a gold mine for publisher insights beyond only keyword CPC. Hence they can put aviator glasses and gloves, and let spy on their competitors.

Display Planner is a tool that helps Advertisers to find keywords relevant to their primary keyword. Besides that, advertisers can also view data such as blogs/ websites/ YouTube Channel URLs where they can display the ads.

You can mainly do three different things with Display Planner that is found and share targeting ideas, Create and save ad groups and estimate campaign performance.

What is the Difference Between Keyword Planner and Display Planner?

The only and essential difference between Keyword Planner and Display Planner is that with keyword used to analyze data for search ads and display planner is used to analyzing the data for display ads.

So to get the original estimate of real CPC you also need to keep on researching keyword on display planner to get the original estimate of CPC.

What you can do to Get High AdSense CPC on a Blog or YouTube Channel?

The one and the only best way is to get high AdSense CPC is to keep your website or blog relevant to the unique niche and provide quality to your blog or website.

The reason to do this when the Advertisers are shown a good number of data about your site, audience, and traffic. This is now it, whenever any advertiser is looking for a keyword to run display ads, he/she will suggest to the blog or YouTube channels by the Keyword Planner and Display Planner tool based on the relevancy.

Then your website/blog/YouTube Channel will be related to their keyword; this can be only possible if your site/blog/YouTube Channel is around that particular keyword. This is how you can get the attention. Make sure you also take care of targeting and setting up your Ads because each data is meaningful.

Based on your targeting and setting up your website/blog/YouTube Channel around keyword helps you get good ranks in Display Planner. Because based on the relevancy metric in the Display Planner helps Advertisers to decide their target website/ blog/ YouTube Channel.


AdSense optimization is the combination of art and science at the same time. On the side of science, the numbers and charts are experimenting. While in the art the creativity combining with strategies and diversifying them to the maximum earn money and keep the traffic flowing.

In the formula in the depths of Google AdSense Servers decide how many money you will make. CPC is one of the aspects in that mysterious equation, but with the quality of your blog, website or YouTube Channels and the things that I have cleared above. You can steer your connection with Google AdSense to get more for everyone involved.

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